Already 6 rounds were played within EU Youth Chess Championship 2015! After the round 6, the leader in category of boys and girls in U8 is CM Rajat Makkar (FRA), with 6 points out of 6 rounds! Leader in category U10 is Lachezar Kolev (BUL), in U12 WFM Nurgyul Salimova (BUL) and in  U14 WFM Viktoria Radeva (BUL). All results you can find here

Daily there are awarded the best games of each round elected by IM Pisk. Due to the high performance during the rounds 5 – 6, awarded players are: Marek Fizer (CZE), Lachezar Kolev (BUL), Liwia Jarocka (POL), Viktoria Radeva (BUL), Anna Vítová (CZE), Rajat Makkar (FRA), Timothe Razafindratsima (FRA), Anna Marie Koubová (CZE) a Thomas Ariza (FRA).

playing hall

On Sunday there was a blitz tournament, where 32 players (players of EUYCC, coaches, parents) from 10 countries participated! After very good performance the winner became Raimondas Narmontas (LTU, 7,5 points) ahead of Bence Leszko (HUN, 7p) and Markas Cerniauskas (LTU, 7p). All winners received nice presents. Results can be found at Chess-Results

On Tuesday participants can use the possibility to see Hand-made paper-mill Velke Losiny (established in 1596).

In the hotel there is a lot of possibilities to enjoy the leisure time, daily is possible to play table tennis, football, bowling, use the swimming pool, wellness, etc.

IO Zdenek Fiala

Director of the championship


EU Youth Chess Championship 2015 is underway. The level of the event is very good, competitions are balanced and after four rounds there is just one player with full amount of points – Rajat Makkar (FRA) in category U8. In U10 is leading Tomas Povilaitis (LTU), Lachezar Kolev (BUL), in U12  Bogdan-Emanuel David (ROU), Augustas Gucaga (LTU) and in U14 Zarko Vuckovic (GER).

Since beautiful and combative games are seen, the organizers award best games in each category with prize every day. After the first four rounds Razvan-Marius Unguroiu (ROU), Thao Nhi Nguyen (FRA), Vitalia Khamenya (GER), Mihai-Vlad Ciorica (ROU), Marek Fizer (CZE), Tomas Povilaitis (LTU), Judit Juhasz (HUN), Marika Kostecka (POL), Stefan Cwiek (POL), Tymon Ochedzan (POL), Martina Taragelova (SVK), Markas Cerniauskas (LTU), Petya Karaivanova (BUL), Elie Verhille (FRA), Augustas Gucaga (LTU) and Zarko Vuckovic (GER) have been awarded.


Additional programme started on Friday with simultaneous game with IM Petr Pisk (CZE, 2372). After a big fight the score was 4-4! Ilja Semjonovs, Bence Leszko, Jan Rousek beated IM Pisk and draw was made by Octavian-Nicu Panturu and Lucie Fizerova.

Among others leisure time activities, participants of this tournament mostly visit and use swimming pool, bowling, table tennis and enjoying the beauty of the nature in surroundings.

All games are transmitted on-line, so the parents and trainers either at home or present in the hotel can watch their charges. For present viewers the on-line games are projected in the hotel hall.

All information about the event, including results, online games, photos, etc. can be found at

IO Zdenek Fiala

Director of the Championship

Chessclub Svetla nad Sazavou


The European Amateur Chess Championship 2015 was held in Kaunas, the second city of Lithuania, from the 8th of August (arrival) to the 17th of August (departure) 2015.

The organizer and Tournament Director was Prof. Donatas Pilinkus (IO), President of the Kaunas Chess Federation, under the auspices of the Lithuanian Chess Federation.

Lukas Jonkus (LTU 1853) became the winner of the Open section, scoring 7.5 points, the same as Paulo Fanha (POR 1890). But thanks to better tie-break, gold went to the Lithuanian. Bronze went to Eugenijus Zygmanta (LTU 1947) who was sole third with 7 points.

Lukas Jonkus

Lukas Jonkus was also a winner of the Blitz event, which was held on 14th August. He triumphed with 7.5 points ahead of Kristina Sulikiene with 7 points, and David Moshenberg from Israel with 6.5 points.

Saule Gailiunaite (LTU 1785) triumphed at the European Women’s Amateur Chess Championship with 7 points, silver went to the Irish WCM Diana Mirza (1856) also with 7 points and worse tie-breaks, and Kristina Sulikiene (LTU 1926) came third with 6.5 points.

Saulė GAILIŪNAITĖ winner

This Championship was played according to the Swiss Paring System in two sections. The Women’s section started with 24 players. In the Open section 88 players (86 men and 2 girls) took part. The time control was 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by additional 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 seconds for each move from the first one.

The tournament was played in the Palace of Army Officers.

The total money prize fund was € 4.000.

More info at the official website of the Championship

Photos by Justina Dobravalskytė


On Wednesday August 19th, in the Hotel Dlouhe Strane in Kouty nad Desnou in the Czech Republic, the 13th European Union Youth Chess Championship U8, U10, U12 and U14 has begun. European Union Youth Chess Championship 2015 under the patronage of the European Chess Union is organized by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation.

IM Petr Pisk, ECU Tournament Director

Boys and girls play in the same tournament. Eventually boys and girls will be evaluated separately. The rate of play is 90 min for the whole game + 30 sec increment for each move played. There are 98 players from 14 national federations.

Championship was started by director of the event Mr. Zdenek Fiala together with the tournament director of ECU Mr. Petr Pisk and deputy director of the hotel Dlouhe Strane Mrs. Ivena Svedova.

Not only for player’s parents and chess fans the organizers prepared on-line transmissions of all games! We would like to thank our colleagues from the Slovakian Chess Federation for their help with transmissions.

Category U14

All participants can use the leisure time activities offered by the hotel, such as pool, sauna, wellness, bowling, billiards and table-tennis.

On Thursday August 27th we are going to know new champions of EU for the year 2015. For the winners of each category of boys and girls, there are prepared notebooks and for the 2nd and 3rd places in each category digital chess clocks are prepared. All participants will receive memorial diploma and medal for their place. Every player will receive at least one price because before beginning of the 2nd round everyone will be awarded with a T-shirt with the logo of the championship.

On the Official Website we will release the news. Among others (results, live games etc.) you can await a photo gallery.

IO Zdenek Fiala

Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou




Women's Grand Prix poster

The first leg of FIDE Women’s Grand Prix will be held from 2nd to 16th October 2015, in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

FIDE announced the Women’s Grand Prix 2015-2016 which will give qualification to the Women’s World Championship match in 2017.

Another European city will be the host of the third leg of Women’s Grand Prix – Tbilisi/Georgia, in May 2016.

Second leg will take place in Kish/Iran in February 2016, while the last stage will be held in Chengdu/China in July 2016.

16 players will participate, 10 qualifiers as per regulations (listed below) + 4 nominees from the organizers of each tournament (to be announced), + 2 nominees of the FIDE President (to be announced).

The 10 original qualifiers who have to confirm their participation by 20 August 2015 are:

  1. Muzychuk, Mariya (World Champion, Sochi 2015)
  2. Pogonina, Natalija (finalist World Championship, Sochi 2015)
  3. Cramling, Pia (semi-finalist World Championship, Sochi 2015)
  4. Harika, Dronavalli (semi-finalist World Championship, Sochi 2015)
  5. Hou, Yifan (by rating)
  6. Koneru, Humpy (by rating)
  7. Dzagnidze, Nana (by rating)
  8. Ju, Wenjun (by rating)
  9. Muzychuk, Anna (by rating)
  10. Gunina, Valentina (by rating)

The first reserve for any replacement needed is Alexandra Kosteniuk (by rating).

More information here.



EUCC logo

Dear Chess Friends,

As you have already been informed by the ECU Newsletter March/2015, European University Sports Association (EUSA) recognized chess as an official sport and included it in the European Universities Championships and Games.

The 1st European Chess Universities Championship will be held in Yerevan, Armenia from 6th to 11th October 2015.  Main organizer is Armenian Student Sports Federation (ARMSSF), with the support of the Armenian Chess Federation.

The registration deadline is extended until 15th September 2015. The registrations are to be made through the National Sports Universities Federations online on the EUSA web site.

The registration link

Since this is a new event, we kindly advise to contact your National Sports Universities’ Federation and encourage them to support chess players’ registration, representing their Universities.

You can find all the information about National EUSA members here:

For any additional information you can contact the Armenian Chess Federation, email


 Zurab Azmaiparashvili



The 15th European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship starts tomorrow in Novi Sad/Serbia.

The tournament will take place from 31st July to 6th August, 2015, at Master Centre of Novi Sad Fair (Master centar Novosadskog sajma).

90777_aula01_large - kopija

The Championship consists of 5 different competitions:







The schedule is as follows:

July 31

Arrival of participants

August 1

10.30 – Opening ceremony

11.00 – 13.30 Rapid Individual (Round 1 – 2)

16.00 – 19.30 Rapid Individual (Round 3 – 5)

August 2

10.00 – 13.30 Rapid Individual (Round 6 – 8)

16.00 – 17.00 Rapid Individual (Round 9)

August 3

10.00 – 13.30 Rapid Team (Round 1 – 4)

16.00 – 20.00 Superfinal (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, final)

August 4

10.00 – 12.15 Rapid Team (Round 5 – 7)

17.45 – 19.30 Solving Problems

August 5

10.00 – 13.30 Blitz tournament

Departure of participants

August 6

Departure of participants


215 players from 23 European countries registered so far, among whom 2 IM, 1 WIM, 11 FM and 5 WFM.

The total prize fund for all events is 8.000 EUR in goods, and 1.300 EUR in cash.

The organizer of the Championship is Vojvodina Chess Federation under the auspices and support of the European Chess Union and Serbian Chess Federation.

More information at the Official Website


July 2015 edition of the European Chess Union Newsletter is out!



In this edition of the monthly ECU Newsletter you will find:

  • Report about Glorney Gilbert International 2015;
  • Report about European Youth Team Chess Championship 2015;
  • Report about European Senior Team Chess Championship 2015;
  • Report about European Schools Chess Championship 2015;
  • Press conference on the occasion of the first ECU congress in Bar;
  • Notice for European Youth Chess Championship 2015;
  • Fun Zone;
  • Upcoming events in August 2015.

The ECU Newsletter July 2015 can be downloaded below or here



Vienna was the Mecca of the senior chess for the past nine days, during the European Senior Team Chess Championship 2015. The hall of the hotel Airo hosted 42 teams from 14 European countries with total 197 chess players who competed for this prestigious title.

Sankt Petersburg showed its class from the very start of the tournament and convincingly triumphed with 16 match points, ahead of Israel (14 MP) and Russia (13 MP). Remarkably, St. Petersburg stays unbeaten not only as a team but also as individual players. Their perfect record is 11 wins, 25 draws and no defeat. The women’s category was won from the Russian women’s team ahead of Germany and Austria, who won silver and bronze respectively.


Strange enough, the start from St. Petersburg was not perfect. Already in the second round the team Vienna 75+ managed to score a sensational 2:2 against the favourite. However, it remained the only even match of the Russians until the final round. In the 6th round, St. Petersburg defeated a direct opponent Israel with 2.5-1.5 and their serious tournament ambitions, and the decision for the title fell in the penultimate round, in a direct duel between St. Petersburg and the Russian National Team. St. Petersburg won with 2.5-1.5, and the title was already in their hands. The victory point was brought by IM Vadim Faibisovich against GM Evgeni Vasiukov on the top board. In the final round St. Petersburg made a quick draw against Russia’s women to ensure the European title. More quickly Italy and Israel shared the points, securing the Israel team the second place. Russia grabbed the bronze with a 3.5-0.5 victory over Eppingen.


The Austrian National Team finished the tournament with 12 points behind the Schachfreunde Leipzig and Italy at the 6th place. The best result was achieved by Hans Singer who gained 7 points out of 9 games, which brought him the second prize on the 4th board. Georg Danner (5.5 /9), Kurt Petschar (5/9) and Karl Janetschek (4.5/9) completed the good team result. The other teams from Austria made the following results: 11th Austria 2, 17th Lower Austria, 25th Vienna 75+, 28th Styria, 29th Vienna, 31st Vorarlberg and 37th Austria women. The oldest team, Vienna 75+, held up well and achieved balanced three victories, three draws and three defeats. The 88-year-old Adreas Dückstein, the oldest participant of the tournament played in the team. He scored a positive result – 4.5 points out of 8 games.

The best tournament performance was made by Vladimir Karasev from Petersburg, with a performance of 2476. He won the individual prize on the third board. The other prizes went to Palermo Carlos Garcia (ITA, board 1), Yuri Balashov (RUS, board 2), and Nikolai Pushkov (Russia, Board 4).

At the closing ceremony, Mr. Dirk Jordan, the FIDE representative, praised the organizing team around Vienna Chess President, Mr. Christian Hursky and tournament director Mr. Johann Pöcksteiner.


“In particular, the side events offered were exemplary and highly liked by the participants,” said Mr. Jordan. Four singers and a woman pianist from Belarus provided the musical accompaniment of the closing ceremony that will surely be long reminded by many present.

Official tournament website:

Results at Chess-Results:


By Austrian Chess Federation


ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili made the symbolic first move before the start of the Glorney Gilbert International 2015 and started the event.

first move

Previously, the President of Ireland Mr. Michael D. Higgins officially opened the tournament. His Excellency, an academic, poet, writer and activist of human rights made a speech hymn for chess, stating that “Chess is a Universal Sport a universal common language”.

During his speech, he presented two chess books that helped him studying chess in the past.


The ECU President Mr. Azmaiparashvili welcomed all the participants and delegates from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and thanked Irish Chess Union Chairman, Mr. Pat Fitzsimons for the excellent organization of the tournament, claiming that the European Chess Union will be more close to British and Irish Isles in their efforts to develop further chess in the area.

Mr. Azmaiparashvili then awarded Ireland’s player Conor O’Donnell with his FIDE master title before the start of the tournament.

Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, ECU Secretary General also attended the opening ceremony and the start of the round.

Video of the Opening


Glorney Gilbert International 2015 is taking place from 19th to 23rd July in Johnstown House, Enfield/Ireland.

Glorney Gilbert International is a team event that has been running since 1949, and has a long and varied history.

Participating federations are Engand, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which will be competing in 4 tournaments: Glorney Cup, Gilbert Cup, Robinson Cup and Stokes Cup.

Official Website