International Chess Day – 20th July

World will be celebrating International Chess Day on the 20th of July and International Chess Federation FIDE calls for joint activities:

“Dear chess friend,

Very soon, on July 20th, we will celebrate International Chess Day. As you probably know, this also marks FIDE’s 96th anniversary.

This is a day to celebrate chess, and from the International Chess Federation, we would like to reinforce this tradition.

Last year many of you joined us in this celebration, and thanks to that we achieved resounding success: many people and institutions from “outside” the chess world echoed our campaign, and we managed to attract more people to our sport.

This year we will also count on the invaluable support of the United Nations and UNESCO.

We would like to invite you to take part in this celebration again. Our plan for the International Chess Day 2020 is simple but ambitious: we want to make an appeal to the members of our chess community and ask you to teach someone how to play chess to mark this day.

You will find detailed instructions below. I would kindly ask you to distribute this information among your friends, members of your chess club or federation, associates and sponsors, and representatives of the media in your respective countries.

Arkady Dvorkovich
FIDE President”


Preferably a kid (it would be easier, and more rewarding for you both!), but it can also be a grown-up. Learning chess has beneficial effects, at any age!

Choose someone close to you. You can change somebody’s life by teaching him/her a beautiful game, but you will also be spending some quality time and creating or reinforcing a special bond with that person. If your children already play, maybe you can invite your nephew or your son’s best friend. Maybe you can finally teach your boyfriend how to play, or your high-school best mate. Or you could propose this as an after-work activity with your colleagues at the office.


July 20th falls on a Monday, so the plan is that we devote to this action the weekend, from Friday to Sunday (July 17-19).

Then, on Monday, we share our experience on social media. Can we start the week with one million new chess players? We believe so.


Some of you might be seasoned chess teachers, but many others have never taught the basics chess to absolute beginners. During the days leading to the weekend, try to gather some materials, watch some tutorials, and do some reading. From FIDE, we will stimulate the exchange of information and will share the most interesting ones, in different languages. Let’s help each other with the preparations.


Last year, on the International Chess Day, 3,842 tweets from 2,342 different contributors used the hashtag #Internationalchessday. That means we reached an audience of more than 18 million people and 47 million potential impacts – and that’s on Twitter alone! The campaign was also massively followed across other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and International Chess Day became a trending topic in several countries. The trend was so strong that many global brands, institutions, and celebrities, joined the initiative.

Let’s try to reach even higher numbers this year! You can start using the hashtag #Internationalchessday in your social media posts during the weekend leading to July 20th. But the very important day is Monday: please make sure to make at least one or two posts with the official hashtag, if possible early in the morning. That will ensure that other users will follow.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, or you think you can contribute to this campaign in some other way, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

David Llada
+ 34 623 021 120

International chess day is celebrated annually on July 20, chess pieces Board and clock.


ECU E-Magazine June 2020 is out!

In June 2020 edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • ECU Board Meeting held on 27th June
  • ECU Webinar “Women in Leadership Roles”
  • ECU Training Lectures by European Chess Academy
  • Online Chess Simultaneous exhibitions with top GMs
  • FIDE Online Olympiad
  • FIDE ECU Online International Organizers Seminar
  • Meet Chess Legend GM Vladimir Chuchelov, 10 questions by GM Adrian Mikhalchishin
  • Arbiters corner
  • Fun Zone

ECU E-Magazine June 2020 can be read online together with interactive videos and links on the following link or can be downloaded as PDF down bellow.

ECU E-MAGAZINE June 2020- PDF Download


International Chess Federation FIDE organises the Online Olympiad in period from 22nd July to 30th August 2020.

National teams of all federations affiliated to FIDE have the right to participate in FIDE Online Olympiad. The event will be separated in 5 divisions ranked from “BASE DIVISION” to “TOP DIVISION” in accordance with the final standings of the Gaprindashvili Cup of the Chess Olympiad 2018.

Each team consists of six main players and possible six reserve players. The main players must includ at least 2 women players, at least one player U-20 (born in 2000 or later) and at least one girl U-20 (born in 2000 or later): A (open) – boards 1 and 2, B (women) – boards 3 and 4, C (open U-20) – board 5, D (girl U-20) – board 6.

A team that did not participate in the 2018 Chess Olympiad is placed in the BASE DIVISION, unless the FIDE President decides to take into consideration that team’s results in the Gaprindashvili Cup of the Chess Olympiad 2016 and place the team accordingly.

BASE DIVISION unifies registered teams placed in the bottom part of the final standings of the Gaprindashvili Cup. BASE DIVISION’s tournament system depends on the number of participating teams. The top fifteen teams of the BASE DIVISION qualify to DIVISION 4.

DIVISION 4 is composed of 35 seeded registered teams ranked higher than teams of BASE DIVISION in Gaprindashvili Cup and 15 teams qualified from BASE DIVISION. 50 teams are divided into 5 pools (from A to E), 10 teams each, of approximately equal strength determined as the average rapid rating of six main players, according to July FIDE Rating List. Each pool plays a round robin of 9 rounds. The top three teams of each pool qualify for DIVISION 3.

DIVISION 3 is composed of 35 seeded registered teams ranked higher than teams of DIVISION 4 in Gaprindashvili Cup and 15 teams qualified from DIVISION 4. 50 teams are divided into 5 pools (from A to E), 10 teams each, of approximately equal strength. Each pool plays a round robin of 9 rounds. The top three teams of each pool qualify for DIVISION 2.

DIVISION 2 is composed of 35 seeded registered teams ranked higher than teams of DIVISION 3 in Gaprindashvili Cup and 15 teams qualified from DIVISION 3. 50 teams are divided into 5 pools (from A to E), 10 teams each, of approximately equal strength. Each pool plays a round robin of 9 rounds. The top three first teams of each pool qualify for TOP DIVISION.

TOP DIVISION is composed of 5 seeded registered teams placed on the top of Gaprindashvili Cup, 5 teams nominated by each of the four Continent and 15 teams qualified from DIVISION 2. 40 teams are divided into 4 pools (from A to D), 10 teams each, of approximately equal strength. Each pool plays a round robin of 9 rounds. The top three first teams of each pool qualify for Stage 2 – PLAY-OFF.

According to regulations and the standings of Gaprindashvili Cup that is used as criterion for the whole event structure, European Chess Union decided to nominate 5 Teams for the Top Division of FIDE Online Olympiad: Armenia, Poland, France, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Top 12 teams from the stage 1 will play the Knock-out final tournament which will determine the FIDE Online Olympiad Winner.

Time control of the event will be: 15 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move, starting from move 1 .

Schedule of the event is as followed:

Each federation intending to participate in FIDE Online Olympiad confirms its participation providing the list of players with the exact main boards and reserves order in all categories to the FIDE Secretariat on the following e-mail address: Registration deadline is July 13th 2020.

Official regulations of the FIDE Online Olympiad

Communique of the ECU Board Meeting- CL No.3

The European Chess Union 3rd  Board meeting for 2020, took place on the 27th of June through teleconference. The main areas under discussion and decisions made were the following: 

European Championships 2020 & 2021

  1. European Chess Union will not hold any official over the board European Championship till September 2020. Affiliated events are full responsibility of respective organisers.
    For the remaining program (October-December 2020) ECU will make anything possible, including special protocols, travel disclaimers, special conditions to be arranged by the hosting countries to organise as priority events concern professional chess players:

    A.  The European Club Cup
    B.  The European Women Individual Championship and
    C.  The European Open Championship.
    D.  Additionally, decisions for the European Rapid Championships will be taken in September. However, the final conduct of any event depends on the health conditions in Europe the next 3 months and the remaining restrictions in borders. Especially for the European Club Cup the decision will be made the next days as ECU evaluating all feasible options.

  2. The European Youth Chess Championship 2020 scheduled for Antalya Turkey in November is a mass event involving hundreds of young players and their parents. Such competitions need good preparation, early travel arrangements by National federations and participants.
    That is not even possible today for many counties. Moreover, ECU Board considers that such events should not taking place under stressing and special conditions for kids’ participants. Thus, the ECU Board decided to propose to Turkish Chess federation to postpone the Championship for 2021. 
  3. The rights of the organisers/hosting federations of the European Championships that will not take place in 2020, will be transferred to 2021 or 2022. 
  4. ECU Board confirmed as the venue for the European Individual Chess Championship 2021 the city of Reykjavik, Iceland. The event will take place in mid April (between 7-21 of April, exact dates to be defined) when traditionally taking place the annual International Reykjavik Open.

European Online Championships & Activities

The Board unanimously approved the following online events in September 2020.

  1. European Online Corporate Chess Championship.
  2. European Youth Team Chess Championship. 

    The detailed invitations will be published in due time. The European Youth team Championship shall be played from common playing venues for each team by the observations of arbiters appointed by the National Chess federations.

  3. Webinars for School Chess Teachers and Arbiters
  4. Training lecturers
  5. Webinars in co-operation with ECU and FIDE Women’s Commissions. 

Chess & Education

European Chess Union come into a memorandum with FIDE for the development of Chess in Education worldwide. For the purposes of the implementation of this agreement a Supervisor Panel and working group will be created with Chairperson the ECU Vice President Mrs. Dana Rezience Ozola and Supervisor the FIDE President Mr. Arkadij Dvorkovich.

Please find attached the regulations of the International Organisers seminar (27-30 July) co-organised by European Chess Union, FIDE Events and Women’s Commission open for all participants and supported by the FIDE Development for female participants and participants from FIDE Zone 1.10

ECU FIDE International Organisers Webinar

Communique of the ECU Board Meeting- CL No.3

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General


European Chess Union organise the ECU FIDE International Organizers Webinar, in period from 27th-30th July, in cooperation with FIDE Events Commission, FIDE Women’s Commission. The Webinar is co-funded by FIDE Development Fund.

The Webinar features up to 60 participants seats:

20 female participants from European federations member supported by FIDE DEV fund

10 participants from European Small Nations (Zone 1.10) member supported by FIDE DEV fund.

30 particants from each FIDE Chess Federation member with 50 euros entry fee.

Registrations can be done online through the following link and the registration deadline is 24th of July 2020.

2.    Schedule:

  • Monday,   27th     July    17:00  to    21:00  Seminar   (Part 1)    CEST  1700
  • Tuesday,  28th     July    17:00  to    21:00  Seminar   (Part 2)    CEST  1700
  • Wednesday, 29th July    17:00 to     21:00 Seminar   ( Part 3)    CEST  1700

In case a participant cannot follow a live lecture, the sessions will be available (with access code)

and after the end of each part in video recorded mode.

  • Thursday, 30sth    July    Any time available – up to 2h Examination test

The event will be held in English language and the lecturers will be:

  • IO Ozgur Solakoglou
  • IO Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
  • Chairperson of FIDE Women’s Commission Eva Repkova
  • The Technical organizer: IO Mikhail Prevenios:

Topics of the Webinar:

  • Regulations FIDE Events  (General Regulations, Specific Regulations, Bid Procedure)
  • Events’ Management  
  • Ratings and Titles – Tournament Conditions
  • Titles applications and Tournament experience 
  • Organisation of Online Events (Additional subject on Wednesday 29th of July)

Successful Seminar attendees will grant a FIDE IO Norm necessary for the FIDE IO title application. IO Titles Regulations can be found in FIDE Handbook: .

For the entry fee payment you can wire the amount of 50 euros to the ECU Bank account

Bank: Credit Suisse, Postfach 357, CH-6301 Zug

Account number: 1835105-42

Holder: European Chess Union

National Bank Code: 4835 


IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000

or pay with credit/debit card below (the amount of 50 euros is set)


For detailed information on the Webinar, contact email address is: .

International Chess Tournamemts in Europe, from June to July!

After the pause of the over-the-board chess activities due to health reasons, National Chess Federations throughout Europe have announced the continuation of the over-the-board Open chess festivals and individual events.

The upcoming events in June and July are:

Croatian Chess Federation was one of the first ECU affiliated federation which organised the Individual National Chess Championship, which takes place from 19th-29th June in Vinkovci, Croatia. The event is currently ongoing in Vinkovci, and can be followed on the following link.

European Chess Union recommends all participants to be informed in detail for the travel/health rules and chess events protocols in each country.


European Chess Union organised a webinar on women in leadership roles on the 12th of June. It was a follow on from the previous webinar on women in chess.

The Webinar was organised by Mrs. Eva Repkova, ECU Vice-President and Chair of Fide Women’s Commission and Alice O’Gorman, secretary of ECU Women’s Commission who was and the main host of the event.

The webinar was followed live from hundreds people registered for the zoom call and the live coverage through facebook.

The first speaker was Anastasia Sorokina, FIDE Vice President.  She spoke on her experiences and what motivated her chess career.

The second speaker was FIDE officer Polina Tsedenova. She presented statistics on women in leadership roles within FIDE.

Next was Sonja Johnson, chair of the FIDE development commission, she focused on her career and what helped her to succeed including the family obligations.

Lastly Dana Reizniece Ozola spoke about how chess has helped her politics – a typically male dominated field. 

Additionally more participants shared their experience, while a number of questions raised to the panel.

The webinar was live streamed and is available for viewing in ECU youtube channel.


European Chess Academy organises Online summer chess camp in period from 29th June- 21st August.

The lectures of the Online Summer Chess Camp will be scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, within two groups: for participants aged U10 and for participants born before 2010.

The lecturers of the camp will be:

  • GM, FIDE Senior Trainer, Adrian Mikhalchishin
  • IM, FIDE Trainer, Tadej Sakelsek

In case of the big interest for the Camp, GM, FST Ashak Petrosian, GM, FST Georg Mohr, GM, FI Marko Tratar and FM, FI Peter Kokol will join the Lecturers team.

All the participants may choose one of the three offered package programs. Detailed information and prize of the packages is available in Official invitation for the event or on the Website of European Chess Academy.

Registration deadline is 20th of July. For all detailed information, you can read the invitation attached or contact the organizers on the following e-mail address:, or by phone: 00386 (40) 748 916 .

Online summer chess camp- invitation


ECU E-Magazine May 2020 is out!

In May 2020 edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • European Online Chess Championship 2020
  • Simultaneous exhibitions with Top Grandmasters
  • Online Chess Camps
  • ECU and ECU Educational Commission upcoming events
  • How to restart “Over the board” Chess activities?
  • FIDE Online Nations Cup
  • Arbiters Corner
  • Upcoming events in June
  • Fun Zone

ECU E-Magazine May 2020 can be read  together with interactive links and videos on the following link, or can be downloaded as PDF file down bellow.

ECU E-Magazine May 2020- PDF Download


100 players, the Winners of a Simultaneous exhibition prize at European Online Chess Championship, will participate in simul exhibition with Top Grandmasters.

All the players will have time control of 10 minutes + 5 seconds of an increment per move, starting from move one. The simultaneous exhibitions will be LIVE broadcasted through European Chess Union Facebook page.

25 Winners of group A (1000-1400) will play a simul with GM David Navara, on Saturday 6th of June, starting from 17:00 CET. Simul will be played through Online platform.

25 Winners of group B (1400-1700) are awarded with simultaneous exhibition with GM Judit Polgar, the best female player in history of chess. The simul will be played on Sunday 7th of June, starting from 17:00 CET, through Online platform.

25 Winners of C group (1700-2000) will play a simultaneous exhibition with GM Anish Giri. The event will take place on 10th of June, starting from 17:00 CET, through Online platform.

25 Winners of D group (2000-2300) will play a simultaneous exhibition with GM Sergey Karjakin. The event will take place on 12th of June, starting from 16:00 CET, through Online platform.

The winners of each prize in order to participate in simul, need to join Lichess Team on the following link:
At the moment of sending request to join the Team on the link above, you shall write in the message box your full legal name so to be recognised as a winner.