Polish individual chess championships have a very long history. This year’s LOTTO Polish Chess Championship and BUDIMEX Polish Women’s Chess Championship were 72nd and 67th editions of those events. The best Polish players were not only fighting to prove their superiority in the country, but also to qualify for the national teams for the forthcoming  European Team Championship, which will take place 12-22 November 2015 in Reykjavik.

This year, the championships took place in Poznan, 24 March – 1 April 2015. The tournaments’ venue was situated in the Main Hall of the Poznan University of Economics.

The tournaments were organised by the Polish Chess Federation and the local Ferdynand Dziedzic Association.

The patronage over the championships was assumed by Bronisław Komorowski – the President of Poland. The honour committee was completed by:

Jacek Jaśkowiak – President of Poznan

Andrzej Biernat – Minister of Sport and Tourism

Tomasz Delega – President of the Polish Chess Federation

Marian Gorynia – Rector of the Poznan University of Economics

Piotr Florek – Voivode of Great Poland

Andrzej Kraśnicki – President of the Polish Olympic Committee

Marek Woźniak – Marshal of the Great Poland Voivodship

The 9-round championships gathered 32 players with 22 participating in the Swiss Open tournament and 10 in the women’s round robin tournament.

Winners men

After a thrilling last round GM Grzegorz Gajewski became a winner of the LOTTO Polish Chess Championship. The silver was surprisingly taken by Maciej Klekowski, who led the tournament for the most of the event, but lost the title due to worse Bucholtz. Bronze medal was won by GM Jacek Tomczak.

Results of the LOTTO Polish Chess Championship can be found below:

table men

Detailed results are available here.

The title of the Polish Women’s Chess Champion went to WGM Jolanta Zawadzka, for the third time in her career. Zawadzka clinched her victory in the 8th round by defeating her main rival – WGM Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska, who had to be satisfied with the silver. The bronze medallist was IM Iweta Rajlich.

winners women

Results of the BUDIMEX Polish Women’s Chess Championship can be found below:

table women

More information at the Official Website


Romanian Championship 2015

National Individual Championships of Romania for Men and Women – Finals are taking place in Calimanesti from 18th to 28th April, 2015.

Top players in Men’s Championship are Constantin Lupulescu (2635), Mihai Marin (2591), Mircea-Emilian Parligras (2582) and Vladislav Nevednichy (2576) and Corina-Isabela Peptan (2430), Cristina-Adela Foisor (2384), Elena-Luminita Cozma (2323), Mihaela Sandu (2303) in Women’s Championship.

Romanian Championship

Both events are played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds, with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 seconds increment per move, starting from move one.

Games are broadcast Live at http://sahlive.ro/

More details at http://www.frsah.ro/


Mariya Muzychuk from Ukraine is the new World Women Chess Champion! She won the FIDE World Championship in knockout format after defeating Natalia Pogonina from Russia with 2,5-1,5 in the final match. The Championship was held in Sochi/Russia, 16 March – 7 April, 2015.

Mariya Muzychuk

Mariya Muzychuk started with a loss, but eliminated Canadian Yuanling Yuan in round 1 of the knockout competition after a rapid tiebreak with total score 2,5-1,5. Another tiebreak was needed in round 2, where Muzychuk defeated the top Polish player Monika Socko 3,0-1,0. The only clean victory, although not the easiest one, came in round 3, where Muzychuk eliminated the ex-World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova.

In the next two matches Muzychuk played against two Indian players. In the quarterfinals Muzychuk faced the top seeded of the event Humpy Koneru whom she defeated with 2,5-1,5, while in the semifinals she defeated Harika Dronavalli after very exciting match and four tie-breaks.

The final match against Natalia Pogonina consisted of four classical games. Natalia Pogonina started with white and did not manage to find advantage in game 1. The next game was probably one of the most tense games of the event, with minor inaccuracies swinging the full point towards Muzychuk. Pognina started strongly again her game 3 with white, but after long thinks and precise moves Muzychuk managed to equalize and even look for advantage. The game eventually finished in a draw. Game 4 was full of nerves, but Muzychuk never lost control and won the title.

Final game

The new World Champion will defend her title in a match against Yifan Hou later this year.

The ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili congratulated Mariya Muzychuk on her title.

Dear Viktor,

We warmly congratulate the new World Women’s Chess Champion WGM Mariya Muzychuk. It is not the first time that such an outstanding result is coming from Ukraine, a country with an enormous chess tradition and numerous top and distinguished players.

European Chess Union is proud that the Women’s chess crown returned to Europe and we are thankful to the Ukrainian Chess Federation and WGM Mariya Muzychuk.


Zurab Azmaiparashvili



March 2015 edition of the European Chess Union Newsletter is out!

NL March 2015

In this edition of the monthly ECU Newsletter you will find:

  • Report about European Individual Chess Championship 2015 in Jerusalem;
  • Chess an Official Sport at European Universities – Memorandum between ECU and EUSA;
  • ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili in Reykjavik;
  • ECU Sponsors and Partners – Bank of Georgia, ChessBase and Chess Informant;
  • Meeting for Senior chess in Dresden;
  • Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov promote Chess in Schools at Norwegian Parliament;
  • Fun Zone with nice mate combinations;
  • Upcoming events in April 2015.

The ECU Newsletter March 2015 can be downloaded below or here




On Saturday 28th March, in Zagreb, Croatia a memorandum between the European Universities Sports Association (EUSA) and the European Chess Union (ECU) was signed. The memorandum represents the inclusion of chess in the official sports program of the EUSA annual events.  Chess is the 19th sport included in EUSA competitions.


The agreement was signed during the EUSA annual Gala, between Mr. Adam Roczek, President of EUSA and Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, ECU General Secretary.  ECU Board member Mr. Adrian Michailchisin was also present at the ceremony.

Chess is included in the following competitions:


European Universities Chess Championship, 6-11 October, Yerevan/Armenia


European Universities Games (5000 participants), 13- 24 July, Zagreb/Croatia


European Universities Chess Championship, Fuengirola/Spain


European Universities Games (5000 participants), Coimbra/Portugal


European National Chess Federations can contact the National EUSA members in order to getmore information about registrations procedure and provide technical support and organize championships within National or European level.



The EUSA events in Croatian capital Zagreb held 26-29 March, 2015 were: Executive and Student Commission meetings, EUSA Conference, EUSA Convention and inspection visits, concluded with the special EUSA Gala, held on Saturday evening.



Vojvodina Chess Federation under the auspices and support of the European Chess Union and Serbian Chess Federation organizes the 15th European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship in Novi Sad/Serbia, July 31st to August 6th, 2015. The tournament hall will be “Master centar Novosadskog sajma” – Master Centre of Novi Sad Fair.

Deadline for registration is June 26, 2015. Registration form is posted on the official web site of the tournament.


The Championship consists of five events:

– 9 rounds according to the Swiss System, 15 minutes + 10 sec per player
– Categories: boys and girls U8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
– Entry fee: 30 EUR per participant (20 EUR to the organizer, 10 EUR to the ECU)
– Prizes: The three best players in each category will win cups and medals
– The five best players will be also awarded prizes in different items in goods.

– Two categories, boys and girls
– The best players in each category of Individual European Youth Championships – Rapid
2014 may enter Rapid Super Final (three best players in each of the categories – 14, 16
and 18, two best players in each of the categories – 8, 10 and 12, as well as the
representative of the organizer)
– These players (altogether 16) – separate boys and girls, will play matches in 4 rounds
(knock-out system) according to special regulations
– Prizes in cash: 1. = 300 €, 2. = 200 €, 3. = 100 €, 4. = 50 €.


– Three categories: U10, U14 and U18
– Teams are composed of 4 players (3 boys + 1 girl and there are no limits for reserve
– One team may have players from maximum two National Federations
– 7 rounds played according to the Swiss System, 10 minutes + 5 sec per player
– Entry fee: 5 EUR per participant
– Prizes: The three best teams in all categories will win cups and medals, and will be
awarded different prizes in goods.

– Three categories: under 10, under 14 and under 18 separately for boys and girls
– 9 rounds played according to the Swiss System, 3 minutes + 2 sec per player
– Entry fee: 5 EUR per participant
– Prizes: The three best players in each category will win cups and medals
– The three best players will be awarded different prizes in goods.


– Three categories: boys and girls U10, U14 and U18
– The three best players in each category will win cups and medals
– The three best players will be awarded different prizes in goods.

The total prize fund for all events is 8.000 EUR in goods, and 1.300 EUR in cash.

Participants can get all the necessary information on the official tournament website
http://www.youthchess.org or by email: novisadchess@gmail.com

Regulations for download:

Novi Sad-EYCC 2015-rapidblitz ENG



Dear Chess Friends,

ECU Board meeting took place from 6th to 8th March in Jerusalem/Israel, with a full agenda. Many important decisions were made. We would like to thank the Israel Chess Federation for an excellent organization and hosting of the meeting.

Main information and decisions of the meeting:

  • ECU Board was informed by the ECU bookkeeper Kurt Gretener that the first 2 months of 2015, the amount of 40.000€, was deposited to the ECU Bank account through sponsorship and development funds. The additional funds in budget give the opportunity to ECU to support more development actions.
  • The budgets for the ECU Commissions were discussed and approved. The budgets for the ECU Commissions are reallocated mainly from the President’s stipend, which was waived from September 2014.
  • Jesper Hall (SWE), Chairman of Educational Commission, Mr. Ashot Vardapetian (ARM), Chairman of Arbiters Council and Mrs. Almira Scripchenko (FRA), Chairperson of Women’s Commission, presented the operational plans of their Commissions.
  • ECU Board approved the partnerships with ChessBase and Chess Informant. ECU Board also agreed to the necessity for an ECU Chess Academy, which will be eligible to apply for EU Educational programs.
  • After a proposal by the ECU Women’s Commission Chairperson Almira Scripchenko, the ECU Board decided to waive the restrictions of the article F.1.1.8, F1.2 of the regulations for the European Women Club Cup 2015, in order to encourage more women teams participation. ECU also waives the fee of 1000 euros for players at the European Women Club Cup 2015, as defined in the article F.1.2.1. Permanent changes on the ECU tournament regulations will be discussed and decided at the ECU General Assembly.
  • ECU Board discussed a proposal by the Nordic Chess Association, which is also supported by other regions, concerning a 2 years-qualification cycle, including one-year European Zones tournaments and one-year qualifications through the European Championship. The ECU Board decided to include this proposal for final decision at the annual ECU General Assembly. ECU Board will discuss the matter in detail at the next Board meeting. Any proposal or input on this matter is welcome.
  • In the frame of upgrading the ECU profile and the extension of the ECU operations, ECU Board decided to launch the ECU Congress, which will be organized every odd year, in connection with the ECU General Assembly. The Congress will include 2 days of the ECU Commissions’ meetings and one day of the ECU General Assembly. The ECU Board is ready to organize the 1st ECU Congress in 2015. More details will be notified through the invitation for the annual General Assembly.
  • With regard to the ECU Championships 2015 and 2016, which had not been awarded in previous bidding procedures, we inform you that the Board decided to award the following competitions:

The European Rapid and Blitz Championship 2015 will take place in Minsk, Belarus, from 17th to 20th December 2015.

The European Senior Chess Championship 2016 will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, from 25th May to 5th June 2016.


European Championships and affiliated events

The European Youth Team Chess Championship 2015 will take place in Karpacz, Poland  from 12th to 20th July 2015.  (Annex 1)

The European Union Youth Chess Championship 2015, under the patronage of the ECU, will take place in Kouty nad Desnou, Czech Republic from 17th to 26th August.  (Annex 2)

The deadline for bids for the 2017 European Championship is 1st July 2015. The detailed regulations for the bidding procedure will be published in the next ECU Circular Letter.

  • The next ECU Board meeting will take place from 11th to 14th June in Bucharest, Romania. The agenda for the meeting will be completed on the 20th May. The ECU Board welcomes any proposal from Board members and National Federations.
  • The ECU secretariat expands its daily (email) communication in French and German language, additionally to English.  For any information needed in French and German language, please contact Ms. Ismini Tzegka, ecu.secretariat@gmail.com

With kind regards,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

ECU Secretary General



Last weekend, 21-22 March, 2015 the most spectacular chess event took place in Katowice, Southern Poland.

For the third time chess players from all over the world had the chance to fight against each other in one of the biggest halls in Europe – The International Conference Centre in Katowice.

The Centre hosted 843 players, among them many Grandmasters and International Masters. Among them, Radoslaw Wojtaszek (POL, 2704), Igor Kovalenko (LAT, 2699), Mateusz Bartel (POL, 2617). The highest ranked woman is WGM Joanna Majdan-Gajewska (POL, 2397).

After two days of struggle GM Radosław Wojtaszek from Poland won the tournament  with 8. The second place got GM Zbigniew Pakeza, the third player was GM Kacper Piorun,  both from Poland as well.


In women’s classification the first place went to WIM Klara Varga from Hungary. WIM Anna Gasik (POL) got the second place, the third place occupied WGM Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska (POL).


The event was played as a 9-round Individual Swiss Rapid tournament. Organizers prepared 119 prizes for the participants.

Players could also take part in free photo sessions, children were entertained by volunteers. Those attractions  made the tournament an extraordinary event.

High level and prestige of the tournament were indicated by presence of two presidents of Poland and Hungary. Bronisław Komorowski and Janos Ader welcomed the players during the opening ceremony.

The special guest of the event was Judit Polgar.

Bronisław Komorowski and Janos Ader

More at http://www.chesscup.pl/


The Czech Chess Federation, under the patronage of the European Chess Union organizes the 13th European Union Youth Chess Championship 2015 in Kouty nad Desnou/Czech Republic, from 18-27 August, 2015.

The tournament is played in four categories: Under 8, 10, 12 and 14. Boys and Girls will play in the same tournament, but with two separate scores, so there will have two European Union Youth Champions, one for the girls and one for the boys.


Entry forms must be sent back no later than June 30th, 2015 by email.

All participants will be accommodated in *** Hotel Dlouhe Strane in Kouty nad Desnou, as well as their parents, coaches and accompanying persons. The playing hall will be Cultural Hall of the Hotel Dlouhe Strane Kouty nad Desnou.

The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds. The rate of play will be 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds increment per each move.

The organizers have prepared laptops and digital clocks for the winners, as well as other prizes. The total value of the prize fund will be at least 6.000 Euros. The first three players from each category will receive championship trophies, medals and diplomas.

The first 30 boards of each tournament will be broadcasted online. On-line transmissions include at least 120 games, which will be available live on the official website of the Championship.

For all information you can contact the Tournament Director

Ing. Zdenek Fiala

Sackstrasse 17, 8010 Graz, Austria

Pesinky 1125, 582 91 Svetla n.S., Czech Republic

E-mail: zdenek.fiala@chess.cz


Official Invitation and Registration form can be downloaded below:




Chess Informant and ECU

The new policy of the European Chess Union is to support European chess values and traditions through key partnerships. Partnerships with the aim to succeed more benefits for the European National federations and the European competitions.

European Chess Union announces Chess Informant as an official ECU Partner and Sponsor of the European Chess Championships.

Main points of the agreement:

1. European National Federations will receive for free the 2015 Chess Informant issues 123, 124, 125, 126, in electronic and printed format as follows:

These deliveries will be carried out, 4 times per year through email, in March, June, September and December, after publishing and 2 times per year, June and December, the printed versions through the DHL Global Mail service.

Schedule of deliveries:

  • March (second half): Informant 123 electronic version
  • June (second half): Informants 123 and 124 printed versions + electronic 124
  • September (same): Informant 125 electronic
  • December (the beginning): Informant 125 and 126 printed versions + electronic 126.

The electronic version is used by Chessbase software which will also be sent to all National Federations.

PGN files could be used anywhere, including Android and iOS for any PGN viewer.

After installation, if CB is installed on computer, it will start automatically.

Here is the video walk-through for Encyclopedia of Combinations, which can be applied for Informant as well.  http://youtu.be/bx8wK6ka0DI

2. Sponsorship of the European Competitions

Chess Informant will be a sponsor of the official European events, by donating suitable educational products, books, CDs. The main proposal is to reward all the winners and runners-up (2nd and 3rd places) from each youth, senior, women category at any particular event. Organizers will receive the material free of charge and they will have the obligation to provide photo materials from the awards ceremonies and place the Chess Informant’s logo in the tournament website.


Brief Profile

Chess Informant (Šahovski Informator) is a publishing company based in Belgrade, that periodically produces the book of the same name, as well as the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Encyclopedia of Chess Endings, Opening Monographs, other print publications, and software (including electronic editions of most print publications).

Grandmaster Aleksandar Matanović and his associates founded the company in 1966, for the purpose of offering the rest of the world the sort of access to chess information enjoyed by Soviet players. The company has sold three million books in 150 countries.

Former world champion Garry Kasparov asserted “We are all Children of the Informant,”and explained that his own development as a chess player corresponded with the ascendance of Chess Informant’s popularity. Other world champions, including Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir Kramnik and Vishwanathan Anand, attest that Informant is central to their tournament preparation.