5th European Small Nations Team Chess Championship took place in Andorra la Vella, from 11th-19th November.


In very exciting finish of the Championship the last round determined the Champion of the event. Faroe Islands took a narrow victory in the direct match for the first place played against Andorra, and became the 5th European Small Nations Team Chess Champion! The hero who brought the title to the Faroe Islands team was Nielsen Rogvi Egilstoft, the only one who scored for the Winners, while other games ended in a draw.


Second place went to Monaco who scored 15 match points, while Andorra finished third with 14 match points.

Final standings


The President of European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparasvhili, visited the event, observed games of the final round and attended the Closing Ceremony of the Championship which took place on 18th of November.

Together with regular prizes, the best players of each board were awarded with special prizes. The special prizes were awarded to: Board 1- Helgi Dam Ziska (FRA), Board 2- Tom Weber (LUX), Board 3- Robert Aloma (AND) and Board 4- Pierre Gengler (LUX).

European Small Nations annual meeting took place on 18th of November with attendance of the representatives of all 10 nations. The President of European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili presented work and results of European Chess Union from the last few years as well as the future plans for further chess development in Europe.

 The event was organized by the Chess Federation of Andorra under the auspices of European Chess Union.

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