European Universities Chess Championship 2017 which took place in Las Palmeras Hotel, Fuengirola/Spain, from 21st September ended yesterday. The Championship had two competitions: team tournament and individual tournament, both played in two categories: Open and Women.

The Open team Championship was played according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds with rapid time control. The Winner became Russia- Ural State Mining University with 16 match points. Serbia University of Belgrade took the silver with 14 match points and the bronze went to Israel Open University with 13 match points.

???????????????????????????????Students from Russian Ural State Mining University triumphed also in the Women section after 5 rounds played according to the Robin system since the Championship participated 6 teams. Russia Ural State Mining University finished sole first with 9 match points. Second place went to Serbia University of Belgrade with 7 match points and Hungary University of physical education finished third with 6 match points.

Final Standings Team Competition

???????????????????????????????In the Individual Championship which was played with blitz time control the new European Universities Chess Champion in Open section became Nenezic Marko (SRB, 2503) who tied for the first place with Ponkratov Pavel (RUS, 2599) and Lysyj Igor (RUS, 2585). Each of them had the same score of 7.5 points out of 9 games, but thanks to the better tie-breaks Nenezic Marko ended first, Ponkratov Pavel took the silver and Lysyj Igor finished third.

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In the Women section of Individual competition, the European Universities Chess Champion for 2017 became Voit Daria (RUS, 2303) who finished sole first with 8 points out of 9 games. The silver went to Kulon Klaudia (POL, 2336) thanks to the better additional criteria since she had the same score of 7 points as the third placed Velikic Adela (SRB, 2224).

Final Standings Individual Competition

???????????????????????????????The competition was organized by Universidad Internacional de Andalucia and Spanish University Sport Committee in collabartion with local partners in Fuengirola. The organising committee have great experience in EUSA events, with Mr.Rifaat Chabouk organsing the first European Universities Games in Cordoba, back in 2012.

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