The strongest invitational tournament ever to be held in Israel will be hosted by the city of Ashdod, in collaboration with the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) on December 7-10 during the Chanukah holiday.



GM Vassily Ivanchuk, Ukraine 2825

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, Russia 2821

GM Gadir Guseinov, Azerbaijan 2739

GM Richard Rapport, Hungary 2736

GM Boris Gelfand, Israel 2713

GM Etienne Bacrot, France 2700

GM Dimitry Jakovenko, Russia 2700

GM Pavel Eljanov, Ukraine 2680

GM Baskaran Adhiban, India 2641

GM Emil Sutovsky, Israel 2622

GM Ilia Smirin, Israel 2613

GM Sam Sevian, USA 2546

The tournament is consisted of 3 stages of rapid games. The 12 players will be divided into two preliminary groups. The first two players in each group will qualify to the semi-finals. The final will be played on December 10th between the two semi-final winners for a first prize of 10,000 US$. The total prize fund is 41, 000 USD.

The organizing committee is chaired by Moshe Slav, chairman of the Israel Chess Federation and the Chief Arbiter is IA Victor Glatman. The games will be transmitted by the new Israeli technology of “Chess vision”. The official website will be available soon. Several accompanying events, lectures and simultaneous exhibitions, will be held too for the benefit of the visitors.


The city Ashdod is the sixth largest city in Israel, its largest port on the Mediterranean coast and an important regional industrial centre.

Ashdod chess club is one of the youngest Israeli clubs and yet it has already established its position among the country’s leading and most successful ones. The club was founded in 2003 by the education and sport department in the municipality of Ashdod, headed by Yehuda Frenkel and a group of Chess enthusiasts led by Moshe Slav.

Tournament program:

Monday 7 December

12:00 Opening ceremony at the presence of the mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasri

13:00- 16:00Games group 1 – Kivoonim centre, 4 Hatzionut st, Ashdod

16:00-19:00 Games group 2- Kivoonim centre, 4 Hatzionut st, Ashdod

Tuesday 8 December

13:00-16:00 Games group 1- Kivoonim centre, 4 Hatzionut st. Ashdod

16:00-19:00 Games group 2- Kivoonim centre, 4 Hatzionut st. Ashdod

Wednesday 9 December

11:00 Lecture at the chess club, 3 Erez st. Ashdod

12:30-15:00 Open simultaneous exhibition at the city hall square


Organizing committee: Yehuda Frenkel, Mikki Rosenberg, Moshe Botarashvili, Moshe Slav, Benny Hizkya, Arkady Riabukhin.

Chief Arbiter: IA Victor Glatman

Game transmission: Tzaci Slav, Chessvision

Spokesman/ press officer: Yochanan Afek

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Yochanan Afek
Spokesman of ACP Masters, Ashdod 2015