February 2016 edition of the European Chess Union Newsletter is out!


In this edition of the monthly ECU Newsletter you will find:

  • Chess Promotion in European Parliament;
  • Women’s World Chess Championship Match 2016;
  • European Individual Chess Championship 2016;
  • European Senior Chess Championship 2016;
  • European Amateur Chess Championship 2016;
  • European Youth Chess Championship 2016;
  • Fun Zone;
  • Upcoming events in March 2016.

The ECU Newsletter February 2016 can be downloaded below or here

ECU NEWSLETTER February 2016

Fun Zone solutions:

I 1. Ke4 Ke6 2. Kf4#

II 1. Qb6 Ke7 (1…Kc8 2. Be6#) 2. Qc7#

III 1. Qg8 Nxd2 (1…Ne3 or Ng3 or Nh2 2. d5#) 2. d5#

IV 1. Rf6 Kxf6 2. Bd4#


XV International Polish Clergy Chess Championship will be held in the Higher Theological Seminary in Rzeszow, from 4 – 9 July 2016.

The format of the tournament will be a 10-round Swiss system, with the time control 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move.

The tournament will be reported to the classification of FIDE ranking.

All the priests, seminarians, religious brothers, religious sisters and nuns of every order recognized by the Holy See are invited.

The registration forms should be sent by 30 June 2016 to e-mail:

The following data are needed to be filled in the registration form:

– first and last name

– place of residence

– diocese / seminary, monastic order

– date of birth

– chess category and ranking

Accommodation and meals are available on site.

Technical briefing will be on 03 July 2016 (Sunday) at 8.00 pm. The first round starts at 09.00 am on Monday. The tournament will be concluded on Saturday around 12.00 pm.

Equipment for the games (chess pieces, clocks, etc.) are provided by the organizers. The cost of stay is 100 EUR. Seminarians, religious brothers and nuns do not pay the fee.


The Chess in School Conference, organized as a result of the co-operation of the European Chess Union and European Parliament, was held on 24 February in Brussels/Belgium.

CIS Conference

The Conference was attended by the European Union officials and Members of the European Parliament, FIDE, ECU and National Federations’ representatives, among whom Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the ECU President, Mrs. Ana Claudia Tapardel, MEP, Mr. Kevin O’Connell, Chairman of FIDE Chess in School Commission, representatives of bank of Georgia, the main sponsor of the ECU, and numerous school teachers.

welcome speech

Mr. Azmaiparashvili and Mrs. Tapardel addressed to all the present with the welcome speeches and officially opened the Conference.

The host of the event, MEP Ana-Claudia Tapardel, expressed her will to organize a conference dedicated to CIS every year, and the goal for the next year will be to present what has been done since the last conference.

The ECU President gave 5 rewards – to MEPs Ana Claudia Tapardel from Romania and Silvia Costa from Italy, to Mr. Sorin Iacoban, President of Romanian Chess Federation and Member of Romanian Parliament, and to Judit Polgar and Garry Kasparov foundations, for their contribution in the implementation of chess as a subject in the European schools.

reward for Judit Polgar

After the opening speeches, Mr. Jesper Hall (Sweden), Chairman of the Educational Commission of the ECU introduced all the speakers, as well as the ECU survey which was conducted last year.

Mr. Martin Huba (Slovakia), the ECU Treasurer, presented the ECU-EU potential projects.

Jesper Hall

The full list of presentations followed as announced in the program can be found in the ECU Press Release.

The conference was well covered in the media and it was broadcast live on YouTube.

Reply the Conference Part 1  Part 2


The significance and the importance of this Conference were best delivered in the tweet of Mrs. Tapardel: Chess can be the common denominator in all European schools. Help us endorse chess in education.

judit tweet

On of the best female chess players ever Hungarian Grandmaster Judit Polgar had a very successful presentation in Brussels.

chessdom tweetThe Conference was covered by one of ECU partners – Chessdom!



The Polish Chess Federation and Gen. Kazimierz Sosnkowski Chess Foundation have a great pleasure and an honor to invite your players to take part in the MetLife Warsaw Najdorf Chess Festival, which will take place in the Warsaw Sports and Recreation Centre, 816 July 2016.

The event consists of 4 tournaments:

A – Open for players with Elo >= 2200;

B – Open for players with Elo 1600-2199;

C – Open for players with Elo < 1600; and

D – Tournament of chess prodigies (born 2006 and later).

Warsaw Old Town

The participants should register on the website not later than 20 June, 2016 or submit an application with the following data: name, surname, country, birthdate, FIDE rating – to the e-mail address not later than 20 June, 2016.

The tournament Director is Maria Macieja and the Chief Arbiter will be FIDE Arbiter Paweł Suwarski.

The total prize fund of the festival is 30.000 EUR.

A Tournament: prize fund 20600 Euros + 3000 Euros

B Tournament: prize fund 6000 Euros

C Tournament: prize fund 3000 Euros

D Tournament: prize fund 400 Euros

A, B and C Tournaments will be poayed according to the Swiss system in 9 rounds, with the time control of 90 min. for 40 moves + 30 min. for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1. D Tournament will also be played according to the Swiss system, but in 7 rounds, and with the shorter time format: 1h for the game (no increment).

The Festival is a part of the ACP Tour and the ACP Open circuit, and belongs to the best and strongest opens is Europe nowadays.

More information about the festival at the Official Website

Invitation – MetLife Warsaw Najdorf Chess Festival – Poland


Chess In School Conference Brussels poster

The Chess in School Conference in the European Parliament will be held in Brussels/Belgium, on 24 February 2016. The Conference will take place from 4.30 to 6.30 pm in the A1E1 Hall.  The organizers of the Conference are the Educational Committee of the European Parliament, along with the European Chess Union. The main goal is to show how chess is implemented in the educational systems in various European countries, which will help continental chess for awareness and lobbying for financial support from EU institutions. Attached is the official poster of the Conference.

A number of keynote speakers and specialists in CIS Programs from different European regions were invited to make a presentation during the conference.  European Union officials & MEPs, FIDE, ECU and National Federations representatives will attend the conference as well.

The detailed program is as follows:

16.30  – 16.45 –  Welcome Speeches

–    MEP Claudia Tapardel (ROU), Welcome Speech

–    Zurab Azmaiparashvili (GEO), President of the European Chess Union, Welcome Speech

–    Jesper Hall (SWE), Chairman ECU EDU Commission, Welcome Speech & Presentation of the participants.

16.45  – 17.00 –  ECU Projects

 –    Irakli Rekhviashvili (GEO), representative of the Bank of Georgia, sponsor of ECU, Bank´s perspective

 –    Jesper Hall (SWE) – ECU CIS Survey

 –    Martin Huba (SVK), ECU Treasurer – ECU & EU Programs


17.00 – 18.00 –  5-8 min. presentations from:

–    GM Judit Polgar (HUN), “Judit Polgar Chess Foundation”  “Chess In Palace” CIS Program

–    Leo Battesti (FRA), Chairman of Corsica Chess League – CIS in Corsica

–    Alessandro Dominici (ITA), FIDE chess Instructor, Member of the CIS Committee of the Italian Chess Federation, Consultant to Chairman of the FIDE CIS Commission

–    Vlad Ungureanu (ROU), Mathematics Teacher, Chairman of Chess in School Committee, Romanian Chess Federation

–   José Francisco Suárez Roa (ESP), Phd Psychology, Chairman of the CTMYE of the Spanish Chess Federation

–   Jesper Hall (SWE) – CIS Programs in Sweden

  Malcolm Pein (UK), Chief Executive Chess in Schools and Communities charity, International Director English Chess Federation – CIS Programs in UK

   Giorgi Giorgadze (GEO), President Georgian Chess Federation – CIS Programs in Georgia

–   Mrs. Gulkız Tulay (TUR) President of Turkish Chess Federation, Mr. Kasım Yekeler (TUR) Board Member and Chairman of CIS Committee of Turkish Chess Federation – CIS Programs in Turkey.

18.00 – 18.20 Q&A session

18.20 – 18.25 Summary and conclusions, Jesper Hall and Zurab Azmaiparashvili

18.25 – 18.30 Final remarks, MEP Claudia Tapardel

Co-ordinator of the Conference is ECU Deputy President Mr. Ion Serban Dobronauteanu (email:

Press Release_22_02_2016


FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match will take place in Lviv/Ukraine, 1-18 March, 2016.

Championship match logo

The match is played between Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine), the 15th Women’s World Champion and Hou Yifan (China), two-time Women’s World Chess Champion.

The Championship Match will consist of 10 games and if necessary, tie-break games. The winner of the match shall be the first player to score 5.5 points or more. If the scores are level after the regular ten (10) games, after a new drawing of colors, four (4) tie-break games shall be played. The draw for colors will be conducted during the opening ceremony.

Mariya Muzychuk

The official venue of the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match will be the Potockis’ Palace. The Palace of Counts Potockis is a majestic edifice in French Neorenaissance style of late 19th century. It is a bright example of mature historicism architecture and one of the most interesting architectural landmarks of Lviv, and it often hosts conferences, presentations, chamber concerts, and political meetings.

Hou Yifan

The opening ceremony of the Championship Match will be held in Lviv Opera House on March 1, at 6.00 pm, and the first game starts on March 2 at 3.00 pm. After every two games there will be a rest day.

The European Chess Union is proud to announce that the next ECU Board meeting will be held during the match, 1-2 March in Lviv.

The organizers released the Official Website of the Championship Match.


Dear chess friends,

The deadline for bids for the 2018 European Chess Championships and the European Teams Chess Championship 2019 is Friday 29th April 2016. Attached you will find the detailed announcement for the bidding procedure (annex1). The bid form is on (Annex2).

We note according the ECU tournament regulations, valid from 1st January 2016, a combined proposal for the European Women Individual Chess Championship 2017 and the European Youth Chess Championship 2018 shall be submitted.

The Chess in School Conference in the European Parliament will be held in Brussels/Belgium, on 24 February 2016. The Conference will take place from 4.30 to 6.30 pm in the A1E1 Hall. The organizers of the Conference are the Educational Committee of the European Parliament, along with the European Chess Union. On (annex3) is the official poster of the Conference. The main goal is to show how chess is implemented in the educational systems in various European countries, which will help continental chess for awareness and lobbying for financial support from EU institutions.

The next ECU Board meeting will take place on 1st and 2nd of March in Lviv Ukraine.

With kind regards,
Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General



FM Pierre Villegas and WCM Mathilde Chung are the new Champions of Monaco!


They won the Monaco Chess Championship 2016 which finished yesterday.

GM David Marciano and WFM Noela-Joyce Lomanandong are the new Vice-Champions of Monaco.


Final Rankings :

1 MF Pierre Villegas 6
2 GM David Marciano 6
3 GM Algimantas Butnorius 4.5
4 Karl Ribbegren 4.5
5 GM Igor Efimov 4
6 Jean François Nelis 4
7 Hugo Apap 4
8 Wcm Mathilde Chung 4
9 IM Igor Berezovsky 4
10 FM Patrick Van hoolandt 4
11 Kenia Jose Pollanco 4
12 wfm Noela Joyce Lomandong 3.5


Pierre Villegas, who made a performance of 2511 ELO points, qualified for the 2nd European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship 2016, which will be held in Luxembourg 1-11 April.

Monaco Men’s Team for the Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku :
1 FM Pierre Villegas, 2 GM Igor Efimov, 3 Karl Ribbegren, 4 GM Algimantas Butnorius,5 GM David Marciano.
Capitain : FM Patrick Van Hoolandt

Monaco Women’s Team for the Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku :
1 WCM Mathilde Chung, 2 WFM Noela Joyce Lomandong, 3 Svetlana Berezovska, 4 WIM Julia Lebel-Arias
Capitain : IM Igor Berezovsky

Chung vs Villegas


The European Youth Chess Championship 2016 is organized by AVE-KONTAKT Pardubice agency, Czech Chess Federation and the European Chess Union in Prague/Czech Republic, from 17th August (arrival) to 28th August (departure) 2016.


The tournament is played in 6 age categories: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18, Boys and Girls separately.

The entry form must be filled in by the national federation on the official website of the championship no later than 30th June 2016. This date is the registration deadline. After that, federations will not be able to register or modify any registrations. After this date all the registrations have to be confirmed by the organizer and the ECU.

The tournament will be played by a 9-rounds Swiss system, with the time control 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

The total amount of all prizes and presents will be 20.000 EUR at the minimum. The first three players in each group will be awarded medals; the first five players in each group will be awarded cups, diplomas and valuable prizes.


Lodging and boarding will be provided at the TOP HOTEL Praha ****, Blazimska 1781/4, Praha 11. All tournament halls are situated at this hotel.

Contact Information:

AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Strossova 239, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Tournament Director: IO Dr. Jan Mazuch

phone: +420 466 535 200, mobile phone + 420 608 203 007


Official website (information and on line registration):

Official regulations can be found below or here

EYCC 2016


The 16th European Senior Chess Championship will take place in Yerevan, Armenia from June 4 (day of arrival) to 14 June (day of departure) 2016. The tournament will be held in Chess House after Tigran Petrosian.


The European Senior Chess Championship will be played in two categories: one for those who shall have reached the age of 50 (category SENIOR 50+), and one for those who shall have reached the age of 65 (category SENIOR 65+).

Players who shall have reached the age of 65 by the 31st December 2016 are allowed to participate in the category SENIOR 50+ if they request it.

Women tournaments will be played separately. If in total the women participants are less than nine they will play in the Open tournaments with separate prizes.

The championship is based on Swiss system in accordance with the ECU Tournament Rules and FIDE Rules of Chess. The playing time will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

Total prize fund is 10.000 EUR, and the first prizes are 1.000 EUR (Open sections) and 650 EUR (Women sections).

Contact information:


tel: (+374) 10 57 07 58 tel: (+374) 93 48 19 77

Official Regulations can be found below or here