Call for Bids – 2023 European Championships

The European Chess Union invites the National federations members to submit bids for the organization of the official European Chess Championships in 2023.

The bids must be submitted exclusively in the Bid form regulated by the ECU (in the attachment). For any additional documents delivered separately from the bid form, it must be stated in the bid form what they relate to. Any document that reaches the ECU office after the official deadline will not be taken into consideration.

The deadline for bids to reach the European Chess Union office is the Friday 1st of October 2021. by 4 PM CET. All the bids must reach the European Chess Union office by e-mail

A. The bidding procedure is open for the following ECU chess championships in 2023:

  1. European Individual Open Championship (estimated number of players: 350)
  2. European Open & Women Team Championship (estimated number of players 300 – teams 70) Bids for No1 and No2 events are accepted only as a combined bid (dates are different as also venues can be different)
  3. European Open Club Cup (estimated number of players: 360 – 60 teams)
  4. European Rapid & Blitz Championship (estimated number of players: 700)
  5. European Women’s Rapid & Blitz Championship (estimated number of players: 100)
  6. European Amateur Championship (estimated number of players: 200)
  7. European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships (estimated number of players: 300) *

 *The 2021 respective event is scheduled for December in Novisad, Serbia, in case of postponement then the bid will be transferred to 2024).

B. Bid fees

Championship Open for bid Bid fee (euros)
European Open Championship 1000
European Team Chess Championship (Open and Women) 1000
European Open Club Cup 1000
European Rapid & Blitz Championship 500
European Rapid & Blitz Championship for Women 500
European Amateur Championship 500
European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championship 500

A bid will only be taken into account if the federation concerned has paid a bid fee (as the table above), for each championship, to the bank account of the European Chess Union within one week after the deadline.

The deadline for the payment of a bid fee is the Friday 8th of October 2021.

 C. Capacity of the Playing Halls

According the ECU Tournament regulations, the total space is calculated according the estimated number of participants of each event. Each Championship shall be played in the same paying hall. Multiple playing halls will be evaluated with fewer points by the inspectors.

The minimum size of a tournament hall shall foresee 3m2 per board and additionally 40 % (25% for youth tournaments) space for players’ and spectators’ corridors. The distance between the chess boards and the spectators should be not less than 1m.