The European Chess Union, sole European Chess official organisation comprised of 55 European national chess federations and recognized by the World Chess Federation FIDE, calls for a tender open to all interested persons for:

A customized design for a trophy dedicated to the winners of the European Club Cup Chess Championships, Open and respectively Women section, the official ECU event.

  1. ECU is looking for a modern and prestigious design, presented/adapted in 2 variations for open and women championships, possible to be handcrafted in an identical or an adapted form.
  2. Trophy design specifications:

— has to be submitted in an common graphic format as .PDF, .JPG and additional in a professional design format

— the Trophy dimensions have to be between 40 cm and 80 cm height and the estimated weight not exceeding 7 kg each

— Trophy material/s have to be usual materials for this kind of object, materials possible to be handcrafted in workshops by usual technical and costs conditions (metal, stone wood, glass, etc)

— in the design shall be included the ECU logo

  1. Deadline for submissions: Monday 29th August 2016 by email to the address:
  1. Together with the design, Tenders have to submit a declaration that they are the authors and have full rights for the design and that in case of winning the tender, they cease the rights of the design to the ECU.
  1. The jury nominated by the President of the ECU will select a number of designs and the ECU Board will award the winner of the tender. The results will be published no later than Monday 19th September 20016 on
  1. Prizes: The winner of the tender will be awarded with 500 Euro and will receive an Award Certificate electronic/by email. The winner of the award is responsible for any taxes and any other fiscal obligations. All tenders selected by the Jury will receive Jury Award Certificates electronic/by email.
  1. Rights and liabilities: ECU has the obligation to award the money prize and Awards Certificates according to 6 and is not obliged to reply or to send back any correspondence, samples, files, materials received from senders. Tenders will send proposals in accordance with point no. 4, the winner of the tender by receiving the prize is ceasing the rights for the design to ECU, there is no other obligation between the ECU and the other participants.
  1. The tender process has no appeal or challenge options.
  1. Deadline for submitting questions is 22nd July 2016 at:



ECU Newsletter June 2016 is out!


In this edition of the monthly ECU Newsletter you will find:

  • Anna Ushenina wins European Individual Women’s Chess Championship 2016;
  • Four new European Senior Champions crowned in Yerevan;
  • Anatoly Borodavkin wins European Amateur Championship 2016;
  • European Schols Chess Championship 2016;
  • Czech Republic and Germany win Mitropa Cup 2016;
  • ECU Board meeting in Prague;
  • Education through Chess in Schools project in Poland;
  • In Memoriam Viktor Korchnoi;
  • Fun Zone;
  • Upcoming events in July 2016.

The ECU Newsletter June 2016 can be downloaded below or here



The second European Board meeting in 2016, organized in Prague, Czech Republic, took place on 24th and 25th June after the kind invitation of the Czech Chess Federation. The meeting was held under the excellent conditions in the hotel Olympic during the 2016 Mitropa Cup.  The President of the Czech Chess Federation Viktor Novotny opened the meeting and welcomed the ECU Board in Prague.


Main Information & decisions

  1. ECU Auditor presented the audit report, Treasurer and Bookkeeper informed the Board about the financial results and closing of the year 2015 as will be forwarded to ECU GA in Baku. The money prizes for the European Individual Championships were sent to all the participants. European Chess Union is today in the best financial situation in its history, with the transparent and trustable financial management.

Board meeting

  1. ECU Board awarded the following European Championships:
  • European Amateur Championship 2017 awarded to the Serbian Chess Federation to organize it in the city of Nis
  • European Youth Team Championship 2018 awarded to the German Chess Federation to organize it in Bad Blankeburg, Thuringia
  • European Senior Team Chess Championship 2018 awarded to the Polish Chess Federation to organize it in the city of Walbrzych
  • European Women’s Rapid Championship & European Women’s Blitz Championship 2018 awarded to the Georgian Chess Federation to organize it in the city of Tbilisi.
  • European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018 awarded to the Romanian Chess Federation to organize it in Oradea, Bihor County.
  • European Individual Chess Championship 2018 awarded to the Georgian Chess Federation to organize it in the city of Batumi.
  • Norwegian Chess Federation awarded the option to organize the European Senior Chess Championship 2018 in the city of Oslo.
  • European Team Chess Championship 2019 awarded to the Georgian Chess Federation to organize it in the city of Batumi.
  • Turkish Chess Federation awarded the option to organize the European Women’s Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2016

Zurab Azmaiparashvili & Viktor Novotny

The ECU Board approved the new dates, 26-30 December 2016, proposed by the Serbian Chess Federation for the European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2016

  1. ECU accepted the proposal of the Georgian Chess Federation to co-organize the “Chess in School Conference” from 24th to 27th October 2016 in Batumi, parallel with the FIDE World Cadets Championship.
  2. ECU Board discussed a number of proposals for the ECU Statutes and tournament regulations, which will be forwarded to the ECU General Assembly.
  3. The ECU Board informed about the legal matters and especially the decisions taken in the ECU General Assembly on 10 October 2015 in Bar and the ECU Board meeting, on 2nd and 3rd March in Lviv Ukraine.
  • ECU with a letter from 6 April 2016, based in the ECU Statutes, asked the Bulgarian Chess Federation to provide a number of documents (contracts, invoices) that were allegedly issued by the ECU, but are not available in ECU files and books. Additionally, the ECU asked from the Bulgarian Chess Federation to provide a list of payments to the ECU for the years 2011-2014. Bulgarian Chess Federation with its answer on 19.04.2016 failed to provide all these documents and the list of payments to ECU.
  • Bulgarian Financial Investigation Agency, after the ECU request, in May 2016 officially provided to the ECU three investigation reports connected with the European Championships and two Open Chess tournaments held in Bulgaria from 2011 to 2014.
  • The last of these reports dated 16.02.2016 took into consideration the ECU position after the official request for contribution sent by the Bulgarian authorities.
  • The reports confirm that hundreds thousands of euros transferred in the name of the European Chess Union to the unknown bank account in Slovenia belong to an offshore company under the name ECU Delaware LLC. All these huge transactions are not reported to the ECU accounts, auditors and General Assemblies and were obviously never delivered by the European Chess Union.
  • Until today, the Bulgarian Chess Federation have provided to the Bulgarian Investigation Financial Agency a number of documents as ECU invoices, contracts, and letters, even bank certificates, which are unknown to the ECU. Bulgarian Investigation authorities have not accepted the majority of these documents as authentic.

Based in these reports and the decisions in the ECU GA 2015 in Bar and ECU Board meeting on 2nd and 3rd March in Lviv the ECU Board decided:

  1. The investigation reports and the letters dated 06.04.2016 and 19.04.2016 are forwarded to the ECU General Assembly 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan with the proposal of suspension of the Bulgarian Chess Federation membership. Bulgarian Chess Federation has the right for written and oral explanations before any decision. 
  1. The whole case is already sent to the FIDE General Assembly 2016 Agenda for information and decisions.

Independently of the administration procedures, the ECU will follow closely the investigations running till now in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Interpol & FIDE Ethics Commission, and according to the advice of the ECU legal advisers regarding the financial and moral damage to the ECU, may proceed to a criminal complaint to Swiss authorities against any responsible individual.

The FBI office in the US Embassy in Switzerland has already contacted and informed about the operation of the shadow company “ECU LLC Delaware” within the USA territory. The European Chess Union also testified to Interpol after invitation received in Switzerland.

Moreover, the matter may concern the investigation services in several countries, since there are other European Federations or/and players who were forced to transfer money in “chess” offshore companies with the same address in Delaware.

Additionally, after the decision in GA in Bar, Montenegro and the material available today, the ECU will give a press conference, on a pre-announced date, informing the international press about all findings through the official investigations in Montenegro and Bulgaria. The matter is very serious not only for the chess world but for the whole sports family.

Press Release 29.06.2016.


Over the last few years Polish Chess Federation has put extremely lot of energy in order to develop this social project. Our efforts and attention has finally paid off. On June the 27 Polish Minister of Education Anna Zalewska has officially announced, that from September 1, 2017 chess will be in each Polish elementary school in the first class and will be used by pupils as an important tool for learning. It is a great and historical day for Poland and Polish Chess Federation.

banner_CIS PolandOn 1st September 2017 the elements of chess game, supplementary, will appear in 13.000 Polish schools. It means each year 400.000 children will be able to play chess.

Let’s have a short glance how the situation in the project looks in Poland today and what was done up to now.

Anna Zalewska - Minister Edukacji Narodowej

The project “Education through Chess in School” is organized and guided by Polish Chess Federation in cooperation with the provincial chess unions and local authorities. It is addressed to elementary schools for pupils from classes I-III. Key partners for Polish Chess Federation include Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Sport & Tourism.

CIS_Poland 2016

The idea to introduce chess in schools as an effective form of supporting education was founded in Polish chess environment many years ago. The direct stimulus for the start of implementation came from the European Parliament in 2012 when declaration calling on all member states of the European Union to introduce education of chess in educational settings was signed.


The project grew out of the need to increase primary mathematical skills. Playing chess improves logical and analytical thinking, problem solving skills, development of spatial orientation, concentration and many others. Through chess we try to support intellectual, social and emotional development of children. Due to the expected positive impact on children’s education process, as well as providing teachers innovative and efficient tools for daily work with students project gained acceptance by the Minister of  National Education.


The Polish Chess Federation has developed a coherent program of teaching chess in primary schools:

1) Prepared the set of textbooks written by Magdalena Zielińska – “Let’s play chess” for children as well as teaching materials for the teachers.
2) Organizes 72-hour courses for teachers preparing them to teach basics of chess in classes I-III (in the vast majority costs are covered by local authorities or schools)
3) Organizes additional training courses and  methodological conferences.
4) Equips schools with fifteen chess sets and demonstration chessboard – all free of charge.
5) Offers help in the organization of chess events by schools participating in the project.
6) Runs the website ( and a group “Education through chess in schools” on Facebook. Provides for informational purposes separate phone number (+48 22 428 23 76) and e-mail:
7) In ”Mat” – journal published by the Polish Chess Federation there is a special insert dedicated to chess in schools.
8) Has published a methodical guide for teachers with lesson scenarios inside. The book was written by Ewa Przezdziecka.
9) The elaboration of the program to continue learning chess in classes IV-VI.
10) Every year we organizes the huge Final Tournament for children participating in the project.
11) Project evaluation is conducted by research centers of leading Polish Universities – they study effects of chess classes on general development and school achievement of students.

The first 152 schools joined the project “Education through Chess in School” in 2013.

In the school year 2015/2016 project involved more than 600 schools. In the upcoming 2016/2017 project will cover 1000 schools in all 16 provinces. 2000 teachers will share chess knowledge with at least 35 000 students.


Last year on 20th June the II Final Tournament of the national project “Education through Chess in School” was held at the National Stadium in Warsaw, which was attended by the President of the European Chess Union Zurab Azmaiparashvili and representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Polish Chess Federation and the authorities of the City of Warsaw.

The ECU President’s visit had a focus on this event and impacted the further development of the project.

Friday dinnerVideos:

CIS project in Poland

Final CIS Tournament

Interview with Tomasz Delega and Krzysztof Gora


Romanian Chess Federation, together with Lindenfeld Association organizes the special charity event on 7th July in Bucharest/Romania.


The event consists of a Blitz tournament, which will be held in downtown Bucharest, with the kind participation of WGM Luminita Cosma, GM Constantin Ionescu, IM Dragos Dumitrache, and others.

The money donated will be used to help children in foster cares, to provide them special customized education activities such as interactive classes, workshops, excursions, etc.

We are very pleased to use chess as a tool in the social activities and we will be grateful to all the chess lovers who will contribute in this charity event.

The whole event will be broadcast online with live video transmission.

More about the event

For any questions contact, +40723892032

Romanian Chess Federation


Czech Republic A in Open section and Germany in Women section are the winners of the Mitropa Cup 2016, which took place in Prague/Czech Republic, 19-27 June, 2016.

IN the Open section the last round was crucial and decided the Champion. Germany tied the match against Hungary, while Czech Republic A defeated Slovenia, so the both teams finished the competition with 13 match points. Thanks to better tie-breaks, Czech Republic triuphed with with total 23.5 points,while Germany had 22.5.

Czech Republic

The third place went to the team of Italy with 12 match points and 19.5 points in total.

Germany vs Italy

Open Section Final Standings

 In Women section German team became the Champion after playing 1-1with the Hungarian team and scoring 15 match points.

Germany Women

Silver medal went to Italy with 14 match points, while Hungary took bronze with 12 match points.

Women section

Women Section Final Standings

Ten Chess Federations participate in this event: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland, and compete in Open and Women sections.

playing hall

Each team is composed of 4 players + one reserve player in Open section, and 2 women players + one reserve player in Women section.

The tournament was organized by the Czech Chess Federation, in cooperation with AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o. and Hotel Olympik ****.


The tournament was played in 9 rounds with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, + 30 seconds increment for each move starting from move one.

Official Website


Olympiad logo

FIDE Secretariat reminds all the Chess Federations that the registration deadline for the Olympiad is 30 June, 2016.

All the necessary information about the registration process can be found here.

2016 Chess Olympiad takes place in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, from 1st to 14th September in Crystal Hall.

Olympiad Official Website


The European Schools Chess Championship 2016 finished yesterday in Halkidiki, Greece, with participation of more than 250 players from over 20 European federations divided in 6 age categories: U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17.

In Open U17 Trubchaninov Timur (RUS 2183) became the Champion with 7.5 points. Second place went to Turkish player Erdogan Anil Berk (1932)with 7 points, while the female player and one of the most promising Greek young players WFM Avramidou Anastasia (2240) took bronze with 6 points, who in the same time became the best female player in the group.


Second place went to Tishova Svetlana from Russia (1956) who scored 5 points, while bronze medal went to Micoogullari Lara (TUR 1637) with 4.5 points.

Keinanen Toivo (FIN 2218) triumphed in section Open U15 with 7 points. Second place was tied by two Turkish players with 6.5 points, but according to the tie-breaks silver went to FM Ozen Deniz (TUR 2212) while bronze went to his compatriot Kesgin Halit Kaan (2027).


Martinovici Ilie (MDA 2022) won in Open U13 group with 8.5 points. Second playce went to Karaahmetoglu Ege (TUR 1928) with 6.5 points, while Malikov Farid (AZE) came third with 6 points.

Can Isik (TUR 2072) became the Champion in category Open U11 with 8 points. Suleymanli Aydin (AZE 2089) took silver medal with 7.5 points, and bronze medal went to Caberoglu Arda (TUR 1657) with 6.5 points.

In Open U9 category Ozkan Taha (TUR 1523) took victory with 7 points, while his compatriot Saridag Omer Melih (1488) scored the same points, but due to worse tie-break got the silver medal. Bronze went to Polish player Kejna Piotr (1428).


In the youngest Open category Mammadov Ziya (1190) from Azerbaijan triumphed and became the Champion with 8 points. Second place went to Royal Shreyas from England, and the third place went to Vetokhin Savva (1444) from Russia.

WFM Obolentseva Alexandra (RUS 2338) justified the role of the top seed in the Girls U15 category and eventually triumphed with 7.5 points. Silver went to Ayan Bengu Sena (TUR 1733) with 6.5 points, while bronze went to Mammadova Susan (AZE 1768) with 6 points.

Turkish team

Girls in the category U13 played Round Robin tournament, and after 9 rounds Afanasieva Alexandra (RUS 1947) won with 8 points. Second place went to Rzali Sabina (AZE 1727) with 7 points, while Kaygisiz Ilayda (TUR 1548) came third with 6.5 points.

Another top seed in the Girls category won the Championship, this time Zvereva Margarita (1747) from Russia in category Girls U11. She scored 7.5 points, a full point ahead of second and third Bondareva Daria (RUS 1733) and Ince Safiye Oyku (TUR 1513) respectively.

Shvedova Alexandra (RUS 1389) triumphed in Girls U9 section with 8 points. Silver went to Ivanova Dilyana (BUL 1391) and Gadasi Noam (ISR 1346) came third both with 6.5 points.


The only player in the whole Championship who managed to win all the games and make the perfect score is Russian player Svergina Sofya who triupmhed in the youngest Girls section with amazing 9/9! Aslan Ezgi Selen from Turkey finished second with 6.5 points, while Kusakina Uliana came third with 6 points.

The closing ceremony was attended by the ECU Secretary General Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and ECU Educational Commission Secretary Alexander Kostyev.

The Championship took place in Kallithea, Halkidiki/Greece, 16-26 June, 2016, in organization of the European Chess Union and the International School Chess Union.

All the winners in each category got trophies and special prizes, 4-6 place got medals and chess gifts, while the organizers also provided 10 special as well as 3 team prizes.

Official Website


Five rounds have been played so far at the European Schools Chess Championship 2016, which takes place in Kallithea, Greece.

playing hall

In Open U17 Erdogan Anil Berk (TUR 1932) and Trubchaninov Timur (RUS 2183) lead with 4 points, while in category Open U15 Keinanen Toivo (FIN 2218) and FM Ozen Deniz (TUR 2212) tie for the first place with 4 points.

playing hall

Martinovici Ilie (MDA 2022) is a sole leader in Open U13 section 4.5 points, and Can Isik (TUR 2072) leads in Open U11 with the same score.

Another Turkish player is sole leader in Open U9 – Saridag Omer Melih (1488), who scored 4.5 points.

Turkish Team

In the youngest Open category Mammadov Ziya (AZE 1190) leads with 4.5 points.

In Girls U15 Ozbay Ece (TUR 1930) and WFM Obolentseva Alexandra (RUS 2338) share first playce with 4 points, while Rzali Sabina (AZE 1727) is clear first in Girls U13 with maximum score.

playing hall

In Girls U11 section three Russians Melenchuk Olga (1478), Zvereva Margarita (1747) and Zhurova Anna (1503) and Ince Safiye Oyku (1513) from Turkey are in the lead with 4 points.

Team England

In Girls U9 Gadasi Noam (ISR 1346) leads with 4.5 points, while Svergina Sofya from Russia is the sole leader in Girls U7 with 5 points.

Round 6 is on schedule today from 4.00 pm (local time).

playing hall

Official Website

ECU Photo Gallery


The traditional event Mitropa Cup 2016 started yesterday in Prague/Czech Republic.

The tournament is organized by the Czech Chess Federation, in cooperation with AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o. and Hotel Olympik ****.


Ten Chess Federations participate in this event: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland, and compete in Open and Women sections.

Each team is composed of 4 players + one reserve player in Open section, and 2 women players + one reserve player in Women section.


The tournament is played in 9 rounds with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, + 30 seconds increment for each move starting from move one.

After two rounds played, teams of Germany, Czech Republic A and Italy are leading in the Open section with 3 match points, while Germany is sole leader in Women section with maximum score.

More information are available on the Official Website