ECU E-Magazine February 2021 is out!

In this edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • Communique of the 2nd ECU Board meeting
  • Opera Euro Rapid
  • European Online Amateur Chess Championship
  • European Parliamentary Online Chess Tournament
  • European Online Club Cup
  • French Chess Federation celebrates 100 years anniversary
  • Arbiters corner
  • Legends Questions – Meet GM Alexander Khalifman
  • Fun Zone

ECU E-Magazine can be read online together with interactive links and videos on the following link, or can be downloaded in a PDF format down below.

ECU E-Magazine February 2021- PDF Download


European Online Amateur Chess Championship will take place from 10th-28th April 2021, on the Tornelo playing platform.

The event will be played in 4 rating categories:

  • A – For players rated 1000-1400 (Standard FIDE rating- April 2021 rating list)
  • B – For players rated 1401-1700 ( Standard FIDE rating- April 2021 rating list )
  • C – For players rated 1701-2000 ( Standard FIDE rating- April 2021 rating list )
  • D – For players rated 2001-2300 ( Standard FIDE rating- April 2021 rating list )

The event will be played according to the Swiss System for all rating groups with time Control: 10 min + 2 sec bonus increment

Day – 1 All groups: Qualification Stage,
8 rounds, minimum 250 qualifiers to the final stage.

Day – 2 Final Stage, 9 rounds, 250 players.

Any player belonging to one European National Chess Federation has the right to participate. Participants without a valid FIDE ID can issue one through their National Chess Federation (is a fast procedure).

The tournament(s) is not valid for FIDE Rating.

The entry fee is fifteen (15,00) euros for each participant or twenty (20,00) euros for any participant who wishes to start from the upper rating category.  

Registrations and entry fee payments are available online per category:

Group: 1000 – 1400:

Group: 1401 – 1700:

Group: 1701 – 2000:

Group: 2001 – 2300:

European Chess Union will orgnise also the test events, recommendable for players who didn’t use Tornelo server before. Timing of the test events is attached to regulations of the event.


In each rating category the Winner is awarded the “European Online Chess Champion” title and the 1st Woman the “European Online Women’s Chess Champion” title in the respective category.

European Online Champions, Silver and Bronze medallists will receive a special ECU e-Certificate.

Every day, the names of the Qualifiers, Champions and prize-winners will be announced by the European Chess Union in and in the official ECU website:

All participants will receive an ECU e-certificate of Participation.

Prize list:

All the details about the event can be found in Official regulations, down bellow:

European Online Amateur Chess Championship 2021- Official Regulations

100 years French Chess Federation

For the occasion of 100 years anniversary of French Chess Federation, the International Conference for Chess History Publicite will take place on 20th of March 2021.

On 19 Macrh 1921, the French Chess Federation was founded. The Conference wishes to contribute to the celebration of its 100th birthday by exploring the significance of France as a chess nation for the development of chess in other European countries. To this effect, renown chess historians from France, Germany, England, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic are invited to present their research on the topic.

The Conference will be held online via ZOOM on Saturday, 20 March 2020. Speakers will give their speeches before their screen at home, supported by a PowerPoint Presentation of around 20 minutes. All participants can follow the conference at the screen at home, by dialing into the specific Zoom-Link. Each presentation will be followed by a session with Questions and Answers with the participants.

Program of the Conference:

  • 9.00 Welcome by a representative of the French Chess Federation (Yves Marek, President ad interim)
  • 9.15 The Chapais Manuscript: Origin, Author and Significance for Chess Theory (Herbert Bastian)
  • 10.00 Deschappelles – Mythes et Réalités (Pierre Baudrier)
  • 10.30 Coffee break
  • 11.00 L’organisation des échecs en France avant la création de la Fédération nationale en 1921 (Jean-Olivier Leconte)
  • 11.45 Kieseritzky, Harrwitz, Rosenthal – the first foreign chess professionals in France (Frank Hoffmeister, confirmed)
  • 12.30 Sleeping amidst their visions: Polish chessplayers – students, emigrants, refugees and professionals in France in the second half of the XIX century (Tomasz Lissowski)
  • Lunch Break
  • 14.00 Chess Connections between Spain and France (José Garcon)
  • 14.45 The Role of Philidor and his successors for British Chess (Richard Eales)
  • 15.30 Coffee Break
  • 16.00 Alexander Petroff – The northern Philidor (Vlastimil Fiala)
  • 16.45 Alekhine en France (Dennis Teyssou)
  • 17.30 Conclusions and Future Research (Jean-Olivier Leconte, Herbert Bastian, Frank Hoffmeister)

Participation is open to the public free of charge. Anyone who wishes to register can send an e-mail to either Herbert Bastian (, Frank Hoffmeister ( or Jean-Olivier Leconte (

International Conference for Chess History Publicité


The 2nd ECU Board meeting in 2021 took place on Saturday 20h of February 2021 through teleconference with main item the European Qualification system for the World Championship Cycle.

  1. Icelandic Chess Federation confirmed that cannot organize the European Open Championship in Reykjavik till May 2021 due to travel restrictions and quarantine measures still existing in Iceland and all Europe.  European Chess Union exhausted all limits to organize the event in Reykjavik within the time limits set by the regulations for the FIDE World Cup 2021. Even, as expected, the health conditions could be much better in Europe till mid of May this competition and any qualification event cannot be organized with a few weeks’ notice taking in account the venue, hotels, travel and visas arrangements. 
  2. ECU and Icelandic Chess federation persist to organize (subject to better travel conditions and an official invitation by May) the European Championship 2021 in Reykjavik between August and September 2021, being a part of the next World Championship Cycle (FIDE World Cup 2023). Exact dates will be announced by the Icelandic Chess Federation the following days.
  3. The European Open Chess Championship 2022 will be organized in Podčetrtek, Slovenia from March 27th (arrival) to April 9th  (departure) 2022 and is a part of World Championship cycle.
  4. The Romanian Chess Federation confirmed the European Women Chess Championship 2021 in Iasi, Romania. The event is schedule for the first half of June but may rescheduled for later in the summer with a new announcement in March. 

Concerning the qualification stage for FIDE World Cup 2021, the European Chess Union Board taking in account:

a) The existing health conditions, and travel restrictions in Europe
b) The re-confirmation by FIDE that World Cup 2021 will be organized in Russia starting in the first half of July and so the continentals qualification stages shall be completed by May 2021.
c) The quality of the European representation
d) The main principle that qualification to FIDE World Cup shall not be restricted by any criteria of nominations or further geographical distribution that will exclude in advance a big number of European players made the following decisions:

  1. Forty (40) additional spots were set for the European players for FIDE World Cup 2021. ECU Board on its meeting on January 2020 in Larnaca, Cyprus decided not to keep 50% of these additional spots for the European qualification stages but to be distributed to forty (40) European federations. This decision ensured the wide geographical\federations representation to FIDE World Cup. Additionally, one (1) spot was awarded to the 10 federations of European Small nations (Zone 10.1) that do not get any of these 40 spots. This decision ensures the wide geographical\federations representation to FIDE World Cup.
  2. Ten (10) spots will be awarded to the highest European rated players (average rating 1st July 2020-  1st June 2021) after the 13 top FIDE rated players, World Champion and  World Cup 2019 four (4) finalists spots will be calculated and announced by FIDE. This decision ensures the participation to at least 20 top European rated players and the quality of European representation. 
  3. Thirty-six (36) spots will be awarded through a European Hybrid Qualification event that will be organized in 9 rounds from 22nd to 30th of May.  This decision ensures, under the current conditions the access to qualification to hundreds of players and many more through the national pre-qualification events. 

The exact regulations for the European Hybrid Qualification event will be finalized and announced by the mid of March but the main organizational terms are the following:  

A. Participation:

  • European Players with 2600+ Rating (January 2021 rating list)
  • 5 players per federation or 8 players per federation if the federation organize a national qualification event on a format selected by the federation. In this case shall be provided to ECU the standings with the players registration. 

B. The venues will follow the rules of all over the board chess events, including scanning of players in entrance to the playing hall and moving in the area.

C. Federations that will take part will propose the assistant local arbiter(s) and 1 International ECU Qualified on Online events Arbiter per venue that will be the Chief Arbiter in another county’s venue taking in account the distances. Details will be announced but the rule is a foreigner Chief Arbiter on each venue. 

D. ECU will appoint the central arbiters panel that will monitor and co-ordinate all event. All the decisions will be made by arbiters. The system of transmission of moves between the venues will foresee a backup solution.

E. Each federation can nominate up to two (2) venues. ECU will examine exceptional cases but, in any case, a request for a venue shall accommodate at least 5 players and the appointment and accommodation of extra arbiters. Players can play in the most convenient county/venue avoiding traveling to its own country.

F. The hybrid event will have a 30,000 euros prize fund supported by the FIDE Continental Development fund.


Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General

ECU_CL3_2021_Communique of the ECU_Board


Wesley So wins the third event of the Champions Chess Tour, Opera Euro Rapid, after defeating the reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Wesley So and Magnus Carlsen played a two-match Final, and after a 2-2 tie in the first match, So took the lead with a victory in the first round of the second match. The rest of three games ended in a draw and Wesley So was announced as the Winner of Opera Euro Rapid.

Magnus Carlsen as a runner up won the 2nd place the 15.000$ prize.

Teimour Radjabov was convincing in the matches for the third place played against Vachier-Lagrave Maxime, and won both matches to win the third prize.

The event was LIVE broadcasted together with LIVE commentaries by GM David Howell and IM Jovanka Houska, hosted by Kaja Snare.

Details can be found on the Official Website of the event.

Calendar of ECU Events- CL No2/2021

Dear Chess Friends,

As we have already announced, ECU Board and Commissions have prepared a number of activities for the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, please find information about the European Universities Games 2021 which are scheduled from 14th to 27th July 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia.

European Online Competitions

1) The 1st European Online Open Club Cup will be organized in co-operation with Monaco Chess Federation from 27th to 31st March 2021. Attached the regulations.
Clubs/Teams can register here.

2) The 1st European Online Parliamentary Championship will be organized on Friday 16th April 2021. Attached the regulations.
Members of European Parliaments can register here.

Educational Arbiters & Training Programs

1) ECU Educational Commission and Chess Plus organize an Open day on Saturday 13th of February to introduce the three (3) ECU Teacher Courses. Meet the instructors, raise your questions and learn more about the ECU certificated teacher training courses. You can register here.
The next ECU1 Teachers Course is scheduled for 20th and 21st February. You can register here.
The next ECU2 Course “Teaching Mathematics through Chess” is scheduled for 27th and 28th of February. You can register here.

2) The ECU Arbiters Council conducted in January two Arbiters Online Certification Courses for titled Arbiter. The available seats for participants were fully booked in few days after the opening of registrations.
The 3rd Arbiters Online certification course will be organized from 23rd to 26th of February. There are still available seats for the webinar. Information and registration here.

3) The European Chess Academy will organize the 3rd part of the program “Improve Your Chess” starting on 22nd of February. Information and registration here.

European Universities Games 2021

The European Universities Games 2021 will take place from 14th to 27th July 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia. Chess is among the 21 sports included in the official program after a partnership signed in 2015 between ECU and EUSA.
The Chess Competition is scheduled from 18th to 24th of July.

Attached you can find more information and a guide for registrations through the National Universities Sports Associations.
For more information about the EUG 2021 in Belgrade visit .

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General


European Parliamentary Friendship Online Chess Tournament will take place on Friday 16th April 2021, starting from 15.30 CET, through Tornelo online playing platform.

The event will be played in 7 rounds, Swiss system, with time control: 10 min + 2 seconds per player. The event will be played as individual Championship, but the cumulative results of the best 3 players of each national Parliament or EU Parliament, will decide the Team standings.

The event is open to all members of the Parliaments of the European countries and to members of the European Union Parliament.

Registrations are made by the players or their representatives via official email and through the online entry form. Participation is free of any fees.

Registration opens on 15th February and will close on 11th April.


  • The first Team is the European Parliament Chess Champion 2021. The second and third teams win the silver and bronze medals.
  • Prizes for Team Winners:
    1st Winner Team – Special ECU Trophy
    2nd Winner Team –     Special ECU Trophy
    3rd Winner Team –      Special ECU Trophy
  • Individual winners:
    The first 3 winners of individual standings win e-medals, certificates and 3 wooden chess set with board and 3 special chess books.
  • The first 3 players without FIDE Rating win e-medals and 3 wooden chess set with board and 3 special chess books.
  • E-Certificates will be offered to all participants in the tournament

Official regulations- European Parliamentary Online Championship


ECU E-Magazine January 2021 is out!

In this edition of the ECU E-Magazine you may read about:

  • Communique of the ECU Board Meeting
  • Tata Steel Chess 2021
  • European Online Chess Club Cup 2021
  • Open Day webinar with Chess Plus
  • Upcoming ECU Training Courses
  • Upcoming Training course “Improve Your Chess” vol3
  • Online ECU Arbiter Certification Course
  • Arbiters corner
  • Legends Questions – Meet GM Lev Alburt
  • Fun Zone

ECU E-Magazine January 2021 can be read online together with interactive links: or can be downloaded down bellow.

ECU E-Magazine January 2021 – PDF Download


After very intense finish of the 83rd edition of Tata Steel Chess, 21 years old Jorden Van Foreest (NED, 2671) won the event after taking a victory in the tiebreaks against Anish Giri (NED, 2764).

Jorden Van Foreest and Anish Giri tied for the first place after 13 played rounds, and the title needed to be determined in the tiebreak match. After two draws, the Armageddon brought to Giri white pieces, and Van Foreest needed only a draw to claim the title of the Winner.

In the exciting Armageddon, Giri took early advantage and reached a winning position but then made a blunder to enter the drawish endgame. With blunders and time trouble on the both sides, the game was ended as a loss on time for Dutch No.1 Grandmaster, Anish Giri, in the position where he had clear material advantage and winning position.

Jorden Van Foreest took the throne of the prestigious Wijk aan Zee event, as the first Grandmaster for Netherlands who won the event after 36 years, since 1985!

Third place came to another youngster, 18 years old Andrey Esipenko (RUS, 2677) having better tiebreaks than: Fabiano Caruana (USA, 2823) and Firouzja Alireza (FIDE, 2749) who had the same score of 8/13 points, each.

Details about the event can be found on the Official website.

Photos from Official website of the event


European Online Chess Club Cup will be played from 27th-31st of March 2021, through Tornelo online platform.

The event is open to all European Chess Club, 100 teams will be accepted by priority. In the case of more applications, ECU has the right to accept additional teams.

1st European Online Chess Club Cup will be played within three stages:

  • Qualification phase (27th-28th of March) – Groups consisting of 8 or 10 teams, each, play the Robin round event of 7 or 9 rounds. Groups will be divided according to the average rating of the four (4) basic players, with FIDE March 1st, 2021 list taken in account. Two at least teams of each group qualify for Play-offs.   
  • Play-offs (29th of March) – The qualifiers from the 1st phase. Best ranked 9 teams proceed to the Finals.
  • The final group (30th-31st of March) – 10 teams play Robin round tournament of 9 rounds. The 10th team is invited by ECU, the Winner of European Women’s Online Chess Club Cup- Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo.

Time control of the event will be 15 minutes + 5 seconds of an increment.

Each team consist of 4 basic players, and up to two (2) reserve players. The average FIDE standard rating of 4 basic players shall be at least 2000. Composition of teams is open without any restriction for players belonging to any FIDE federation member.

Each Team shall appoint one captain/ representative for the technical meeting and communication during the event. The entry fee is 250 euros.

Registrations can be done online through the online entry form.
Registration deadline is Friday 19th March 2021 till 15:00 CET .

By filling the online entry form clubs shall upload the team registration form, which can be downloaded down below.

EOCCC2021 – registration form

Payments for the entry fee can be done through ECU Bank Account

online through the following link.

The total prize fund of the event will be 14.000 EUR.

The first ranked team of the Final group will become the European Online Club Cup Winner and will receive the ” Coupe de Monte Carlo”. The second and third team from the final group will win the silver and bronze e-medals.
Money Prizes for Team Winners (11,500 euros) of the Final Group:

1st Winner Team 4000 euros
2nd Winner Team 3000 euros
3rd Winner Team 2000 euros
4th Winner Team 1500 euros
5th Winner Team 1000 euros

Individual e-Medals are won by 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place of each board of final Group. The first winner of each Board of the final group will receive 400 euros (5 x 400). Reserve players are calculated on the 5th Board.

The best game of the tournament will be awarded 500 euros.

ECU Certificates will be available for all Teams.

All the prizes awarded by tiebreaks and can not be shared. 

The event is organised by European Chess Union and Monte-Carlo Chess Club, under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Contact email:

Official Regulations- European Online Chess Club Cup 2021