The European Youth U18 Team Chess Championship 2016 is afoot in Hotel Celeia, in Celje/Slovenia from 9th to 17th July, in organization of Slovenian Chess Federation.


So far 3 rounds have been played and in the Open section Israel is in the sole lead with 6 match points. They defeated Ukraine with 3-1 in the 3rd round, while the favorites Turkey A and Hungary played 2-2. Israel is the only team at the competition with the maximum score.

Czech Republic follows with 5 match points, while Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and Austria have 4 match points.

Open Section Standings & Results


Round 4 pairings of the Open section are:

Israel vs Czech Republic, Hungary vs Ukraine, Austria vs Poland, Slovenia B vs Turkey A, Germany vs England, Turkey B vs Slovenia A.

In Girl’s section Poland A and Ukraine tie for the first place with 5 match points. Czech Republic B-SK Svetla, Slovenia A, Hungary and Poland B follow with 4 match points.


Girl’s Section Standings & Results

Pairings of the 4th round are:

Ukraine vs Poland A, Slovenia A vs Hungary, Poland B vs Czech Republic B-SK Svetla, Turkey B vs Slovenia B, Germany vs Turkey A, Czech Republic A vs Turkey D, Turkey C vs Israel.


Round 4 is on schedule today at 3.00 pm (Slovenian time).

The live games can be followed on the Official Website of the Championship or thought the ECU website, section LIVE.

Photos by Slovenian Chess Federation