European Youth Team Chess Champions 2024 crowned in Rhodes, Greece

The European Youth Team Chess Championship 2024 concluded yesterday in Rhodes, Greece. With the participation of 58 teams from 16 European federations, the event broke the participation record. The event was co-organised by the Chess Club of Rhodes “Ippotis” and the Region of South Aegean.

The event was played in two age categories: U12 and U18, open and girls sections separately, with 7 rounds, swiss system, in each championship.

The top-seeded team of Israel triumphed in the U18 section scoring 12 match points. Armenia claimed silver with the score of 11 match points, while Poland clinched bronze scoring 10 match points.

Poland emerged as the Winner of the GU18 category scoring 12 match points. They were one match point ahead of Israel Blue who won silver with 11 match points, and Germany I claimed bronze with 10 match points.

Poland was also victorious in the U12 section, scoring perfect 14 match points! Turkey followed with the score of 12 match points and Romania won bronze scoring 9 match points.

Turkey clinched gold in the GU12 section thanks to better tiebreak criteria than Poland team as they had the same score of 11 match points. Poland finished second, and Germany came third scoring 10 match points.

The best teams (combined results of girls and open teams) in the U12 section were Poland with 25 match points, Turkey with 23 match points, and Romania with 18 match points and better tiebreaks than Germany who had the same score.

The best teams (combined results of girls and open teams) in the U18 age category were Israel with 23 match points, Poland with 22 match points and Romania with 18 match points.

The best individual players per boards are:

U18 Board 1: 1.GM Emin Ohanyan (Armenia), 2.IM Adar Tarhan (Turkey), 3.IM Jan Klimkowski (Poland)
U18 Board 2: 1.IM Yahli Sokolovsky (Israel), 2.FM Arda Camlar (Turkey), 3.Laurenz Borrmann (Austria)
U18 Board 3: 1.FM Pawel Sowinski (Poland), 2.FM Felix-Antonio Ilinca (Romania), 3.FM Lukas Dotzer (Austria)
U18 Board 4: 1.FM Krzysztof Raczek (Poland), 2.Johannes Von Mettenheim (Germany), 3.FM Peter Balint (Austria)
U18 Board 5 (reserve player): 1.FM Benik Agasarov (Armenia), 2.IM Elie Milikow (Israel), 3.FM Robert Ernst (Austria)

GU18 Board 1: 1.WFM Martyna Starosta (Poland), 2.WFM Noga Orian (Israel), 3.WFM Anastasiia Hnatyshyn (Ukraine)
GU18 Board 2: 1.Katerina Braeutigam (Germany), 2.WFM Sofiia Tashkinova (Israel Blue), 3.Tamila Trunz (Germany II)

U12 Board 1: 1.CM Baver Yilmaz (Turkey), 2.Andrei Negrean (Romania), 3.Andriy Diachek (Poland)
U12 Board 2: 1.Wiktor Golis (Poland), 2.Vlad Petroff (Romania), 3.CM Sarp Sahin (Turkey)
U12 Board 3: 1.Antoni Radzimski (Poland), 2.Mehmet Alper Celebi (Turkey), 3.Paul David Peglau (Germany)
U12 Board 4: 1.Adam Gibala (Poland), 2.Christodoulos Daniil (Cyprus), 3.Lucas Rusu (Romania)
U12 Board 5 (reserve player): 1.Andras Ilko-Toth (Hungary), 2.Ilay Chalopoviz (Israel Ramat Gan)

GU12 Board 1: 1.Tuana Abak (Turkey), 2.Varvara Matskevich (Poland), 3.Sara Maria Sunea (Romania)
GU12 Board 2: 1.Anna Hangyal (Hungary), 2.Alicia Kovalskyy (Germany), 3.Kaja Rzadkowska (Poland)

Final rankings can be found here.

The Closing ceremony of the event took place yesterday evening in the playing venue with the attendance of ECU Secretary General Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, ECU Vice President Eva Repkova, member of FIDE Advisory Board and the President of the Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tulay, and other distinguished guests.

Official website of the event

Photos by Jim Laga