The 17th European Youth Rapid & Blitz U-8,10,12,14,16,18 Championship finished yesterday with participation of almost 300 young players from more than 20 European countries.

The event consisted of 4 separated competitions:



(1) 17th Individual Rapid Championship was played in 9 rounds according to the Swiss System from 20-21st of June.

In category Open U18 Mesaros Florian (AUT 2203) finished sole first with 7.5 points. Silver medal went to Kazakovskiy Valeriy (BLR 2388) with 7 points and Livaic Leon (CRO 2282) took the bronze with 6.5 points. In the girls section of the same age category, all the medals went to Slovenia. Hrescak Ivana (SLO 1961) became the Champion with 8 points. WIM Unuk Laura (SLO 2090) took the second place with 7.5 points and the bronze medal went to Rozman Monika (SLO 1865) with 6.5 points.

The winner of Open U16 category became Zarubitski Viachaslau (BLR 2244) with 7.5 points and the point and a half in front of Petriashvili Nikoloz (GEO 2144) who finished second with 6 points thanks to the better-tie breaks than Blohberger Felix (AUT 2003) who took the third place with the same score. Girls in the same age category played 7 rounds according to the Swiss system. Radeva Victoria (ECX 1926) took the victory with 6 points, Badelka Olga (BLR 2162) took the silver medal with 5.5 points and bronze went to Urh Zala (SLO 1720) with 4.5 points.

Another gold medal went to Slovenia in category Open U14 since Subelj Jan (SLO 1948) finished sole first with 8 points. Second place came to Horvath Dominic (AUT 2087) with 7.5 points and Trubchaninov Artem (RUS 1777), David Bogdan-Emanuel (ROU, 1729) shared third medal with 6.5 points. In section Girls U14 the Championship won Strukova Ksenia (RUS 1818) who finished the tournament with 7 points. Safronova Aleksandra (RUS 1671) was silver with 6.5 points and Majoros Rozsa Evelin (HUN 1639) took bronze with 6 points.

In category Open U12 Dardha Daniel (BEL 2154) became the sole winner with 7.5 points. Kirilov Dmitry (RUS 2020) finished second with 7 points and Morgunov Marc (AUT 2019) was third with 6.5 points. In Girls section U12 Cherepanova Evita (RUS 1736) convincingly won the Championship with score of 7.5 points and one and a half point ahead of her followers. 6 girls finished with the same score of 6 points and fought for the silver and bronze, but according to the additional criteria second place went to Mihelic Vesna (SLO 1374) and Zavivaeva Emilia (RUS 1493) went third.

In Open U10 category Maneluk Daniil (RUS 1870) took the victory and finished alone on the top of the list with 8 points. Two boys coming from Belarus tied for the 2nd and 3rd place with the same score of 7.5 points, but Navumenka Mikhei BLR (1715) had better tie-breaks and finished second and Strybuk Artsiom (BLR 1720) came third. Mikheeva Galina (RUS 1430) won the Girls U10 Championship with 8 points. She was ahead of Mikhalina Olga (RUS 1274) who took the silver medal with 7.5 points and Dubovik Maria (BLR 1434) who took the third place with 7 points.

In the youngest Open section, first place was shared between Morozov Savely coming from Russia and Khoo-Thwe Louis (NOR 1412) who finished the competition with 7.5 points each, but according to the additional criteria Morozov Savely (RUS) became the Champion, and Khoo-Thwe Louis took the second place. Third place went to Foldes Marton Gabor (HUN 1057) with 6 points. Girls in the youngest section played 7 rounds according to the Swiss System and Zubkovskaya Ekaterina (BLR 1338) finished with the perfect score 7/7 and took the trophy and the gold medal. Second place came to Svergina Sofya (RUS 1242) with 6 points and bronze went to Zavivaeva Evelina (RUS 1293) with 5 points.

(2) 17th European Rapid Team Championship was played in 3 categories: U10, U14 and U18.

The winners of U18 category were Belarus 3 who finished first with 12 match points, second place went to Romania with the same number of match points but less summary of points, and third place went to Warm Up Team with score of 11 match points. The sole winners of U14 category were Black and White with 11 match points. 2nd place came to Belarus 2, and 3rd place to Roubepol who scored 10 match points each. In the youngest section, Belarus 1 took the victory with 14 match points, Russia was silver and Ural Chess Academy was bronze.


(3) Blitz European Championship was played in 3 different age categories U10, U14 and U18.

The winner of the youngest Open category became Maneluk Daniil (RUS 2000) who scored 8 points. Strybuk Artsiom (BLR 1476) took the second place with 7 points, and Kolesov Gordey (RUS 1512) finished third with 6.5 points thanks to the better tie-breaks than other players who had the same score. Two girls tied for the first place in the same age category but girls section with 8 points, but according to the additional criteria Zavivaeva Evelina (RUS 1244) won the Championship and Babic Milana (BIH 1719) finished second. Third place went to Mikheeva Galina (RUS 1325) with 7 points.

6 players were tied in the Open U14 category with the same score of 7 points, but the winner became Subelj Jan (SLO 2191), Dardha Daniel (BEL 1906) finished second and Averyanov Grigori (RUS 1896) finished third. In Girls U14 section, Shuqja Klean (ALB 1556) took the victory with 7 points, second place went to Fairuzova Zulfiiya (RUS 1671) with 6 points, and third place came to Jarocka Liwia (POL 1658) with the same score but worse tie-breaks.

In the category Open U18, first three places were shared, but according to the additional criteria Mesaros Florian (AUT 2330) became the Champion, silver medal went to Dobrovoljc Vid (SLO 2160) and Blohberger Felix (AUT 2281) took bronze, all with 7 points. In the same age category, girls section, Badelka Olga (BLR 2046) won the Championship with 7.5 points the point and a half ahead of Cvitan Ena (CRO 1919) who finished second and Unuk Laura (SLO 2061) who took the third place, both with the same score of 6 points.

The event took place in Budva, Montenegro from 19-23rd of June and was organized by Montenegro Chess Federation under the auspices of European Chess Union.

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