ECU Calendar 2015 

*The exact dates of the first and the last round of each competition are finalized by the official invitation.

 Official Calendar

European Individual Chess Championship 2015 Jerusalem, Israel 23-Feb-15 9-Mar-15
European Senior Chess Championship 2015 Eretria, Greece 28-Apr-15 8-May-2015
European Individual Women’s Chess Championship 2015 Chakvi, Georgia 18-May-15 31-May-15
European Individual Women’s Rapid Chess Championship 2015 Kutaisi, Georgia 31-May-15 3-Jun-15
European Schools Championship 2015 Konya, Turkey 24-Jun-15 3-Jul-15
European Senior Team Championship 2015 Vienna, Austria 12-Jul-15 20-Jul-15
European Youth Team Chess Championship 2015 Karpacz, Poland 13-Jul-15 19-Jul-15
European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships Novi Sad, Serbia 31-Jul-15 6-Aug-15
European Amateur Championship 2015 Kaunas, Lithuania 8-Aug-15 16-Aug-15
European Youth U8 – U18 Championship 2015 Porec, Croatia 20-Sep-15 1-Oct-15
European Universities Chess Championship 2015 Yerevan, Armenia 06-Oct-15 10-Oct-15
ECU Congress Bar/Montenegro 07-Oct-15 11-Oct-15
European Club Cup 2015 Skopje, FYROM 17-Oct-15 25-Oct-15
European Club Cup for Women 2015 Skopje, FYROM 17-Oct-15 25-Oct-15
European Team Chess Championship 2015 Reykjavik, Iceland 12-Nov-15 22-Nov-15
European Rapid and Blitz Championships 2015 Minsk, Belarus 17-Dec-15 21-Dec-15

Affiliated Calendar – events under the patronage of the European Chess Union

European Small Nations Team Chess Championship 2015 Guernsey 18-Apr-15 26-Apr-15
European Union Youth Chess Championship 8-14 2015 Kouty nad Desnou, CZE 18-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015




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