B.9. Financial matters

B.9. Financial matters

B.9.1 Each ECU Chess Federation has the final responsibility for all financial matters with the ECU for each ECU competition organised within its Federation.

B.9.2 The travelling expenses of the participants (individual players, national teams or clubs) and accompanying persons shall be paid by their national federations, their clubs or by the players themselves.

B.9.3 The board and lodging expenses of the participants (individual players, national teams or clubs) and accompanying persons shall be paid by their national federations, their clubs or by the players themselves.

B.9.4 In European Youth Championship the board and lodging expenses from the official day of arrival to the breakfast of the day of departure shall be covered by the organising federation for (a) the player(s) or team designated by its federation, (b) the player(s) with a personal right, and (c) the chief of the delegation (captain), who must be a licensed FIDE Trainer. For each of these persons the organising federation may require a maximum financial contribution of 150 € per player. The amount may be increased in exceptional cases after approval of the ECU Board. The organising federation shall state in the letter of invitation the daily cost of board and lodging for the participants and accompanying persons not covered by the above.

B.9.5 In each competition an entry fee has to be paid for the player or the team.

B.9.5.1 Unless stated otherwise in the letter of invitation, the entry fees stipulated in the ECU Financial Regulations shall be paid by the federations to ECU Bank account before or at the start of the competition. If the entry fee is not reached the ECU Bank account until end of round 2 these participants or teams will not be paired in subsequent rounds.

B.9.5.2 For exceptions see F.6.1 (European Club Cups) and I.5.1 (European Rapid and Blitz Championships).

B.9.6 The minimum prize fund stipulated should be net of any local or national taxes.