Mediterranean Chess Championship kicked off

Mediterranean Chess Championship 2021 and European School Chess Individual Cup 2021 kicked off yesterday in Petrovac, Montenegro.

The events are simultaneously played in Hotel Palas, with participation of 128 players from 20 countries in the Mediterranean Chess Championship.

The events were officially opened by ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili who addressed all the players during the Opening ceremony which took place on Friday, June 18th.

European School Individual Cup 2021 is played as a combined event (blitz, rapid, classical time control) within 2 different age categories: U9 and U15.

The 11th Mediterranean Chess Championship is played according to Swiss system, 9 rounds, with time control 90 minutes per player for 40 moves, plus 15 minutes till the end of the game, with increment of 40 seconds for each move, starting from move one.

The battlefield is led by 15 Grandmasters, among whom the top seed is GM Ivan Saric (CRO, 2645) – European Individual Chess Champion 2018, GM Zdenko Kouzl (CRO, 2597) – European Individual Chess Champion 2006, GM Kadric Denis (BIH, 2586), GM Sanal Vahap (TUR, 2546) and others.

Starting list of the players and results can be found here.

The Winner of the event will be declared the Champion of Mediterannean for 2021, while the best ranked female player will become the Women’s Mediterannean Champion.

The total prize fund of the event is 10.500 EUR, with 1.200 EUR reserved for the Champion of the event.

Official regulations of both events can be found here.

EUROPEAN CLUB CUP 2021 – Official regulations

The 36th European Club Cup and the 25th European Club Cup for Women will take place from 17th-25th September 2021 in Struga, Ohrid Lake, North Macedonia.

The championships will be held in 7 rounds, played in the Swiss system in accordance with the ECU Tournament Rules. According to FIDE and ECU rules, the time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

Each European federation is allowed to take part in this
competition. According to the regulations, participation is open to:

  • Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova, Italy, the current cup holder in the open competition.
  • Five (5) clubs per federation in which a national team championship is organized or four (4) clubs per federation in which no national team championship is organized.
    There is no restriction how the clubs will be selected by the National federations
  • Any additional request for participation should be examined by the ECU Board
  • In the Women competition all the club members of ECU Federations are allowed to participate.
  • Clubs shall be registered through the National chess Federations or direct if there is no objection from the National Chess Federation. 
  • All players fees and compositions restrictions are waived only for the year 2021 by decision of the ECU Board. 

Every federation that intends to participate, with one or more clubs, must inform the Organizing Committee before August 01, 2021 of its acceptance of the invitation, specifying also the exact number of the clubs participating. A copy should be sent to the Tournament Director Mr. Petr Pisk , e-mail:

Afterwards, entry forms must be completed and returned to the Tournament office email; with copy mail to: no later than August 01, 2021.

The date of August 15, 2021, is the registration deadline. The basic team composition shall be submitted with the entry form.

The complete registration form must include SURNAME/s, FIRSTNAME/s, FIDE_ID number, FIDE_RATING and FIDE_TITLE, and PASSPORT_NUMBER of each player. It must also include the name and telephone / e-mail / fax number of the Chief of Delegation and of the person in charge of the Club. The Organizing Committee will contact each of the Teams to confirm the registration and booking.

The open teams shall be composed of six (6) players and two (2) reserves

For the women competition the teams shall be composed of four (4) players and one (1) reserve.

The OPEN event will be held in the 5* hotel Izgrev, Struga, Ohrid lake.

The Women event will be held in 4* hotel Drim, Struga, Ohrid Lake, beside river Drim.

The total prize fund of the event is 44.000 Euros. The first ranked 3 teams will receive trophies. Each team member of the winning clubs open & women (players, reserves and captain) will receive a gold medal. The team members of the 2nd and 3rd placed clubs will each receive a silver and bronze medal respectively.

The total prizes value of 44.000 Euros will be distributed as follows:

In addition, two (2) individual prize of 500 EUR, will be given to the players with the best performance from a “European Small Nations” club. (FIDE Zone 1.10).

Contact information:

The official website of the European Club Cup 2021 is

Contact information: Tel: +389 70 247247,  IO Zoran Stojcevski

European Club Cup 2021 – Official Regulations


The third ECU Board meeting in 2021 took place on Wednesday 9th of June through teleconference. 

ECU Board discussed the reports of European Online and Hybrid Competitions, which were organized from March to May 2021 and expresses its satisfaction with the level and results of the events. For the European Hybrid Qualifier Tournament, ECU thanks National Chess Federations, who went to great lengths to organize the venues well and also show great concentration in the anti-cheating guidelines.

ECU Board was informed about the projects concluded by the support of FIDE Development fund and especially the actions in cooperation with FIDE Women’s Commission and FIDE Commission for the Disabled. 

The Board approved the 2020 accounts and financial statements, noting that the financial sustainability of ECU has not been affected in this difficult year due to drastic cuts in the annual budget. However, the ECU program remained active online with many competitions, webinars, and online conferences.

European Chess Championships

  • The European Open and Women Club Cup 2021 will take place at Ohrid Lake, North Macedonia from the 17th to the 25th of September 2021, with 44.000 prize fund.
  • The European Open and Women Club Cup  2022 will be organised in Austria.
  • The European Women Club Cup 2023 will be organized in Monaco.
  • The European Team Chess Championship 2021 will be organized in Terme Omilia, Slovenia, from the 11th to the 22nd of November 2021.
  • The European Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship will be organized in Katowice, Poland from the 16th to the 19th of December 2021.
  • The European Individual Senior Championship 2021 will be organized by the Italian Chess Federation. Expected to start on 25th of September. Exact schedule will be announced.
  • The European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship is scheduled in Novisad,Serbia from the 26th to 31st of December 2021.
  • The European Corporate Championship 2021 in Rotterdam postponed for 2022.
  • For European Youth Chess Championship 2021 the decision will be made in early July, taking into account travel conditions and restrictions in Europe especially for young players
  • European School Chess Championship 2021 will be held online. Exact schedule will be announced.
  • European Small Nations Team Chess Championship 2021 will be held in Malta from 27th November to 5th December with the ECU support.

The Board of ECU is aware that the chess calendar for the months August-December 2021 is full of national and international events after the long break of the over the board activities. However, holding more competitions in conjunction with the organisers requests than being cancelled for this year is a positive step.

Bidding Procedure

The bidding process for European Championships available in 2023 will open with a deadline of October 1, 2021 to submit bids. Championships not organised in 2021 will be carried over to 2022 and 2023.

ECU General Assembly 2021

The ECU General Assembly 2021 will take place in Terme, Omilia Slovenia during the European Team Chess Championship.


Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

ECU Secretary General

European Women Individual Chess Championship – 20 June Registration Deadline

European Women Individual Chess Championship 2021 will take place from 8th-21st of August 2021, in Iasi, Romania,

The event will be played in 11 rounds, Swiss system, with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from /move one.

The total prize fund of the event will be 60.000 EUR.

The 21st European Individual Women Chess Championship is a qualification event for the FIDE Women’s World Cup 2022 or 2023. According to the FIDE regulations and the ECU Board decision, at least 10 players will qualify. The number of qualification spots may be increased with a decision prior to the start of the Championship.

Prize list:

All players and accompanying persons shall be accommodated in the official ****UNIREA Hotel due to the special sanitary measures for the conduct of the championship. Unirea Hotel is the official playing venue of the event.

The event is open for all players representing the Chess Federations members of the European Chess Union, regardless of their title or rating. Applications should be sent by national federations and there is no limit of participants per federation. Registration deadline is 20th of June 2021.

All players and accompanying persons shall be accommodated in the official ****UNIREA Hotel due to the special sanitary measures for the conduct of the championship.

All the players should follow medical protocol which is described in the Official Regulations of the event that can be downloaded down below.

Official Website of the event

European Women Individual Chess Championship 2021- Official Regulationsns

Contact information:
Tournament Director: IO Elena Cristian +40 723309101
Romanian Chess Federation: GM Constantin Ionescu, General Secretary,

Queens’ Festival – Connecting Women in Chess

The Global Women’s Online Chess Challenge “The Queens’ Festival”, a series of continental and global women’s online chess tournaments and educative side events, will start on June 11, 2021. 

The Queen’s Festival is a unique all-inclusive event with the aim to develop a strong global community of women in chess and enhance participation of women in all aspects of chess life. 

Built on the recent success and appeal of the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”, this event promotes female players, organizers, arbiters, influencers, leaders, and rising stars of all levels, backgrounds and countries.

Players from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas will first be able to participate in the Continental Online Blitz Qualification Tournaments and those who qualify will advance to the Queens’ Online Individual and Team Finals.

European Online Blitz Qualification Tournament will be played on 19th of June. The event will be played in 11 rounds, Swiss System, with time control: 3 min + 2 sec per move starting from move 1. Top three teams will qualify for the Queens’ Online Final Team Blitz.

Players will compete in four rating categories
Category A: > 2100
Category B: 1800-2099
Category C: 1500-1799
Category D: < 1500, unrated

Each country can register four female players (one in each category) free of charge, see the Tournament Regulations for more details.

Registration deadline for Qualification Tournaments in Europe and America is extended until Wednesday, June 16, 2021, while the registration deadline for Qualification Tournaments in Africa and Asia is extended until next Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

You can view the Regulations here.

Registrations for the tournaments are made by the National Federations by filling this Excel file and sending it to the organizers’ email address:

For those interested in various chess-related topics, we have prepared seminars and networking events with special guests including Dana Reizniece-OzolaDinara SaduakassovaJennifer ShahadeSusan NamangaleRegina PokornaSarkhan Gashimov, Dr. Gnounewou Fopa Seraphin and others.

Registration form for side events can be found here.

The festival is organized by FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess in cooperation with FIDE Events Commission and with the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as Asian Chess Federation, African Chess Confederation, European Chess Union, and Confederation of Chess for Americas.


ECU E-Magazine May 2021 is out!

The May 2021 edition of the ECU E-Magazine can be read online together with interactive links and videos on the following link or can be doawnloaded as a PDF file down bellow.

In this edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • European Hybrid Qualification Tournament
  • Mitropa Cup 2021
  • ECU Girls’ and Women’s Weekend
  • Online workshop “Equal opportunities”
  • European Individual Chess Championship 2021
  • Upcoming events in June
  • Arbiters Corner
  • Legends Questions
  • Fun Zone

ECU E-Magazine May 2021 – Download here

International Organisers Webinar

The Webinar for FIDE International Organizers will take place from June 28 – July 1.

The event is organized by European Chess Union in cooperation with FIDE Events Commission and FIDE Women’s Commission, co-funded by FIDE Development Fund.

The event will be organized for maximum 60 participants

  • 15 female participants from any European federation, supported by FIDE Development fund
  • 15 participants from European Small Nations (Zone 1.10) – Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Moldavia, supported by FIDE Development fund
  • 30 participants from any FIDE Chess Federation member with entry fee.

The deadline for registration is Friday 25th June 2021. The registration form can be found on the following link.

The Webinar which will be held in English language :

Contact: Technical Organizer will be IO Mikhail Prevenios:

Seminar Topics:

  • Regulations FIDE Events (General Regulations, Specific Regulations, Bid Procedure)
  • Events’ Management
  • Ratings and Titles – Tournament Conditions
  • Titles applications and Tournament experience
  • Organisation of Online and Hybrid Events

The registration fee is 50 EUR, and the payment can be done Online, through the following link or through the ECU Bank Account.

Successful Seminar attendees will grant a FIDE IO Norm necessary for the FIDE IO title application.

All the details can be found in the official invitation of the Webinar.

ECU_FIDE Internet Seminar for International Organizers_2021

Webinar for Erasmus #Friday June 18


European National Chess Federations and their partners

Schedule: 18 June 3-5 PM CET in a ZOOM-meeting.


During the meeting you will be presented with the new rules for Erasmus+, how you make an application for an Erasmus+ project, what the process looks like, what the key factors for success are, and general advice. Practical examples of successful application of projects will be presented.

The next step is that persons, federations, or chess organizations can send in ideas for applications to the course leaders. The best ones will be pitched in a follow-up online-seminar, time decided later, to get feedback from the course leaders and the participants. The language will be English.

Course leaders

Jesper Bergmark Hall, Chairman of ECU Education, that is an experienced applicator and project manager. 

Alessandro Dominici, member of ECU Education and founder of Alfieri Bianco, that is the most successful applicator for chess projects from Erasmus+

Sign up for the seminar

European Individual Chess Championship 2021- official invitation

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 will take place from August 26th (1st round) – September 5th in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Championship will be played according to the ECU Tournament Rules Swiss system of 11 rounds.

The European Individual Chess Championship 2021 is a qualifying event for the FIDE World Cup 2023 with 23 qualification spots.

The total prize fund is 100,000EUR, with 20.000EUR reserved for the Winner of the event. Besides the regular prizes, there will be special prizes for best junior players, best women players, best senior players and prizes for the 5 highest placed ACP Premium Members.

The official venue of the championship is Hotel Natura, a historic place with a rich history of chess events held there. Bobby Fischer stayed at this hotel during his 1972 World Championship match against Boris Spassky. A replica of the famous table used in 1972 can be found at the hotel. Several other high-profile events have been held at the hotel, including the 1977 Spassky vs. Hort Candidates match and the 1991 GMA World Cup. as well as the GMA World Cup in 1991.

The event is open to all players representing the Chess Federations which are members of the European Chess Union, regardless of their title or rating. There is no limit to participants per federation. However, applications can only be sent by national federations.

Registration deadline is July 15th.. Prolongation of the registration deadline may be possible for some federations if a very special reason is presented as a justification for the delay.

Contact information

Contact person: Gunnar Björnsson

Official web site:

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 – Official regulations

Vladislav Artemiev wins European Hybrid Swiss Tiebreaks

European Hybrid Swiss tiebreak took place yesterday as a 9 rounds Swiss tournament, deciding the distribution of 32.000 EUR prize pool.

36 qualifiers for the FIDE World Cup 2021 participated the Finals. After 9 played rounds, two players tied for the top scoring 6.5 points each: Vladislav Artemiev (RUS, 2709) and Aleksandar Indjic (SRB, 2607).

Additional tiebreak criteria decided that European Chess Champion 2019 – Vladislav Artemiev – takes the 1st prize, while Indjic came second.

Pavel Ponkratov (RUS, 2624) earned the third prize as he had better additional criteria than Haik Martirosyan (ARM, 2637). Both players scored 6 points to tie for the third place.

Final rankings can be found here.

During the final day, ECU Live studio with WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili and GM Marcin Tazbir hosted special guests.

Reelected President of the Icelandic Chess Federation and ECU Deputy President Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson joined the studio and spoke about the details and preparations for the upcoming European Chess Championship 2021 in Reykjavik. The invitation will be published this week.

Shortly after, FIDE General Director Mr. Emil Sutovsky joined the live studio of the European Hybrid Qualification Chess Tournament giving valuable information for the World Cup qualifiers.

European Qualification Tournament is over and European Chess Union is thankful to the Arbiters team led by Takis Nikolopoulos.

Besides the central Panel Arbiters and ECU Arbiter Council , who actively participated in the preparations, a total of 82 Arbiters achieved a special condition event with 0 Appeals and no cheating case to be reported. We would like to sincerely thank the Arbiters team, Tornelo Team, the Broadcasting team and ECU officers and National Chess Federations who supported daily the competition.

A total team of 100 persons made the European Hybrid Qualification Tournament possible.