To: European National Chess Federations

Re: Invitation for the ECU General Assembly and the ECU Elections 2022

Dear Ladies and Sirs,

I have the pleasure to invite you to the ECU General Assembly and the ECU Elections to be held in Chennai, India on 6th  of August 2022.

According to the published schedule of the FIDE Congress 2022 in Chennai, India the Continental meetings will take place on 6th of August 2022. The exact time and room for the ECU General Assembly will be announced.

In accordance with ECU Statutes, proposals from Members to be included in the agenda must reach the ECU Secretariat, by email, not later than Friday 6th of May 2022.

The President, the Deputy President, two (2) Vice President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer are elected on a combined ticket. Nominations for this ticket shall reach the ECU Secretariat scanned by email, not later than Friday 6th of May 2022.

Nominations for the individual elections of the rest three (3) Vice Presidents shall reach the ECU Secretariat scanned by email, not later than Friday 6th of May 2022.

Nomination papers are obtainable from the ECU Secretariat:

You may find all details regarding electoral process and nominations in the ECU Statutes

All the information about your registration, travel and accommodation will be included in the FIDE Congress 2022 invitation which is expected to be published soon.

ECU acknowledges that in case of force majeure or other emergency situation that seriously impedes the conduct of the ECU General Assembly in Chennai, the venue may be changed by ECU Board decision with a proper and due notice in advance.


Zurab Azmaiparashvili,

ECU President                                              06.04.2022


The 4th ECU Board Meeting in 2020 took place on Saturday 12th of September 2020 through teleconference, with full house and special guests including FIDE Deputy President Mr. Bachar Kouatly and Mrs Laura Barnaba representative of  C.S.E.N. the largest Sports Promotion Body in Italy, which partners with ECU for Erasmus+ projects.

The main areas under discussion and decisions were the following:

1.European Championships of 2020

The official forecast by World Health Organization (WHO) warns that Europe must prepare for a rise in daily COVID-19 cases in October and November. New restrictions imposed by states, borders reclosing and extended quarantine guidelines are announced again.  

Under these conditions the free access of all European federations and players, especially to qualification mass events is not guaranteed while organisers express their concern about the instability of their events. 

ECU Board decided to postpone all European Competitions for 2020, with the exception of the European Rapid and Blitz Championship 2020 in Katowice, Poland (3-6 December 2020) which last only 3 days and will be organised not as an open event but in an invitational format.

2. European Championship 2021 and 2022

The bidding procedure for the year 2022 is canceled and the  European Calendar for coming years is rescheduled :

  • European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2021-
    European Youth Chess Championship 2022 – Romania
  • European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2022-
    European Youth Chess Championship 2023 – Czech Republic:
  • European Women’s Individual Chess Championship 2023-
    European Youth Chess Championship 2024 – Montengero:
  • European Individual Chess Championship 2022 – Slovenia
  • European Club Cup Open and Women 2022 – Austria  

The European School (Greece), Senior (Poland), Senior Teams (Poland), Youth Teams (Greece), Corporate (Holland) and Amateur Championship (Croatia) scheduled in 2020 are moved to 2021 and the respective Championships of 2021 to 2022. For the European Youth Rapid & Blitz in Novisad, Serbia will be a later information.

3. ECU General Assembly 2020

Due to the travel restrictions, ECU Board decided, under special circumstances, to conduct of the 2020 ECU General Assembly through teleconference on Saturday 19 December 2020.  Due to cancelation of the bidding procedure for 2022 the GA will not include in its agenda the selection of venues for 2022.  Proposals for items to be included in the online General Assembly agenda, from European National Chess Federations, can reach ECU Secretariat,  till Monday 19th of October 2020. The technical details of the meeting will be informed by the publishement of the GA Agenda.

4.European Online Championships

The 1st European Online Women’s Club Cup will be held
on 20th-22nd of November 2020 in co-operation with Monte
Carlo Chess Club, under the High Patronage of H.S.H Prince Albert of Monaco. 

The 1st Intercontinental Youth Team Matches will be organised with Judit Polgar Chess Foundation under the aegis of Global Festival and the support of FIDE Development fund on 10th of October 2020. All participants will have a free master class with legend GM Judit Polgar.

5.Training Programs and Camps

Two online Youth Camps will be
organised with top worldwide trainers for the winners of the European Online
Youth Chess Championship.

An 8 months training program has been approved under the command of the European Chess Academy. More details will be announced.

6.Educational Programs

A presentation was made for Erasmus program CGS
project that has been approved by Erasmus+ program (European Union) with a € 420.000

More details here:

ECU Vice President Mrs. Dana Rezniece Ozola and ECU
Chairman of Educational Committee Mr. Jesper Hall reported about the execution
of the common CIS project with FIDE.

ECU will be a partner to the annual London Chess Conference which this year goes online. 

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General

ECU Online Training Series – V2 27.08-28.09

ECU and European Chess Academy organise the second volume of the Lectures program “Improve Your Chess” with leading Chess Trainers worldwide from 27th of August to 28th of September. The lectures are twice a week every Monday and Thursday. You can follow from min 5 lecturers ( entry fee 50 euros), 6, 7 or all 10 lecturers ( entry fee 90 euros 10% discount) selecting your preferred lecturers/dates. The lectures are open for all but recommended for players over 1500 rating. Below all the program and the registration form. You can pay through PayPal with your credit card or though ECU Bank account.

Register Online here:

Choose an Option and Pay entry fee online

INTERNATIONAL CHESS DAY- ECU President in Georgian Mega Show

Today, 20th of July, World celebrates the #InternationalChessDay. The International Chess Federation (FIDE) was founded, 96 years ago on 20th July 1924.

The idea to celebrate this day as the International Chess Day was proposed by UNESCO, and it has been celebrated as such since 1966. On December 12, 2019, the UN General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution recognising the World Chess Day.

On this occasion, ECU decided to make a special promotional #Chess video. ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili visited the Georgian most popular Musical Competition Show “Big stage” at Rustavi 2 Georgian TV Cable and Satellite Channel !

Zurab Azmaiparashvili teaches the judges of show, famous artists, how to play chess and then plays a game with them: the Georgian Composer, Conductor, author of the European Chess Union’a anthem- Nikoloz Rachveli, the violist Giorgi Zagareli and the singer Nato Metonidze.

The special video making by ECU is dedicated to the #InternationalChessDay and thousands of the TV Show fans will follow the lessons and games with their favourites stars! How many will learn to play Chess? A lot (!) since the show is one of the most popular in Georgia!

FIDE President, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, invited the chess world to participate in the International Chess Day action and teach someone how to play chess.

ESET an Official ECU Partner

European Chess Union is delighted to announce ESET as a new ECU partner and also as a sponsor of the European Online Chess Championship (16-31 May 2020).  

ESET is a pioneer of antivirus protection, creating award-winning threat detection software.  ESET’s goal is to make sure that everybody can enjoy the breathtaking opportunities that technology offers. ESET security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories to make the most of the digital world.

ESET is currently the #1 endpoint security partner from European Union.

Winners* and the Organising Committee of the European Online Championship will receive one of 100 licenses for ESET’s leading software, ESET Internet Security. ESET Internet Security offers legendary cybersecurity technology for advanced protection against internet threats.

*Details about the new prizes will be announced.

European Open Chess Championship postponed to 8-21 December

The European Open Chess Championship 2020 was scheduled from 17th to 30th of May 2020 in Podčetrtek, Slovenia  

Due to the Pandemic and the Force majeure situation , Slovenian Chess Federation and European Chess union have decided to postpone the Championship to 8-21 December 2020.

Venue and conditions remain the same.

Bookings have been already made and deposits will be transferred to the new dates and in case that participants will not be able to attend will be fully refunded for their hotel bookings and registration fees by the organisers.  

For more information please follow the official website:

European Senior Chess Championship postponed

The European Senior Chess Championship 2020 was scheduled for 17th to 27th of April in Jastrzebia Gora, Poland.  

The event involve the travel and presence of about 200 players and others at the venue. Given the current health with the declared pandemic of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), instruction of WHO, sports and National Health authorities for people over age 60 to avoid travels and crowed places, as also concerns expressed by many participants, European Chess Union and Polish Chess Federation set as priority the protection of the public health. 

In view of the above, Polish Chess Federation and Adolf Anderssen Foundation after consultation with ECU have decided the event to be postponed. New dates will be announced. 

Bookings have been already made and deposits will be transferred to the new dates and in case that participants will not be able to attend will be fully refunded for their hotel bookings and registration fees by the organisers.  

For any new information please follow the official website:

We would like to note that due to the fact that the reason for the postponement is force majeure due to pandemic,neither Polish Chess Federation and organizers, neither ECU can be responsible for other expenses incurred by participants, including travel expenses and air tickets. Many companies have decided to redirect to new dates/destinations or refund tickets that canceled due to the global threat of (COVID-19). 

For the European Championships Open and Women scheduled for May 17th in Slovenia and May 31st in Romania the final evaluation will be made in the beginning of April monitoring daily the situation internationally and locally. ECU strongly advices participants to refrain for making air-ticket bookings till then or to make bookings for refundable or re-routing tickets.   


European Chess Union published in June 2019 the ECU Brand Book with aim of standardization of ECU logos, banners, medals and certificates, which shall be used at all European Chess Union official events.

The ECU Brand Book contains:

1. “Certificate” – editable two templates of Certificates, which are placed on the ECU website, and are available for downloading by the organizers of ECU events


2. “Diploma” – editable template which is available for downloading on ECU Website and can be downloaded by organizers of ECU official events


3. ECU master logo – all types of the ECU logo and examples of ECU logo usage on banners, desk flags or flags (2 type – color and white), which are available on ECU website for the organizers of the ECU official events

desk flags

4. Medal 6×6 – Medals of each ECU official events shall be designed as ECU branded medals. Design of the medals is available on ECU website, while plaques and medals sets are available in ECU Brand Book



ECU Brand Book, together with Medals design, ECU Master logo and templates for Certificates and Diplomas can be downloaded bellow or here.



The 1st Workshop “Equal Opportunities” took place on the 20th and 21st of September in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event was organised by the FIDE DIS Commission, European Chess Union, Greek Paralympic Committee, and the Hellenic Sport Association for Persons with Disabilities. The Organisers, Trainers and Arbiters Workshops were attended by 30 participants, who had the opportunity to discuss issues concerning the training and participation of players with impairments in chess tournaments.


On Friday, 20th of September, IO Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, FST Thomas Luther and IA Marco Biagioli, made special presentations for Organisers, Trainers and Arbiters respectively. The lectures offered to the participants in-depth knowledge about the FIDE Guidelines on treatment of disabled chess players, as well as about technical details that should be considered when organising a chess tournament. All the lecturers stressed out the importance of properly educated trainers, arbiters and technical staff, who are at all times ready to assist the players and to ensure the safety and the best conditions for the players.


On the second day, the participants were welcomed to the Hotel Electra Palace by Mrs Voula Patoulidou, Vice Governor of Thessaloniki, former Greek hurdle gold medalist on behalf of the city of Thessaloniki. Mrs Thomai Thodoraki, greeted the participants on behalf of the Hellenic Sport Federation for Persons with Disabilities.


Mrs Voula Patoulidou, Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

Mr Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of European Chess Union expressed his contentment about these initiatives and shared with the participants some of his experiences as a chess player and chess organiser. Mr. Azmaiparashvili revealed also that this year and during the ceremony “European Golden Pawn” ECU will award the writer Mr. Ruben Gallego for his well-known Novel “White on Black”. The book is the story of Ruben Gallego childhood who was born with a cerebral palsy.


ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili. Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

Mrs Sonja Johnson, Secretary of the FIDE Planning and Development Commission expressed her excitement at the prospect of giving people of all abilities a chance to participate events and get the support they require. Mrs Johnson presented the FIDE Development program, the progress and the results till now and she emphasized that social projects are a priority for FIDE, and this is why this Workshop is supported by the program.


Mrs Sonja Johnson. Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

Mr Elias Mastoras, President of the NGO Youthorama presented the Global campaign “A ball for all” referring to the special ball created and distributed for the visual impairment persons.  Mr. Mastoras presented the special video produced by Youthorama and UEFA with the main message “Yes We Can”.


Mr Elias Mastoras. Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

Dr Dimitrios Patatoukas, Medical officer of the Hellenic Sports Federation for persons with Disabilities spoke about the new directions from the World Health Organisation and presented international guidelines about the accessibility of playing venues for all types of sports.


Mr Dimitrios Patatoukas. Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

Mr Thomas Luther, Chairman of FIDE DIS Commission and Mrs Dora Martinez member of FIDE DIS Commission spoke about the impact of World Junior Chess Championship for the Disabled, organised in New York, on the young participants and how the coverage of the tournament by CNN has brought the international attention. They also shared details about the future plans of the Commission.


Mr Thomas Luther. Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

Mr Seckin Serpil, member of FIDE DIS and TSF Sponsorship & Projects Commission spoke about Chess as a means of Communication and the aims of the project “Chess without Boundaries”.


Mr Seckin Serpil. Photo by: Ulrike Vogel

The afternoon session of the second day was held at the AMO Galaxias Chess Club, were the participants on working groups reflected on the topics that had been issued during the workshop and shared many examples that they have personally encountered during various tournaments and summarized the results of the Workshop. The most important points:

  • Chess, as sport, has the unique advantage that all can play under equal & fair conditions in the same competition.
  • FIDE and European Chess Union shall update and make more detailed guidelines for the accessibility and rest facilities of the venues. International standards shall be adopted and included in the bidding procedure and inspection of the venues. The guidelines shall be further adopted by the Chess Federations for their National Championships.
  • There is lack of chess training methods for persons with impairments. In co-operation with expertised trainers & educators guides for training shall be drafted for the further development.
  • It is a necessity specialized doctors to assist analyzing the situation for the different kind of impairments and consult in related issues arising in the world and continental championships. More specifically is proposed a doctor/physician to be an assistant to the FIDE DIS Commission.
  • It shall be further advised to the National federations to appoint an officer/board member responsible for the players with disabilities. A job description with the specific tasks, should be made by FIDE and European Chess Union.
  • The organisation of the 1st Workshop was successful, and the initiative shall be continued in more venues and Continents. A role model is available now for the future Workshops.
  • European Chess Union is committed contributing to the further development and the next imitative focusing in a conference at the level of Paralympic Committees.

At the end of the workshop all participants were presented with an attendance certificate by DIS Chairman GM Thomas Luther.



On the 9th of September, ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili visited Graz, the city the ECU was founded in 1985, to  congratulate Professor Kurt Jungwirth for his 90th birthday anniversary on 3rd of September.

ECU President accompanied by the President of Austrian Chess Federation, Mr. Christian Hursky and Mr. Boris Kutin, President of European Chess Union from 1998 to 2010, delivered to Professor Kurt Jungwirth the ECU gifts, the “Winner” Painting and the Ruben Gallegos’s wellknown book “White on Black, A Boy’s Story”.

the winner

The  Painting “Winner” by the Bellarussain Artist Marta Shmatava is dedicated to the game of chess. The painting is from the series “Walking”. The series about mood of people in the way, when thoughts exist apart from the body:  flowing memories, plans are in the mind, the former and the future – all together in one moment.


The book “White on Black” by Gallego Ruben expresses an extraordinary personal testament, the story of one boy’s triumph in the face of impossible obstacles.