L.3. Tournament Regulations

L.3. Tournament Regulations

L.3.1 Laws of chess

The general FIDE laws shall be applied with their supplements and interpretations as laid down by the FIDE Rules Commission.

L.3.2 Technical Requirements

L.3.2.1 The players are responsible for their individual internet connection to the server of the organiser.

L.3.2.2 The players are responsible to enter the virtual tournament hall at the time fixed by the organiser for registration, when the Tournament Director makes the pairings and when he starts the round.

L.3.2.3 The players are responsible to have installed an actual version of the necessary software on their computer. The organiser will offer that software to be downloaded from his homepage.

L.3.2.4 If a player does not follow these technical requirements he has no right to claim or to restart a game due to any technical problems.

L.3.3 The Players.

L.3.3.1 The players have to follow the directions of the Tournament Director, especially to close their virtual board or to start a game. Any instruction of the Tournament Director concerning the tournament has to be followed immediately by a player.

L.3.3.2 At the time for registration the player has to enter the tournament hall and announce his presence to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will confirm the registration. The players are responsible to check, if they are registered.

L.3.3.3 As soon as a round is started no further player can be included. Any late entry is possible only for a following round.

L.3.3.4 During the whole tournament, when a game is in progress or in the time between the games, it has to be possible for the Tournament Director to contact a player by chat.

L.3.3.5 The players have to follow the internet rules of conduct.

L.3.3.6 It is strictly forbidden to use any computer program for help or for analysing during a game. If the Tournament Director is convinced that a player is violating this rule he shall expel him from the tournament. ECU has the right to inform on its homepage and in a circular letter to the federations about such a cheating.

L.3.3.7 If a player has to withdraw from a tournament he has to inform the Tournament Director and ask for his permission.

L.3.4 The Tournament Director

L.3.4.1 The Tournament Director has to carry out the tournament as quick as possible and to observe that all tournament regulations are followed.

L.3.4.2 In case of any dispute he has to decide as soon as possible. No appeal against a decision of the Tournament Director is allowed.

L.3.4.3 In case of interrupted connection the Tournament Director has to decide the result of the game or if it may be restarted.

L.3.4.4 In case of any violation of the regulation or any poor sportsmanship the Tournament Director can rule:

– loss of a game
– expel the offender from the tournament.

L.3.5 Pairings

L.3.5.1 For purposes of pairings the players shall be ranked according to:
– their actual FIDE rating
– their FIDE title
– in alphabetical order.

L.3.5.2 Pairings shall follow the principle that the highest ranked player shall play the lowest ranked player. The second ranked player shall play the second before the last ranked player and so on, assuming that the tournament starts with 16, 32 or 64 players.

L. If there is any other number of players a preliminary match of two games has to be played between the last ranked players to eliminate as many players as necessary to have 8, 16, 32 or 64 players remaining. The pairings shall follow 3.5.2, in case of a draw is valid.

L.3.5.3 For the second and subsequent rounds pairings shall follow the same procedure as in 3.5.2 with the clarification that if the lower ranked player wins in any match, he shall automatically assume the position of the higher ranked player.

L.3.5.4 Allocation of colours.

L. It shall be decided randomly if the top seeded player starts with white or black pieces in round 1. The second ranked player shall start with the opposite colour to number 1, the third ranked player shall start with the same colour as number 1, and
so alternating through the list.

L. For subsequent games of the same round the colours shall alternate automatically.

L. In round 2 the winner of match 1 shall have in his first game the colour opposite to the colour that the top seeded player had in game 1 of round 1, and so alternating though the list.

L. If in any match the lower ranked player wins 3.5.3 is applicable.

L.3.5.5 The organiser may announce changes to the pairing system if they are not violating the FIDE pairing rules.