Danielian Elina wins European Women’s Chess Championship 2021

After 11 played rounds at the 2021 European Women’s Chess Championship in Iasi, Romania, GM Danielian Elina (ARM, 2407) triumphed the event.

Danielian Elina won the last round against WIM Narva Mai (EST, 2276) to be the sole Winner and to take the crown of European Women’s Chess Champion 2021 with final score of 9 points.

After a tough 60 moves draw in the last round against GM Khotenashvili Bela (GEO, 2471), IM Osmak Iulija (UKR, 2418) came second scoring 8.5 points.

Kiolbasa Olivia (POL, 2288) and Buksa Nataliya (UKR, 2413) drew in the last round ending with a same score of 8 points and tying for the bronze. According to tiebreak criteria, Kiolbasa won the third place.

Results and standings

According to ECU Board decision and FIDE regulations, top 10 players qualified for the next FIDE Women’s World Cup. By the decision of the ECU Board, the first player U20 – Sargsyan Anna M. (ARM, 2388) is awarded with qualification to FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss 2021.

Qualifiers for the next FIDE Women’s World Cup:

Rk.   Name FED RtgI Pts.  TB1
1 GM Danielian Elina  ARM 2407 9 2404
2 IM Osmak Iulija  UKR 2418 8.5 2388
3 WIM Kiolbasa Oliwia  POL 2288 8 2372
4 IM Buksa Nataliya  UKR 2413 8 2334
5 WGM Sargsyan Anna M.  ARM 2388 7.5 2370
6 IM Mammadova Gulnar  AZE 2385 7.5 2360
7 GM Khotenashvili
GEO 2471 7.5 2358
8 WIM Narva Mai  EST 2276 7.5 2346
9 IM Arabidze Meri  GEO 2438 7.5 2329
10 WGM Garifullina Leya  RUS 2385 7.5 2327

ECU Treasurer Ion Dobronauteanu delivered the prizes to winners.

Open Chess Tournaments in Armenia

Chess Academy of Armenia and Armenian Chess Federation organize two Open Chess Tournaments in the period from 4-22 October 2021.

The first tournament of the chess tour is “Chess Mood” International Open which will take place from 4th-12th October at a 5 stars Tsaghkadzor Mariott Hotel.

The event will be held within two groups: A (for players rated 2000+) and B (for players rated less than 2000). The time control of A event will be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, plus 30 minutes till the end of the game with 30 seconds increment starting from move one. The time control of the B event will be 90 minutes for the whole game with 30 seconds increment starting from move one.

The total prize fund of events will be 21000 USD.

“Chess Mood” International Open tournament – Regulations and invitation

Immediately after the “Chess Mood” Open, Yerevan Chess Federation organizes the “Yerevan Open” International tournament from 13th-22nd October.

The event will take place at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, a historic venue where the 1996 Olympiad took place.

The event will be played within two sections: A (for players rated more than 2100) and B (for players rated less than 2200). Both events will be played according to Swiss system with time control of 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, plus 30 minutes till the end of the game with 30 seconds increment per move, starting from move one.

The prize fund of the tournament is 22 500 USD.

3rd Yerevan Open – Regulations

EVGENY SVESHNIKOV – Cheliabimsk Warrior

Unbelievable news-Evgeny Sveshnikov died after seemed overcomed COVID 19.

He was just 71, always full of ideas. His dream was to participate in Seniors Championships (he won a lot) and to meet old friends. He really fought for Seniors chess and for the intellectual rights of chess players. He was one of the members of the famous Cheliabinsk school, together with Panchenko, Timoshchenko, Dvoirys.

From early years became a top Soviet junior, won Soviet Young Masters, became World student Champion. Participated in many Soviet Championships, fighting successfully against such legends as Tal, Petrosian, Spassky with whom he had together Chess school. He won many top team competitions in many countries.

His career was stopped for one year, when he fought successfully cancer. But he was known by the all chess World as the inventor of the famous Cheliabinsk in Sicilian. He was improving it constantly up to the moment when his child became the most dangerous weapon of best players.

Last years he spent in Riga with his wife and two sons, chess players.
We, all his friends will always remember Cheliabinsk Warrior!

Text by GM Adrian Mikhalchishin

Two years ago, in September 2019, Evgeny Sveshnikov gave us the pleasure to answer the 10 legends questions prepared by Adrian Mikhalchishin.

Find the interview below.

FIDE Grand Swiss – ECU nominees

Based on the final announcement for the organisation of FIDE Grand Swiss in Riga, Latvia, from October 25 to November 8, 2021, the tournament rules and the recent information from FIDE, that the president of ECU shall nominate two players (one for the open tournament and one for the women’s tournament) by September 5, ECU Board announces :

The ECU policy is to decide all qualifications in competition and transapency and to give more chances to the new generations. Therefore, under today’s special conditions, the 2 ECU wildcards will be awarded to the first player U20 at the European Open Chess Championship 2021 in Reykjavik, Iceland, and to the first player U20 at European Women’s Chess Championship 2021 in Iasi, Romania. If they have already qualified via the rating, the place will go to the next U20 player.

European Women’s Chess Championship 2021- R8 report

Eight rounds have been already played at the 2021 European Women’s Chess Championship in Iasi, Romania.

23 years old Osmak Iulija (UKR, 2418) emerged on the top as the sole leader of the event after defeating Maltsevskaya Aleksandra (RUS, 2409). With a score of 7 points, Osmak is half a point ahead of Danielian Elina (ARM, 2407), while seven players tie for the third place, scoring 6 points, each.

Results, pairings and current standings

Only three rounds left to be played before the announcement of Winners and 10 qualifiers for the next FIDE World Cup. The round 9 starts tomorrow at 14:00 CEST and games can be followed live through the Official Website of the event.

Pairings of the top 10 boards:

1 IM Osmak
2418 7   GM Danielian
2 WGM Maltsevskaya
2409 6   6 GM Khotenashvili
3 IM Daulyte-Cornette
2408 6   6 IM Javakhishvili
4 IM Buksa Nataliya  2413 6   6 IM Mammadova Gulnar  2385
5 IM Arabidze Meri  2438   6 WIM Kiolbasa Oliwia  2288
6 WIM Narva Mai  2276   IM Mammadzada Gunay  2460
7 WGM Injac Teodora  2370   IM Milliet Sophie  2403
8 WGM Sargsyan Anna M.  2388   WGM Garifullina Leya  2385
9 GM Batsiashvili
2487 5   5 IM Mkrtchian Lilit  2388
10 IM Bodnaruk
2449 5   5 IM Zimina Olga  2345

Live streaming with commentaries can be followed through the youtube channel or the twitch channel.

Official Website

19th European Union Youth Chess Championship started

On Saturday August 14th, in the Hotel Dlouhe Strane in Kouty nad Desnou in the Czech Republic, the 19th European Union Youth Chess Championship U8, U10, U12 and U14 has begun.

European Union Youth Chess Championship 2021 under the patronage of the European Chess Union is organized again by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation and continues in previous successful years.

Boys and girls in each category play the same tournament. Eventually, boys and girls will be evaluated separately. The rate of play is 90 min for the whole game + 30 sec increment for each move played. There will be 9 rounds, one round every day.

This prestigious event attracts many young chess players – this year there was registered 104 players from 12 national federations of ECU. Due to the new travel measures in EU countries, the number of players has been reduced to 81 and the number of federations to 10. The highest rated player of the event is Bulgarian player CM Nikola Kanov (U14) with the rating 2199.

For player’s parents and all chess fans the organizers prepared chess and non-chess activities, plus on-line transmissions of all the games! Visitors in Kouty nad Desnou can watch the games also in the projection hall of the Hotel Dlouhe Strane.

All participants can use the leisure time activities offered by the hotel, such as pool, wellness, bowling, billiard and table-tennis. In Velke Losiny there is a new aquapark opened and there is also a possibility to see new The Sky Walk in Dolni Morava.

On Sunday August 22nd we are going to know eight new champions of EU for the year 2021. For the winners of each category of boys and girls, there are prepared notebooks and for the 2nd and 3rd places in each category digital chess clocks are prepared. All participants will receive memorial diploma and medal.

Every player will receive at least one price because everyone will be awarded with a T-shirt with the logo of the championship. After each round there will be announced the best game of every category awarded with a material price.

On the website of Czech Chess Federation we will be releasing the news as the championship continues. Among others (results, live games etc.) you can await a rich photo gallery.

Zdeněk Fiala,
director  Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou

Webpage of the event: https://www.chess.cz/mistrovstvi-evropske-unie/

Results: http://chess-results.com/tnr573693.aspx?lan=5&art=0&turdet=YES&flag=30

On-line transmission of the category U8: http://sach2.csprint.sk/MEU_2021/U08/

On-line transmission of the category U10: http://online.chessfm.cz/MEU_2021/U10/index.htm

On-line transmission of the category U12: http://sach2.csprint.sk/MEU_2021/U12/

On-line transmission of the category U14: http://online.chessfm.cz/MEU_2021/U14/index.htm

Photo gallery of the championship: https://sachysvetla.rajce.idnes.cz/EUYCC_2021/

Photo gallery of the championship – players: https://sachysvetla.rajce.idnes.cz/EUYCC_2021_Players/

Erasmus+ Online Seminar

The 2nd Online Seminar on applying for and running an Erasmus+ project will be held on Friday, 17th September, 2021, from 15:00 till 17:00 CET.

The European Union has increased its participation in the fund Erasmus+. ECU Education, and its’ members, has been part of several successful applications and projects.

In two seminars Jesper Bergmark Hall and Alessandro Dominici share their experiences with the goal to support more applications for chess to the Erasmus+ fund.

In the first seminar that was held 18th June, we discussed the new rules for Erasmus+ and what the key-factors are for an application. Now it is time for the follow up where different ideas for applications are presented based on the participants own ideas and not the least, we connect you all if you want to make applications together.

The seminar is open both for those that took part the 18th of June and newcomers from European Chess Federations, clubs, and chess educators.

The seminar is free of charge supported by the FIDE Development fund. 

You can register in the following form:

Registration form

European Women’s Chess Championship 2021 – R4 report

Four rounds have been played at the 21st European Women’s Individual Chess Championship in Iasi, Romania.

IM Irina Bulmaga (ROU, 2413) emerged on the top to be the sole leader of the event as the only player to have a perfect 4/4 score. In the 4th round which brought encounters of top seeds, Bulmaga defeated the top seeded GM Nino Batsiashvili (GEO, 2487).

She is followed by 8 players scoring 3.5 points, each: WGM Sargsyan Anna (ARM, 2388), GM Danielian Elina (ARM, 2407), WGM Zawadzka Jolanta (POL, 2403), IM Mammadzada Gunay (AZE, 2460), IM Osmak Iulija (UKR, 2418), GM Socko Monika (POL, 2393), IM Unuk Laura (SLO, 2407) and WGM Maltsevskaya Aleksandra (RUS, 2409).

The 5th round starts today from 14:00 CEST and the top board pairings are:

1 IM Mammadzada
2460   4 IM Bulmaga
2 WGM Zawadzka Jolanta  2403   IM Osmak Iulija  2418
3 WGM Maltsevskaya
2409   IM Unuk Laura  2407
4 GM Danielian Elina  2407   GM Socko Monika  2393
5 GM Batsiashvili
2487 3   WGM Sargsyan Anna M.  2388
6 WIM Kiolbasa Oliwia  2288 3   3 GM Khotenashvili
7 WIM Narva Mai  2276 3   3 IM Arabidze Meri  2438
8 WGM Gevorgyan Maria  2232 3   3 WGM Girya Olga  2425
9 IM Buksa Nataliya  2413 3   3 FM Antova Gabriela  2292
10 WFM Rozman Monika  2122 3   3 IM Daulyte-Cornette

All the results, pairings and current standings can be found here.

Top 32 boards of each round are broadcasted LIVE and the games can be followed through the Official website of the event. Organisers provided LIVE streaming with commentaries which can be followed through the youtube channel or through the twitch channel.

The 21st European Individual Women Chess Championship is a qualification event for the FIDE Women’s World Cup 2022 or 2023. According to the FIDE regulations and the ECU Board decision, at least 10 players will qualify. The total prize fund of the event will be 60.000 EUR.


ECU E-Magazine July 2021 is out!

In the July 2021 edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • FIDE World Cup 2021
  • European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2021
  • Face-to-face Erasmus+ meeting
  • ECU ChessInSchools
  • ECU General Assembly 2021
  • European Individual Chess Championship 2021
  • European Youth Chess Championship 2021
  • Arbiters corner
  • Legends Questions
  • Fun Zone

The ECU Magazine July 2021 can be read online together with interactive links on the following link or it can be downloaded in a PDF format down below.

ECU Magazine July 2021- PDF download

European Women’s Individual Chess Championship started in Iasi

European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2021 has started in Iasi, Romania.

All 117 registered participants, coming from 29 different European federations safely arrived to Romania and have been paired for the first round.

Starting rank list and pairings

Romanian Chess Federation, the Mayor of Iasi Municipality, Mr. Mihai Chirica, and the ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili hold an opening press conference at the Palace of Culture, in the Voievozi Hall.

The Opening ceremony took place afterwards in the same venue.

The 1st round of the event started at 15:00 CET. LIVE games can be followed through the official website of the event and all major websites.

The first honorary move before the start of the 1st round was made by the Mayor of Iasi Municipality, Mr. Mihai Chirica, with the presence of the ECU President, in the game between top seeded Nino Batsiashvili (GEO, 2487) and WIM Andreea Navrotescu (FRA, 2249).

Live streaming broadcast can be followed through twitch or youtube channels.

Official Website of the event