OPEN CALL OF INTEREST ECU/FIDE Commissions 2023 – 2026

Chess Friends,

to FIDE regulations, each Continent has the right to nominate one non-voting
member to each of 16 FIDE non-Elected Commissions. The 16 ECU representatives in the FIDE Commissions will be informed on
the ECU directory and they will have the special duty to communicate and
interact the ECU positions to the FIDE structures.

Chess Union opens a call of interest for the 16 FIDE Commissions’ members who
will be nominated by ECU and for the 4 existing ECU Commissions.

  1. ECU Educational Commission: Chairperson*,
    Secretary 3 Councillors and 5 members
  2. ECU Arbiters Council: Chairperson*, Secretary and
    3 Councillors
  3. ECU Events Commission: Chairperson*, Secretary
    and 3 Councillors
  4. ECU Commission on Women’s Chess: Chairperson*,
    Secretary and 3 Councillors

*The Chairpersons are appointed by the ECU President.
In exceptional cases the ECU-Board may include additional members to Commissions. 

Federations members or interested applicants shall submit the online form  till the Monday September 12, 2022.  

The final selection will be made by the ECU Board.
The main criteria, but not restricted, for the selection are the following:

  • The qualifications related with the position.
  • The adequate ECU representation in key areas.
  • The ability of communication in an international
  • The wide representation of the Federation
  • The dedication to the mission, providing that
    the applicant is not nominated for the respective FIDE Commission.

With kind regards,
Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General

OPEN CALL OF INTEREST ECU/FIDE Commissions 2023 – 2026 – PDF Download