B.7. Individual prizes in team competitions

B.7. Individual prizes in team competitions

B.7.1 The players who achieved the best performance rating on their respective boards shall receive gold medals. Silver and bronze medals shall be awarded to the second and third place winners.

B.7.1.1 For this purpose the players performance score is calculated if the player takes part in at least 70% of the rounds (for basic players) or 50% of the rounds (for reserve players). The number of necessary games shall be calculated using rounding down to the next whole lower number in case of result up to .5, and shall be calculated using rounding up to the next whole higher number in case of result .5 and more. The highest performance rating wins. In case of a tie it shall be broken by:

(a) mutual results (if all played each other);
(b) number of games, the highest number wins;
(c) percentage score, the highest number wins;
(d) final ranking of a team, the player in the highest ranked team wins.

For calculating of performance rating the maximum rating difference of two players shall be 400 points. In the case of unplayed games for all calculations the current FIDE Tournament Rules shall be applied.