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The European Chess Union (ECU) is conducting a survey of its member Federations.

The survey has got two objectives: to obtain basic information about the Federations of the ECU and to understand the place of chess in the education system of the Federation countries.

The survey is led by the ECU Educational Commission, and they will give the mission to make the survey for the different countries of the ECU.

Those making the survey should download the following documents:

1)      ECU Survey General Guidance (PDF-document) ECU Survey General Guidance 1.1

2)      ECU Survey Detailed Guidance (PDF-document) ECU Survey Detailed Guidance 1.1

3)      ECU Survey Chess in Schools (Word-document) ECU Survey Chess in Schools 1.1

Please read the two guidance documents carefully.

Deadline for sending in the results of the survey is the 16th of August 2015.

If any questions, please contact Jesper Hall, chairman ECU Educational Commission