B.10. Arbiters and other officials

B.10. Arbiters and other officials

B.10.1.1 Each organiser of an ECU competition may propose persons for the position of Chief Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter and Pairings Officer. This proposal should be sent to the ECU Arbiters’ Council at least three months before the start of the competition and all proposed persons should be FIDE licensed arbiters.

B.10.1.2 The ECU Arbiters’ Council can make their own proposal and will present it to the ECU President together with the proposal of the organiser. The ECU Arbiters’ Council may also put some remarks on the proposals of the organiser based on previous performances of the proposed arbiters.

B.10.1.3 In case of lack of proposal in the term from the organiser mentioned above, Arbiters’ Council will make their own proposal to ECU President.

B.10.2.1 The Chief Arbiter, one or two Deputy Chief Arbiters and the Pairings Officer (Annex 6) shall be appointed by the ECU President. If deemed necessary the ECU President may consult the organising chess federation, the ECU Board, ECU Arbiters’ Council and/or the ECU Tournament Director(s).

B.10.2.2 The 20% of the arbiters other than principals mentioned in B.10.2.1 shall be appointed directly by the ECU Arbiters’ Council. The 20% appointed by the ECU Arbiter Council shall be foreigners arbiters not belonging to the hosting federation. This doesn’t prevent the organiser to appoint extra foreign arbiters out of the above-mentioned quota. In case of any objection to the arbiters proposed by the ECU Arbiters’ Council the Organizer should inform the Council immediately.

B.10.2.3 Every year the ECU Arbiters’ Council will announce the call of interests for European arbiters. After receiving applications from arbiters, the ECU Arbiters’ Council will publish the list of interested arbiters. The arbiter’s federation has a right to send to the ECU Arbiters’ Council a motivated request to delete arbiter from the list of interested arbiters in two weeks after publishing it.

B.10.3 The organising chess federation is responsible for the expenses of appointed arbiters and pairings officer mentioned above (travelling costs – either air travel or first class rail travel with sleeping car – living expenses and pocket money) and shall also foresee a stipend.

B.10.4   The organising chess federation will appoint other necessary FIDE licensed arbiters and other officials. The minimum of male or female arbiters in each European Championship is 25%. The total number of arbiters to be appointed for each Championship is Annex 6. The final list of Arbiters, including the proposal from the organizer, which shall be sent at least two months before the start of the tournament, shall be approved by the ECU Arbiters’ Council.

B.10.5 If the organising federation wants to appoint a Tournament Director for an ECU competition she will ask the approval of the ECU President.

B.10.6 If the organising federation wants to appoint an official as defined sub 10.5 from another Federation than the organising federation, she will be responsible for the expenses (travelling costs – either air travel or first class rail travel with sleeping car – living expenses and pocket money) and shall also foresee a stipend.

B.10.7 The Chief Arbiter is responsible that the competition will be played according to the FIDE Rules and the ECU Tournament Rules. He shall have the task of overseeing and co-ordinating the work of all the arbiters and technical staff.

B.10.8 The Tournament Director shall be competent for all matters of organisation outside the tournament hall.

B.10.9 The Pairings Officer is responsible to the Chief Arbiter.

B.10.10 Assistant arbiters shall be placed at the disposal of the Chief Arbiter. They shall be instructed in their duties and supervised by the Chief Arbiter and – if present – the Deputy Chief Arbiter(s).

B.10.11 The general responsibility of all arbiters is the trouble-free conduct of the playing sessions in the tournament. The arbiters shall ensure overall compliance with the Laws of Chess and the supplementary regulations.

B.10.12  After the tournament is over the Chief Arbiter shall provide the ECU Board and ECU Arbiters’ Council with the Tournament Report about how the event was held and with the attached ECU Arbiter’ Report (Annex 7). It can be a copy of this same report prepared for the FIDE.