L.2. Organisation

L.2. Organisation

L.2.1 The organiser of the European Individual Internet championship has to provide the server, the necessary software for the participants to be downloaded from the organisers homepage and the Tournament Director of the championship.

L.2.2 The European Individual Internet championship will be played with
– qualification tournaments
– the candidate tournament
– the final tournament.

L.2.3 The Qualification Tournaments

L.2.3.1 All players fulfilling the requirements of 1.1 may forward their registration to the Tournament Director of the European Individual Internet Championship within the time period specified in the announcement of the tournament. A pre-registration is not possible.

L. A player may participate in more than one qualification tournament.L.2.3.2 The playing time is five minutes per player; nine rounds swiss system will be played.

L.2.3.3 The first twelve players in the final ranking will qualify for the candidate tournament.

L. If a large number of players register for a qualification tournament the Tournament Director may increase the number of qualifiers to the candidate tournament before start of the first round.

L. If less than 24 players participate in a qualification tournament the Tournament Director shall reduce the number of qualifiers before start of the first round to 50% of the participants.

L.2.3.4 The final ranking will be established according to
– game points
– Buchholz points
– number of wins
– if still a tie all tied players will qualify to the next stage.

L.2.4 The Candidate Tournament

L.2.4.1 Participation in the candidate tournament is open to
(a) all players who have been qualified by one of the qualification;
(b) all players having the FIDE title of GM or WGM;
(c) all actual World- or European Champions, male or female, of any age group;
(d) up to two players per ECU federation; their registration has to be sent by the federation to the e-mail address of the organiser.

L.2.4.2 The playing time should be five minutes per player or five minutes per player plus one second per move.

L.2.4.3 The system is a Swiss system with
– 15 rounds up to 80 players
– 17 rounds if there are 81 – 120 players
– 19 rounds if there are 121 players or more.

L.2.4.4 The first 16 players are qualified for the final tournament.

L.2.4.5 In case of a tie the Tournament Director has to organise tie-breaks.

L.2.5 The Final Tournament

The final tournament shall be organised in the period October to November.

L.2.5.1 The final tournament consists of 32 players, 16 qualified by the candidate tournament and 16 nominated by ECU or the organiser.

L.2.5.2 The playing time is five minutes per player plus one second per move. The system is a knock-out system.

L.2.5.3 In round 1, 2 and 3 four games are played, in the semi-final and the final six games are played. A player achieving 2.5 points in round 1 – 3 or 3.5 points in the semi-final or final has won the match.

L. If the result is a draw one sudden death game will be played with five minutes for White and four minutes for Black, without any incremental time. The colours for the players are equal to the colors of the first game in the match. To win the match White needs a win, for Black a draw is sufficient.

L.2.6 The final tournament shall be observed by the ECU Tournament Director.