CZECH TOUR 2018-2019

The 18th edition of International Chess Festivals Series will be held through years 2018 and 2019 in 10 different cities of Czech Republic. The official regulations of Czech Tour are published. Chess events will take place in Pardubice, Prague, Olomouc, Trebic, Hradec Kralove, Brno, Plzen, Lytomysl, Manamske Lazne and Liberec.


The event which will open the Czech Chess Tour will be the 29th Czech Open. Traditionally, tournament will take place from 12th-27th July 2018 in Tipspot Arena, in Pardubice. The biggest chess event of the Czech Tour will consist of 27 separated competition played in various categories, with a total prize fund of around 20.000 EUR.


Other chess events within the Czech Tour are:

5th Summer Prague Open (3rd-10th August 2018, Prague)

21st Olomouc Chess Summer (11th-18th August 2018, Olomouc)

12th Highlands Open (22nd-29th September 2018, Trebic)

9th Hradec Kralove Open (30th September- 7th October, Hradec Karlove)

10th Plzen Open (18th-24th November, Plzen)

1st Lytomysl Open (26th December 2018-1st January 2019, Lytomysl)

18th Prague Open (11th-18th January 2019, Prague)

18th Marienbad Open (19th-26th January 2019, Marienbad)

19th Liberec Open (23rd February-2nd March 2019, Liberec)


The Czech Tour 2018/2019 brochure, as well as the regulations for the biggest event within the tour – 29th Czech Open 2018 can be downloaded bellow!

Brochure Czech Open 2018

Brochure Czech Tour 2018/2019

Official Website of Czech Tour

Official Website of Czech Open

Detailed regulations of individual festivals and other information can be obtained at the address:
Strossova 239
530 03 Pardubice
Czech Republic
tel. + 420-466 535 200
mobile phone +420-608 203 007
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