#Development FA and IO Seminars in Trieste

Development FA and IO Seminars, especially dedicated to female participants, will take place from 1st-7th September, in Trieste, Italy.

31 female participants, coming from 14 European federations. To all female participants, full board accommodation and FIDE exam fee is fully covered through the funding program.

The main aim of the Seminars is to develop women’s activity in Chess as per the priorities set by the European Chess Union for the available FIDE Development Fund for Europe.


The lecturers of the FIDE Arbiters Seminar will be Dapiran Franca (ITA) and Nikolopoulos Panagiotis (GRE), assistants are: Biagioli Marco (ITA) and Held Mario (ITA). The lecturers of International organizers Seminar are: Tomasz Delega (POL) and Mogranzini Roberto (ITA).


The Official Hotel of the Seminars is Hotel Milano, while the Seminars will be hosted in Ippodromo di Montebello, Piazza de Gasperi 4, Trieste TS – Italy c/o the Restaurant Hall. Seminars are taking place simultaneously with Trieste International Chess Festival.

The #Development FA and IO Seminars in Trieste are organized by European Chess Union, with the cooperation of the Italian Arbiters’ Commission, on behalf of Italian Chess Federation and the FIDE Development Commission.

3rd ECU Congress – Program

As have been already announced the 3rd ECU Congress will be held in Batumi Georgia

from 24th to 26th of October 2019.

The full working schedule is as follows:

24th October           10.00-  19.00            ECU Board Meeting

25th October            09.30 –  13.00          ECU Arbiters Council Meeting

16.30 – 19.30           ECU Events Commission Meeting

to be scheduled      ECU Women’s Commission Meeting

26th October             09.30 – 17.00          ECU Annual General Assembly


All the meetings will take place in Hotel Hilton Batumi


Contact Information:

ECU: ecu.secretariat@gmail.com

Organising Committee: eurobatumi2019@gmail.com


To: European Chess Federations

Dear Chess Friends,

I kindly ask you to complete the attached surveys on behalf of your federation to the best of your ability. These surveys are being conducted by the European Chess Union to collect data on women’s chess throughout Europe and being sent to representatives of all the federations in Europe.

There are two surveys. One survey focuses on the policies implemented by federations regarding women’s chess while the other focuses on the standard and number of women playing.

Download Survey No. 1 (PDF)Survey No 1. (Word Document)

Download Survey No. 2 (PDF)Survey No. 2 (Word Document)

Please note your response is private and confidential. Individual respondents will not be named in any data or reports. Participation in this survey is highly valued. If you are happy to receive follow up questions please provide your details at the end of the survey in the boxes provided.

If you have any questions about the surveys or would like more information e-mail: survey@chessplus.net .

Thank you for your involvement in the survey,

Yours Sincerely,
Alice O’Gorman
On behalf of the ECU’s Women’s Commission


ECU E-Magazine July 2019 is out! ECU E-Magazine July 2019 may be read online together with interactive links or can be downloaded as pdf file down bellow.

Download: ECU-Magazine_July-2019

Read online: https://madmagz.com/magazine/1651015#/

Meeting chess legends-cbv


The President of the European Chess Union, Zurab Azmaiparashvili, held a press conference together with the President of the Monaco Chess Federation Jean-Michel Rapaire on July 31st in Monte Carlo (Monaco). At the press conference , it was announced the launch of the European Golden Pawn Award Ceremony to be held for the first time on November 30th 2019. 

The press conference attended by “the European Golden Pawn” diamond  sponsor and  the European Chess Union,  main sponsor, Georgian Industrial Company “AiGroup” Representative , Mr. George Khurodze. With the support of “AiGroup” it was possible to establish the most important European chess ceremony.

Europe’s Golden Pawn is a new tradition and brings together the best representatives of the European chess world each yearChess stands for people of intelligence, brilliant and flexible minds. And we always stay where there are healthy, highly intellectual and interesting activities and ideas. ” – Giorgi Khurodze, the representative of “AiGroup” stated at the press conference.

Monte-Carlo SBM Group Vice President, Mr Axel Hoppenot was present also at the panel of the Press Conference.


The “European Golden Pawn” –will be held every year on the last Saturday of November in Monaco (Monte-Carlo). The first year of the award ceremony will be dedicated to European legends and their achievements. The honorary award ceremony will include special nominations categories that will be developed in the subsquent years.

  • Best European Chess Editor
  • Best European Chess Journalist
  • Best European  Chess Organizer
  • Best European Chess Project
  • Best European Chess Arbiter
  • European Pioneer of Chess development in schools
  • Youngest European World Chess Champion of All the Time
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Chess Legend (Female)
  • Chess Legend (Male)

Without competition:

  • Best Book (Feature)
  • Best Movie (Feature)

The European Chess Union greatly desires for the award ceremony to be held in Monte-Carlo, in order to continue grand chess traditions and make this event as high scale and prestigious. 

In the very first year, the European Chess Union will give away its first special gift-medal and this prize will be awarded to Prince of Monaco Albert II, who brings the family tradition to support chess,  as chess is a royal game.

The same day of the ceremony on the 30th of November a simultaneous chess exhibition will take place by the legend and World Champion Garry Kasparov for the kids aged 6-12 years for th further promotion of Chess. 


European Chess Union is delighted to announce “AiGroup”, as the General ECU sponsor and also as Diamond sponsor of the “European Golden Pawn”. On July 24 in Tbilisi (Georgia) a sponsorship agreement was signed, according to which the Georgian industrial company AiGroup has been announced as the General Sponsor of the European Chess Union and at the same time, as the Diamond Sponsor of the European Golden Pawn.


Based on this agreement, AiGroup takes an obligation to support financial the new initiative of the European Chess Union and together with the ECU to become one of the first hosts of the European Golden Pawn award ceremony. The sponsorship agreement comprises a four-year cooperation and as both sides state, they are certain that this term will definitely be prolonged in the future.

On behalf of the European Chess Union, the sponsorship agreement was signed by the President of the ECU Zurab Azmaiparashvili and on behalf of AiGroup the agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Kakhaber Guledani.


 Brief information about AiGroup

The Georgian Industrial holding Aigroup brings together Aicar, Aienergy, Aipower and Aiproduction. Aigroup focuses on environmentally friendly projects and gives them the priority. The mission of the company is sustainable development of green economy in Georgia.

  • AirCar- This company provides electric car sharing service in Georgia. With this project Aigroup keeps Georgia green and Healthy.
  • AiEnergy- Aienergy creates a network of smart urban charging stations for electric transport in order to improve the urban infrastructure and adjust it to the emerging requirements for electric vehicles.
  • AiPower- The company’s strategic direction is solar power stations and solar panels. Each watt generated by solar power plant is a step towords clean environment and energy independence.
  • AiProduction- This company in the shortest future will become the 1st electric powered vehicle producer in the region. The company will supply the Georgian, South Caucasus regional, Central Asian and European markets with EVs.


AiGroup – Tbilisi,  67 Tsknety Highway. Georgia / info@aigroup.ge / https://aigroup.ge/en


More about the “European Golden Pawn”

European Chess Union Board has decided to establish the annual award ceremony – _“European Golden Pawn” that will be held every year on the last Saturday of November in Monaco (Monte-Carlo). The first year of the award ceremony will be dedicated to European legends and their achievements. The honorary award ceremony will include special nominations categories that will be developed in the subsquent years.

More details about the European Golden Pawn will be announced in a scheduled press conference on 31st of July in Monaco and a separate press release.


Press-release-sponsorship ECU-Aigroup


Everybody knows that the game immediately ends with checkmate or stalemate, provided that the move producing it was legal (see 5.1.1, 5.2.1). The so called dead position doesn’t get nearly as much attention, but it should be quite familiar to all arbiters, because its identification can change a result of a game.

Article 5.2.2 states The game is drawn when a position has arisen in which neither player can checkmate the opponent’s king with any series of legal moves. The game is said to end in a ‘dead position’. It makes sense for this to also immediately end the game, since the ultimate goal of the game is no longer in reach for either player – the game is over.

The first position that comes to mind is two bare kings. Or that of king and knight vs. king, or king and bishop vs. king, etc. The game must end there; that is very clear to everybody. There is a slightly more complicated position seen in figure 1 (below). White is about to play c5, which leads to a dead position.

dead position 1

Figure 1: Dead position after the move c5

Even though there are many pieces on the board, it is not possible to win – to checkmate the opponent’s king – because both kings are trapped on their respective sides and the pawns cannot move, so the game ends immediately after White makes the move c5. In such cases, the players usually don’t protest and simply agree to a draw.

dead position 2

Dead position after the move Nc2+.

A problem may occur in cases such as the one in figure 2 (below). In this position, White went 48. Nc2+ which ends the game. It is no longer possible for either player to win, because the only series of legal moves is 48. … Qxc2+ 49. Kxc2 stalemate. So if, for example, White’s flag falls after the move Nc2+, it is a draw, because the game has already effectively ended. And if the arbiter observes such position it is his duty to declare a draw.

Text by: Jirina Prokopova


ECU E-Magazine June 2019 is out! June edition of the ECU E-Magazine may be read online on the following link, together with interactive videos, but also can be downloaded as a PDF file bellow.

ECU E-Magazine June 2019 can be downloaded here.

#Development FA and IO Seminars in Trieste

The European Chess Union, with the cooperation of the Italian Arbiters’ Commission on behalf of Italian Chess Federation and the FIDE Development Commission, organises a multiple-field training event specially dedicated to female participants, from 1st-7th September in the city of Trieste, Italy.

The objective of the event is to develop women’s activity in Chess as per the priorities set by the European Chess Union for the available FIDE Development Fund for Europe.

Hence, the European Chess Union hosts two Seminars: FA Seminar and IO Seminar to be held concurrently with the Trieste International Chess Festival that runs on September 01-08, 2019, in the City of Trieste, with special provisions for 40 places for female participants funded through the program. For those 40 places, will be covered full board accommodation and FIDE exam fee. Both Seminars will be held in the English language.


The seminars will be hosted in Ippodromo di Montebello, Piazza de Gasperi 4, Trieste TS – Italy c/o the Restaurant Hall. Official Hotel of the seminars will be Hotel Milano, located in Trieste, Italy.

For each Seminar 30 places are available for participants from European Federations. Among them 20 places per seminar, 40 in total are funded by the project: female participants will be granted full board accommodation, free participation, and coverage of Fide Exam fee.

The 40 free places for female participants will be selected according to the following criteria in order:

  • Federations Members: one at least places out of 40 will be granted to each federation applies.
  • Rest participants will be selected according to their chess experience & strength.
  • One female applicant may apply for one or both seminars but can be approved for one depending on the number of applications.


Applications for the seminars shall be sent on email: t.delega@gazeta.pl with a copy to ecu.secretary.general@gmail.com, before the registration deadline Friday, July 19th.

Application form

Official invitation


General, administrative procedures, ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou: secretary.general@gmail.com

Info on seminars and exams: ECU Arbiters’ Council Chairman Mr. Tomasz Delega :  t.delega@gazeta.pl

Logistic, bookings: ECU Arbiters’ Council Councillor Mr. Marco Biagioli and ITA Arbiters’ Commission Councillor Mrs. Franca Dapiran: biagioli@virgilio.it, caf@arbitriscacchi.com

Travel Subsidy for Teams’ Captains/Trainers

By the request of the European Chess Union and approval by the FIDE Development Commission, support of 25,000 euro will be distributed to 10 European  Federations which will take part in the European Team Chess Championship 2019, in Batumi, Georgia (23rd October – 3rd November 2019).

The subsidy will amount 2500 euros for each federation application approved by the ECU and concerns the total expenses for a trainer/captain (travel, hotel expenses, and 1000 euros stipend).

For the support eligible to apply are the European Federations which are placed in the FIDE development levels 2 to 5.

ECU invites those federations, to express their interest to the European Chess Union by a letter till Friday 19th of July 2019, 16.00 CET. In the letter shall be included the name of the Trainer/Captain who shall be a licenced FIDE Trainer and if the federation will compete in open or women section or both.

If the number of requests exceeds the ten (10 x 2500 euros), ECU will select the applications with the following criteria in order:

1. Lowest development level from 5 to 2

2. The applicant federation competes also with a women team.

3. The level and experience of the proposed Captain/Trainer

Eligible European Federations to apply:

  FIDE 2 to 5 Chess development levels
1 Austria 2 Europe
2 Belgium 2 Europe
3 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 Europe
4 Estonia 2 Europe
5 Faroe Islands 2 Europe
6 Finland 2 Europe
7 Ireland 2 Europe
8 Lithuania 2 Europe
9 Luxembourg 2 Europe
10 Moldova 2 Europe
11 Monaco 2 Europe
12 Montenegro 2 Europe
13 North Macedonia 2 Europe
14 Portugal 2 Europe
15 Scotland 2 Europe
16 Slovakia 2 Europe
17 Albania 3 Europe
18 Andorra 3 Europe
19 Kosovo 3 Europe
20 Malta 3 Europe
21 Wales 3 Europe
22 Cyprus 4 Europe
23 Guernsey 4 Europe
24 Jersey 4 Europe
25 Liechtenstein 4 Europe
26 San Marino 4 Europe