European Club Cup 2021 starts

The 36th European Club Cup and the 25th European Club Cup for Women open tomorrow in Struga, Ohrid Lake, North Macedonia. The events will simultaneously take place from 17th-25th September in two different venues: Hotel Drim (Women’s event) and Hotel Izgrev (Open event).

38 teams will participate in the 36th European Club Cup and the battlefield is led by teams of Alkaloid (Average rating of players 2713, North Macedonia), Mednyi Vsadnik (Average rating of players 2694, Russia), Novibor (Average rating of players 2677, Czech Republic), KPRF (Average rating of players 2655, Russia), C.A. Silla – The Origin of Modern Chess (Average rating of players 2612, Spain) and others.

Among the players who will defend the colours of their teams will be world elite grandmasters, such as: reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen (NOR, 2855, Offerspill Chess Club), Grischuk Alexander (RUS, 2775, KPRF), Mamedyarov Shakriyar (AZE, 2762, Alkaloid), Andreikin Dmitry (RUS, 2728, Alkaloid), Harikrishna Pentala (IND, 2725, Novibor)…

Starting list of teams and participants can be found here.

Photo from European Club Cup 2018, Porto Carras, Greece

Teams of Monte Carlo (Average rating of players 2513, Monaco), GRECO-Kyiv Chess Federation (Average rating of players 2501, Ukraine) and South Ural (Average rating of players 2441, Russia) are the top seeds of the Women’s European Club Cup.

Among the participants are: Goryachkina Aleksandra (RUS, 2608, Monte-Carlo), Muzychuk Mariya (UKR, 2540, GRECO-Kyiv Chess Federation), Muzychuk Anna (UKR, 2534, GRECO-Kyiv Chess Federation), Dzagnidze Nana (GEO, 2525, Monte-Carlo), Shuvalova Polina (RUS, 2510, Alkaloid)…

Starting rank list of teams and list of participants can be found here.

Photo from European Women’s Club Cup 2018, Porto Carras, Greece

Both events will be played in 7 rounds, with time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

Schedule of the event:

The total prize fund of events will be 44.000 EUR, with 28.000EUR for the Open section and 15.000 EUR for Women’s event. Despite the prizes for the best ranked 5 teams in each section, there will be special prizes for the best individuals per board, as well as special prizes for players with the best performance from a “European Small Nations” club.

Details and regulations of the events can be found on the Official Website.


ECU E-Magazine August 2021 is out!

In this edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • European Individual Chess Championship 2021
  • European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2021
  • European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021
  • Upcoming European Club Cup 2021
  • Upcoming European Senior Chess Championship 2021
  • Invitation for European Youth&Junior Chess Championships 2021
  • Upcoming Seminars in September
  • Arbiters Corner
  • Legends Questions
  • In Memoriam – GM Evgeny Sveshnikov

The August 2021 edition of the ECU E-Magazine can be read online together with interactive links on the following link or it can be downloaded down below.

ECU E-Magazine August 2021 – Download PDF

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 concluded

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 concluded yesterday in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event was played in two sections: 50+ and 65+. The Winner of 50+ category became the domestic team, team of Czech Republic with score of 17 match points.

Team of Slovakia was second, lagging behind the Winners for only one match point. With 16 match points, Slovakia claimed silver.

The Czech team “1960-69” was third with 13 match points.

The best Women team of 50+ section was Czech Republic with 8 match points.

European Senior Team Vice-Champion in Women’s section became Germany with 3 match points.

Israel1 claimed the title of European Senior Team Chess Champion of 65+ section. With 8 victories and one drawn match Israel scored final 17 match points to be the sole Winner of the event.

Second place came to German team “Lasker Schachstiftung GK” with 16 match points.

Teams of France and “Lysa nad Labem – 100 Let” (CZE) tied for the third place with 12 match points each, but according to number of board points, France took bronze.

German Women Team claimed the gold of Women’s 65+ category with 7 match points.

Czech Republic Women’s team was silver with 6 match points.

Final standings

The 2021 European Senior Team Chess Championship took place from 29th August – 8th September, in organization of AVE-KONTAKT Pardubice agency, Czech Chess Federation and European Chess Union.

The total prize fund of the event was 6.000 EUR with material prizes for the best individual players per each board.

Official Website of the event

Work4Chess – Conference

An online conference with a focus on restarting chess in leagues, clubs and schools, titled Work4Chess, is held on Saturday, 18 September 2021, in English. The meeting also has sessions on hybrid chess and preventing cheating through education, workshops on marketing and improving the user experience, and exhibitor presentations by Tornelo, Play Magnus Group and others. All recordings stay available for registrants until 27 September. Thanks to an ECU grant all officials and staff members of ECU member federations participate for free. Claim your free access code by sending – just enter re: Work4Chess – from the e-mail address you will register with to

Register here after you take your free code:

Conference Program

The new season is coming. Players and organisers are keen on returning to the boards. More chess events than ever seem to be in the making. But planning and managing events is complicated by uncertainties over Covid-19 variants, the efficacy of the vaccination programmes, and ever-changing public regulations. ChessTech is bringing experts and activists together for a one-day conference to help federations and clubs cope with these challenges as well as to make the best out of tens of millions new players who discovered online chess or got hooked by The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

Anton Demchenko is the European Chess Champion for 2021

After 11 played rounds at the 2021 European Individual Chess Championship 2021, Russian Grandmaster Anton Demchenko (RUS, 2597) triumphed the event to claim the title of European Champion.

Demchenko drew as black in the last round against Deac Bogdan-Daniel to score 8.5 points. Meanwhile, 17 years old Keymer Vincent (GER, 2602) managed to build a winning position against Vocaturo Daniele (ITA, 2630) who made a decisive mistake in the endgame. With a decisive result in the last round, Keymer scored 8.5 points to share the top with Anton Demchenko.

Tiebreak criteria (average rating of opponents) decided that Demchenko Anton gets gold and Keymer Vincent the silver. Additionally, as the best Junior U20 player Keymer Vincent was granted the seat in FIDE Grand Swiss, according to ECU Board decision.

European Online Chess Champion 2020 – Alexey Sarana (RUS, 2643) and Deac Bogdan-Daniel (ROU, 2639) tied for the third place scoring 8 points, each. According to tiebreak criteria, Sarana came third and Deac took fourth place.

The best ranked 23 players of the Championship qualified for the next FIDE World Cup:

1 GM Demchenko
RUS 2597 8.5
2 GM Keymer Vincent  GER 2602 8.5
3 GM Sarana Alexey  RUS 2643 8
4 GM Deac
ROU 2639 8
5 GM Piorun Kacper  POL 2608 7.5
6 GM Mamedov Rauf  AZE 2654 7.5
7 GM Erdos Viktor  HUN 2614 7.5
8 GM Huschenbeth
GER 2592 7.5
9 GM Navara David  CZE 2675 7.5
10 GM Sanal Vahap  TUR 2557 7.5
11 GM Bluebaum
GER 2674 7.5
12 GM Vocaturo Daniele  ITA 2630 7.5
13 GM Antipov Mikhail
RUS 2607 7.5
14 GM Paichadze Luka  GEO 2564 7.5
15 GM Yilmaz Mustafa  TUR 2630 7.5
16 GM Fridman Daniel  GER 2621 7.5
17 GM Mamedov Nidjat  AZE 2595 7.5
18 GM Svane Rasmus  GER 2615 7.5
19 GM Gabuzyan
ARM 2587 7
20 GM Ivic Velimir  SRB 2571 7
21 GM Nagy Gabor  HUN 2518 7
22 GM Bjerre Jonas
DEN 2550 7
23 GM Lagarde Maxime  FRA 2631 7

Besides regular prizes, also the special prizes for the best ranked Juniors, Seniors, Females and ACP players (who did not take a regular prize), were awarded during the Closing ceremony which took place yesterday evening.

Two Junior players tied for the prize of the best ranked Junior, scoring 7 points each. According to tiebreaks, Bjerre Jonas Buhl (DEN, 2550) was 1st Junior player to be awarded with special prize, Sokolovsky Yahli (ISR, 2415) was second and Horvath Dominik (AUT, 2455) was third with 6.5 points.

Ftacnik Lubomir (SVK, 2513) was the best ranked senior player with score of 6 points. Hillarp Persson Tiger (SWE, 2543) and Hjartarson Johann (ISL, 2519) had the same score, but tiebreak criteria decided that Ftacnik gets the 1st prize, Hillarp took the 2nd and Hjartarson was third.

Maltsevskaya Aleksandra (RUS, 2409), Gueci Tea (ITA, 2188) and Butenandt Svenja (GER, 2036) tied for the prize of the best female player. According to tiebreaks, Maltsevskaya was first, Gueci took second prize, and Butenand came third.

Final rankings can be found here.

ECU Deputy President Mr.Gunnar Bjornsson and ECU Vice President and FIDE CEO Dana Reizniece-Ozola took part in the awarding ceremony and declared the event officially closed.

Arbiters team of the European Individual Chess Championship 2021:

Call for Bids – 2023 European Championships

The European Chess Union invites the National federations members to submit bids for the organization of the official European Chess Championships in 2023.

The bids must be submitted exclusively in the Bid form regulated by the ECU (in the attachment). For any additional documents delivered separately from the bid form, it must be stated in the bid form what they relate to. Any document that reaches the ECU office after the official deadline will not be taken into consideration.

The deadline for bids to reach the European Chess Union office is the Friday 1st of October 2021. by 4 PM CET. All the bids must reach the European Chess Union office by e-mail

A. The bidding procedure is open for the following ECU chess championships in 2023:

  1. European Individual Open Championship (estimated number of players: 350)
  2. European Open & Women Team Championship (estimated number of players 300 – teams 70) Bids for No1 and No2 events are accepted only as a combined bid (dates are different as also venues can be different)
  3. European Open Club Cup (estimated number of players: 360 – 60 teams)
  4. European Rapid & Blitz Championship (estimated number of players: 700)
  5. European Women’s Rapid & Blitz Championship (estimated number of players: 100)
  6. European Amateur Championship (estimated number of players: 200)
  7. European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships (estimated number of players: 300) *

 *The 2021 respective event is scheduled for December in Novisad, Serbia, in case of postponement then the bid will be transferred to 2024).

B. Bid fees

Championship Open for bid Bid fee (euros)
European Open Championship 1000
European Team Chess Championship (Open and Women) 1000
European Open Club Cup 1000
European Rapid & Blitz Championship 500
European Rapid & Blitz Championship for Women 500
European Amateur Championship 500
European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championship 500

A bid will only be taken into account if the federation concerned has paid a bid fee (as the table above), for each championship, to the bank account of the European Chess Union within one week after the deadline.

The deadline for the payment of a bid fee is the Friday 8th of October 2021.

 C. Capacity of the Playing Halls

According the ECU Tournament regulations, the total space is calculated according the estimated number of participants of each event. Each Championship shall be played in the same paying hall. Multiple playing halls will be evaluated with fewer points by the inspectors.

The minimum size of a tournament hall shall foresee 3m2 per board and additionally 40 % (25% for youth tournaments) space for players’ and spectators’ corridors. The distance between the chess boards and the spectators should be not less than 1m.


European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 starts

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 starts today in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event is played in two sections: 50+ and 65+.

10 teams will take part in 50+ European Senior Team Chess Championship, Top seeders are: Czech Republic, Slovakia and 1960-69 Czech team.

21 teams from 9 European federations registered for 65+ category. The battlefield is led by: Lasker Schachstiftung GK (Germany), Lysa Nad Labem – 100 Let (Czech Republic) and Israel 1.

146 players in total are attending the competition, among 15 GMs and 26 IMs. List of players is fulfilled with well known names: GM Hracek Zbynek (CZE, 2565), GM Stohl Igor (SVK, 2462), GM Haba Petr (CZE, 2444), GM Vaisser Anatoly (FRA, 2469), GM Knaak Rainer (GER, 2476), GM Kalinitschew Sergey (GER, 2434), GM Jansa Vlastimil (CZE, 2420), GM Vlastimil Hort (GER, 2385) and others.

Starting lists of teams and lists of participants can be found here.

Both sections will be played in 9 rounds, with time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves+ 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per each move, starting from the move one. The official venue – Hotel Don Giovanni.

Live Coverage

More details about the event can be found on the Official Website.

European Chess Championship 2021 kicked off in Reykjavik

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 kicked off yesterday in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The event was opened shortly before the start of the first round. Prime Minister of Iceland Mrs. Katrín Jakobsdóttir and the ECU Deputy President and Chief Organiser Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson addressed the players and made the 1st inaugural move in the game between GM Jones Gawain C B (ENG, 2684) and IM Baltag Iulian (MDA, 2410).

The 1st round of the event brought interesting games and fights and only 7 games ended in a peaceful manner with a draw. Three favourite Grandmasters suffered huge upsets: GM Banusz Tamas (HUN, 2631) lost against FM Heimisson Hilmir Freyr (ISL, 2309), Wecker Martin (GER, 2195) defeated GM Bosiocic Marin (CRO, 2610) and Kueng Nicolas (SUI, 2005) took a victory over GM Hillarp Persson Tiger (SWE, 2543).

Results, pairings and standings

The top 40 boards of each round can be followed live through the Official Website of the event or through the ECU Website.

The Organisers provided LIVE commentaries on games which can be followed through the youtube channel or through the twitch channel.

The round 2 of the European Individual Chess Championship 2021 starts today from 17:00 CEST and the top pairings are:

1 IM Suleymanli
2536 1   1 GM Jones Gawain C
2 GM Valsecchi
2527 1   1 GM Navara David  2675
3 GM Bluebaum
2674 1   1 GM Van Foreest
4 GM Grandelius Nils  2666 1   1 GM Basso Pier Luigi  2541
5 GM Donchenko
2657 1   1 GM Plat Vojtech  2531
6 GM Ferreira Jorge
2520 1   1 GM Abasov Nijat  2656
7 GM Mamedov Rauf  2654 1   1 IM Petrov Martin  2521
8 GM Sarana Alexey  2643 1   1 GM Hjartarson
9 GM Stefansson
2519 1   1 GM Deac
10 GM Martirosyan Haik
2632 1   1 GM Steingrimsson

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 is a qualification event for the FIDE World Cup 2023 and the best ranked player aged U20 will be granted a qualification spot for the 2021 FIDE Grand Swiss. The total prize fund of the event is 100,000EUR, with 20.000EUR reserved for the Winner of the event.

Official Website of the event

Winners of European Union Youth Chess 2021 announced

The EU Youth Chess Championship 2021 concluded in Kouty nad Desnou/Czech Republic on Sunday, August 22nd.

The last rounds were full of fights and tension. Vladimir Sofronie (ROU) took the first place in Open U8 category, the second place came to Maksymilian Janeczek (POL) and Stepan Kroulik (CZE) was third.

Aleksandra Pehlivanova (BUL) triumphed Girls U8 section, Emma Cretescu (ROU) was second, and the third place came to Amalie Martikanova (CZE).

Champion EU in category Boys U10 has
become Andrei Negrean (ROU), silver medal took Danail Popzafirov (BUL) and the third
place took Filip Kulich (SVK). In category Girls U10 has won Ariana Badica (ROU), second place
took Sofiia Markina (CZE) and the third place took Eliska Janouskova (CZE).

Kamil Warchol (POL) won the event in Open U12 section, Matej Jasso (CZE) came second while Roman Popov (CZE) took bronze.

Timea Haasova (SVK) became the Girls U12 EU Champion, Ena Bangerter (SUI) won silver and Valerie Barteckova (CZE) took the third place.

Ondrej Winter (CZE) took the first place in Open U14 section, Iosif Ciocani (ROU) came second and the third place came to Nikola Kanov (BUL).

Lucia Kapicakova (SVK) became the Winner of Girls U14 category, Ioana-Bianca Chicarosie (ROU) took second place and bronze came to Adela Janouskova (CZE).

Final rankings of all sections can be found here.

Players who took first three places in each of categories got a cup and diploma. Every participant of EUYCC got a medal. All eight EU champions are leaving Kouty nad Desnou with a notebook! The next five players in each category also got valuable prizes. Every player got a T-Shirt with a logo of EUYCC.

The prizes were given by director of the event Mr. Zdenek Fiala together with the tournament director of ECU Mr. Petr Pisk. EU Youth Chess Championship 2021 under the patronage of the ECU was organized by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation. Boys and girls have played in the same tournament. Eventually boys and girls were evaluated separately. Championship had 81 players from 10 federations. All games were on-line transmitted.

Young players
have been pleased by awarding best game of each round. Thanks to the performance during the
last three rounds these
players were awarded: Aleksandra
Pehlivanova (BUL), Danail Popzafirov (BUL), Jan Vana (CZE), Daniel Kulich
(SVK), Emma Cretescu (ROU), Eliska Janouskova (CZE), Teodor-Stefan Anghelescu (ROU),
Tamir Artan (SUI), Bozhidar Mihaylov (BUL), Nikol Barteckova (CZE), Kamil
Warchol (POL) and Simon Lang (CZE).

awarded the best game in each category – for the best game in boys category was
announced Andrei Negrean (ROU) for his game against A. Tsolov (cat. B10, round
7) and Sofiia Markina (CZE) for her game against Matej Mydlar (cat. G10, round

For all participants and accompanying persons, the organizers had prepared chess and non-chess leisure time activities (simultaneous games with IM Pisk, blitz tournament, trips).

On Friday morning there was a return simultaneous game with IM Petr Pisk.  There were 11 players, who had as Petr Pisk 30 minutes on their clocks. The result was 8,5 : 2,5 for IM Pisk (Marian Jurky (SVK) won and draw was made by David Kluska (SVK), Jan Bara a Vit Vilimek (both CZE).

Participants of the championship had available many leisure time activities. In the hotel, they could use a swimming pool, wellness, sauna, table tennis, bowling, pool, etc. On the official website organizers placed a photo gallery from the tournament and other activities.

The final report of the Organizers can be downloaded here.

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 starts in Reykjavik

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 kicks off on Thursday, 26th of August in Reykjavik, Iceland.

190 players coming from 36 different European federations will participate the event, fighting for the title of European Champion and qualification spots for the FIDE World Cup 2023. The best ranked player aged U20 will be granted a qualification spot for the 2021 FIDE Grand Swiss.

The total prize fund of the event is 100,000EUR, with 20.000EUR reserved for the Winner of the event.

The battlefield is led by 32 players rated 2600+, and the top seeds are: Jones Gawain C B (ENG, 2684), Sargissian Gabriel (ARM, 2682), Navara David (CZE, 2675), Bluebaum Matthias (GER, 2674), Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter (GER, 2671), Grendelius Nils (SWE, 2666), Lupulescu Constantin (ROU, 2659), Donchenko Alexander (GER, 2657), Abasov Nijat (AZE, 2656), Mamedov Rauf (AZE, 2654) and others…

Starting list of the players

The event will be played in 11 rounds, Swiss system, with time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

All the players need to follow the health protocol and personal safety measures that are detailly described on the official website of the event.

The official venue of the championship is Hotel Natura, a historic place with a rich history of chess events held there. Bobby Fischer stayed at this hotel during his 1972 World Championship match against Boris Spassky. A replica of the famous table used in 1972 can be found at the hotel. Several other high-profile events have been held at the hotel, including the 1977 Spassky vs. Hort Candidates match and the 1991 GMA World Cup. as well as the GMA World Cup in 1991.

Official regulations of the event can be found here.