The European Senior Team Chess Championship 2015 takes place from 12th to 20th July in Vienna/Austria. Mr. Christian Hursky and Mr. Johann Pöcksteiner from the Vienna Chess Federation opened the event together with Mrs. Marianne Klicka, President of the Vienna Parlament, and Mr. Kurt Jungwirth, the President of the Austrian Chess Federation. Mr. Jungwirth reminded all the present at the opening ceremony of the long chess history of Vienna, and especially of the chess legends like Steinitz, Spielmann and Greenfeld. Mrs. Marianne Klicka welcomed 42 teams from 14 European countries with the hope that they will have a nice stay in the Austrian capital.


The first round started yesterday at 3.00 pm. The big favourite in the open section is the team of Russia followed by Italy, Israel, Germany and Sankt Petersburg. All these teams won their first round matches, except Germany. The Austrian Team from Styria managed to draw all games and to take a 2:2 against their big neighbours. There are three women teams from Russia, Austria and Germany in the competition. In the first round there was already a direct match between Russia and Austria. The “Women Grandmaster Team” from Russia won with 3:1. Maria Horvath and Jutta Borek drew their games against WGM Strutinskaia and WGM Fatalibekova.


Vienna has nominated a team 75+. They started with a nice 3.5-0.5 win against “Germany Women” and showed their mental fitness. The oldest player in the Championship is Andreas Dückstein, who was born 1927. In his long career he has beaten the World Champions Euwe, Botwinnik and Spassky. In Vienna he is the best example how good chess can help to keep the mental fitness. In this spirit all participants are the winners, as organizer Mr. Johann Pöcksteiner stated his opening speech.

The organizers provided the live broadcast of the first sixteen boards online.



Results (Chess-Results):



By Austrian Chess Federation



Vienna Chess Federation and Austrian Chess Federation under the auspices of the European Chess Union organizes the European Senior Team Chess Championship in Vienna/Austria, from 12-20 July, 2015. Playing venue and accommodation will be in the Hotel AIRO Wien.

42 teams from 14 federations have registered so far. List of the teams can be found on Chess-Results

The Championship will be played in 9 rounds according to the Swiss System, with time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 seconds increment per move starting from move one.


The opening ceremony is scheduled for 12th July at 2 pm, while the first round starts at 3 pm.

More information at the web address


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Polish Chess Federation, under the auspices of the European Chess Union and Mr. Bronisław Komorowski, the President of the Republic of Poland organizes the European Youth U18 Team Chess Championship 2015.

The Championship will take place from 12-20 July, 2015, in Karpacz, Poland. The official venue will be New Queen of Karkonosze Hotel (Nowa Królowa Karkonoszy Hotel).

The European Youth Team Championship will be played according to the Swiss system in 7 rounds, with the time control 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 seconds increment per move starting from move one.

The tournament has two sections – Open section and Girls section. 14 teams in Open section and 10 teams in Girls section have registered so far.


The organizers have provided free animations for all the participants, such as Tour to Karpacz, Tour to Karkonosze Mountains, Blitz tournament and Chess Solving contest.

Karpacz is a spa town and ski resort in south-western Poland, one of the most important centres for mountain hiking and skiing, including ski jumping. The city is situated in the Karkonosze Mountains at 480 to 885 metres above sea level, and represents a resort with increasing importance for tourism as an alternative to the Alps. The biggest attraction in Karpacz is a Norwegian stave church, moved from Vang, Norway in the mid-19th century.

Official Website


ECU logo

Dear Chess Friends,

The ECU Board meeting took place on 12th & 13th June in Bucharest, Romania. We would like to thank the Romanian Chess Federation for an excellent organization and hosting of the meeting.

Main information and decisions of the meeting are as follows:

  • According to the ECU Statutes, the unanimous ECU General Assembly 2014 decision in Tromso, Norway that “ECU is following International Olympic Committee’s decisions for sports jurisdiction” and the FIDE PB Decision to accept Kosovo Chess Federation membership, the ECU Board admits Kosovo Chess Federation to Provisional Membership (which shall carry the equivalent rights and obligations to membership apart from the right to vote at the Assembly) until the next General Assembly.
  • ECU Board informed about the meetings in Brussels with the EU Commission and the European Parliament. The “Chess in Schools” Conference in the European Parliament in Brussels is in the agenda of discussions between the ECU and European Parliament Committee of Culture & Education.
  • ECU Board unanimously decided to propose to the annual ECU General Assembly 2015 the permanent removal of Mr. Silvio Danailov from the office of the Honorary President for various conducts and spreading of inaccurate and insulting information against the European Chess Union. ECU Board will send the notice with the reasons to Mr. Silvio Danailov and he will have the right for written and oral explanations according the democratic procedure of the ECU statutes.
  • Additionally ECU Board will propose to the ECU General Assembly as amendment in statutes the disconnection of the appointment of the Honorary President with the office of the ex-ECU President. ECU Honorary President should be appointed under criteria that are not related with elections, away from any political conflict. The purpose of this appointment is mostly to honor one person who offers his/her long time services to European Chess and can promote the unity among the members and inspire the respect to the organization.
  • ECU Board decided that anti-cheating guidelines should be added in the ECU tournament regulations with specific instructions for players, arbiters and organizers.
  • The European University Championships 2015 will take place in Yeravan, Armenia, from 6th to 11th of October. The registration of players is possible only through the National Sports Universities Federations members of EUSA.
  • The European Individual Chess Championship 2016 will take place in Gakova, Kosovo from 11 to 24 May 2016 with a total of Prize fund of 150.000 Euros.

On July 01 2015 at 4 PM CET, the deadline for sending bids for the organization of the European Championships 2017 elapsed. We received the following bids:

European Youth Chess Championship U8 – U18 2017

  1. Montenegro – Budva
  2. Romania – Mamaia
  3. Slovakia – Pobrad – Tatry
  4. Spain – Santiago De Compostela
  5. Turkey – Antalya

European Chess Club Cup Open & Women 2017

  1. Austria – Mayrhofen/Zillertal
  2. Turkey – Antalya

European School Chess Championship 2017 

  1. Montenegro – Budva
  2. Poland – Krakow

European Women Individual Chess Championship 2016

  1. Montenegro – Bar
  2. Romania – Mamaia
  3. Turkey – Konya

All the bids received and are valid after the bid fee payment are published at the ECU website:

No bids were received for the following Championships:

European Individual Chess Championship

European Individual Women’s Chess Championship

European Youth Team Championship

European Rapid Championship  &  European Blitz Championship

European Women’s Rapid Championship  &  European Women’s Blitz Championship

European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships 2017

European Amateur Championship 2017

European Individual Senior Championship 2017

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2017

The deadline for bids for the above European Championships is extended till Friday 7th August 2015 by 4 PM CET. All the bids must reach the European Chess Union office until the deadline in one of the following ways:

  1. By e-mail
  2. Personally, in a sealed envelope, in the ECU office in Tbilisi.
  3. By postal service or express postal service (DHL, Fedex, TNT…) to the address

European Chess Union, M.Kostava Str. 37a, Chess Palace, 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia

The next ECU Board meeting will take place on 8th and 9th October 2015 in Bar, Montenegro. The annual ECU General Assembly will take place on 10th of October 2015 in Bar Montenegro.

With kind regards,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

ECU Secretary General



The European Schools Chess Championship 2015, organised by Turkish Chess Federation, under the auspices of the European Chess Union and with the sponsorship of TR Promotion Fund ended with the closing ceremony on 2nd July, 2015.

With all the results summed in the end of the championship, Turkey was the best team and became the champion country, with 7 gold, 11 silver, 7 bronze medals, with a total of 26 medals. Russia came second and Azerbaijan became third.


The guests at the closing ceremony were Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of European Chess Union, Mr. Kevin O’Connell, President of FIDE Chess for School Commission, Mr. Sainbayar Tserendorj, President of Mongolian Chess Federation, Members of the Council Mr. Tshepo Sitale (Botsvana), Mr. Christos Pilalis (Greece), Mr. Ravindra Dongre (India) and Mr. Jose Francisco Suarez Roa (Spain) , Mr. Alexander Kostyev, President of the International School Chess Unio,  Mrs. Gulkiz Tulay, President of Turkish Chess Federation (TCF), Deputy Presidents of TCF Prof. Dr. Yusuf Dogruer and Askın Keles, the board members of TCF Mr. Kasim Yekeler, and Halil Ibrahim Sari, Mr. Tamer Sorgun, Deputy Director of Konya Youth Services and Sports, Mr. Mustafa Cipan, Director of Konya Culture and Tourism, Mr. Abdi Kalan, Deputy Mayor of Meram Municipality and Mr. Ali Kanber, Branch Director of Konya Youth Services and Sports.


After all, the national team players of 2015 TCF, Kursat Bugra Gokcek and Efe Metehan Yavuz had a live blitz game.

Mrs. Gulkiz Tulay stated in her opening speech that Turkish Chess Federation is honoured and proud to be hosting such an elite event. After her speech, Mrs. Tulay presented gifts and certificate to Mr. Azmaiparashvili for the memory of the championship.


After Mrs. Tulay, Mr. Azmaiparashvili gave a speech stating that the Turkish Chess Federation organised a perfect event and congratulated them for the prosperity of Turkish chess.


After the official part of the closing ceremony, the moment all the players waited came – the announcing the winners!

Europe got 12 School Champions in 12 different categories after 9 rounds of fighting!

The Champions of the 2015 European Schools Chess Championship are as follows:

Open U7 Svetlen Ivanov (BUL) 9 points;

Girls U7 Olesia Vlasova (RUS) 8 points;

Open U9 Suleyman Suleymanli (AZE) 7.5 points;

Girls U9 WCM Olga Melenchuk (RUS) 8 points;

Open U11 Unat Can Haktan (TUR) 8 points;

Girls U11 Duran Esma Doga (TUR) 7.5 points;

Open U13 Sahin Doga Boran (TUR) 7.5 points;

Girls U13 Citak Tuana Umay (TUR) 7.5 points;

Open U15 CM Bahadir Ozen (TUR) 7 points;

Girls U15 WFM Alexandra Obolentseva (RUS) 7.5 points;

Open U17 CM Siar Yaran (TUR) 7.5 points;

Girls U17 Buket Tandogan (TUR) 7 points.


The European Schools Chess Championship was held in Hotel Rixos in Konya from 24th June till 2nd July 2015, where 666 players from 12 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, England, Bulgaria, Denmark, Romania, Albenia, Finland, Georgia, Moldova, Spain and Turkey) competed for the titles.

More information at the Official Website.


June 2015 edition of the European Chess Union Newsletter is out!

newsletter logo

In this edition of the monthly ECU Newsletter you will find:

  • ECU and EU meetings in Brussels;
  • Report about Mitropa Cup 2015;
  • Report about Norway Chess 2015;
  • Report about European Schools Chess Championship 2015;
  • In Memoriam Gaguik Oganessian;
  • ECU President’s working meetings in Galicia, Bucharest, Tirana and Warsaw;
  • ECU Survey;
  • ECU Board Meeting in Bucharest;
  • Ankara Pre-School Chess Education Conference;
  • Fun Zone with interesting games from recently ended Norway Chess 2015;
  • Upcoming events in July 2015.

The ECU Newsletter June 2015 can be downloaded below or here



Today was a tough day for the participants of the European Schools Chess Championship 2015, as two rounds were played.

For some it was a difficult task, but for Svetlen Ivanov from Bulgaria (Open U7) and Olga Melenchuk from Russia (Girls U9) it wasn’t. They are the only two players in the whole Championship who managed to win all the games and keep the perfect score!


In the section Girls U7 Zeynep Ruya Kaval from Turkey, Olesia Vlasova and Evelına Zavivaeva, both from Russia, share the top with 6 points.

In Open U9, Suleyman Suleymanli, CM Efe Metehan Yavuz, Kursat Bugra Gokcek, M. Emin Arslan, Alperen Kanli and Ufuk Alp Adiguzel all tie with 6 points at the top of the list.

In Open U11 Turkish player Can Haktan Unat leads with 6 points, while in Girls U11,  Esma Doga Duran is the sole leader with 6 points.


In Open U13, Kanan Karayev (AZE) and Utku Cengiz Acar (TUR) share the top with 6 points. These two players will face each other tomorrow and possibly decide the champion. In Girls U13, the Turkish player Tuana Umay Cıtak is the sole leader.

In Open U15, the two top players Tuna Ozates and CM Bahadir Ozen drew against each other in the 7th round and maintained the lead. In Girls U15, the game between the Russian player WFM Alexandra Obolentseva (2213) and the Turkish player Bengu Sena Ayan ended in a draw, which favoured Obolentseva, who became the sole leader 6 points after the 7th round.


In Open U17, CM Siar Yaran became the sole leader after defeating CM Okan Bulgurlu in the 7th round. In Girls U17, Turkish player Buket Tandogan scored against Lala Firidunlu from Azerbaijan and grabbed the sole lead.

Games are getting more crucial as the tournament is getting closer to an end. The 8th round is on schedule on 01 July 2015 at 4.00 pm with live broadcast on the Official Website


5 rounds of the European Schools Chess Championship 2015 in Konya have finished so far. The battles are heating up, and in some groups there are still players with perfect score.

In the group Open U7 Emin Ahmadov (AZE) and Svetlen Ivanov (BUL) are in the lead with 5/5. In Girls U7 the leader is Zeynep Ruya Kaval (TUR).

phoca_thumb_l_5tur 54

Bugra Gokcek Kursat and Beyazit Malgac Omer (TUR) gained maximum points in Open U9, while in Girls U9 Elif Keskin (TUR) and WCM Olga Melenchuk (RUS) have 5/5.

Khazar Babazada (AZE) tops Open U11 group with the perfect score, the same as Cengiz Acar Utku (TUR) in Open U13 and WFM Alexandra Obolentseva (RUS) in Girls U15.

phoca_thumb_l_5tur 16

Full standings after 5 rounds can be found on the Official page of the Championship

Yesterday was the rest day of ESCC 2015, which was reserved for the excursion to the city. The excursion had a great interest from all the participants, and it was organised by the Turkish Chess Federation. The players and the guests first paid a visit to Mevlana Museum with English, Turkish and Russian speaking guides and then enjoyed the free time in the shopping center.


After the well-deserved rest, the games continue in the high speed. There will be two rounds on 30th June 2015 – 6th round starts at 10.00 am and the 7th round starts at 5.00 pm (Turkish time).

Photos courtesy of Turkish Chess Federation


Gagik Hovhannisyan

Chess world got very painful news that the Executive Secretary of Armenian Chess Federation Gaguik Oganessian passed away at the age of 68.

Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of the European Chess Union, sent a letter of condolences to Armenian Chess Federation, which we convey below.

Dear friends,

On behalf of the European Chess Union and myself, I express my deepest condolences to the family of Gaguik Oganessian, all relatives and friends, the whole chess community of Armenia!

Thanks to the activity of Gaguik Oganessian the biggest World and European championships were organized in Armenia. He was always present in FIDE and European Congress. He did not like the loud and pompous speeches, but always subtly raised the most targeted and meaningful questions about the development of chess. He was distinguished by his friendliness and respect for all! Gaguik was repeatedly giving me valuable political and technical advices.

We all regret to miss Gaguik and his smile!

May he rest in peace!

I grieve with you!

President of the ECU,

Zurab Azmaiparashvili


In the youngest category, Open U7, the Azerbaijani player Emin Ahmadov, The Bulgarian player Svetlen Ivanov and the Turkish player Kerem Erten remain undefeated after 4 rounds. In Girls U7 category, Zeynep Ruya Kaval (TUR) and Olesia Vlasova (RUS) are leading with the perfect score.


In the category Open U9, 4 players are tied with 4/4 at the top of the list. In Girls U9 category, Elif Keskin (TUR), Klean Shuqja (ALB) and WCM Olga Melenchuk (RUS) lead with 4 points.

In Open U11, Vugar Manafov (AZE), Doruk Karaoglan (TUR) and Khazar Babazada (AZE) are leading, with maximum score. In Girls U11, Yildirim Ceren (TUR) is the sole leader with 4 points.


In Open U13, Cengiz Acar Utku is the only player with 4 points. Utku is followed by 7 players with 3.5 points. In section Girls U13, there are no players with the perfect score. Turkish players Hayrun Nisa Sahin, Yaren Naz Yorgun and Aytaj Heydarova from Azerbaijan share the first place with 3.5 points.


The similar situation is in the category Open U15, were 5 players tie with 3.5 points. Azerbaijani Said Rafili and the Turkish players Yigit Pektaş, CM Bahadir Ozen, Tuna Ozates and Hakki Berat Dalgar are in the joint lead. In Girls U15, WFM Alexandra Obolentseva (RUS) is the sole leader with 4 points.


In Open U17 category, the Turkish players Anil Berk Erdogan, Tibet Kagan Ozgur and Onur Tasci scored 3.5 points and share the first place. In Girls U17, WCM Burcu Melis Temel, Sevval Dogan, Buket Tandogan and Irmak Dai, scored 3 points.

playing hall

The 5th round of the Championship starts is on schedule on 28th June 2015 at 4.00 pm (Turkish time).

Live games, results, photos and more at the Official Website