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B.8. Organization

B.8. Organization

B.8.1 Each of the ECU competitions, except the European Corporate Championship, the ECU Grand-Prix and the Internet Championships, is organised by one of the ECU Chess Federations. Every ECU Chess Federation is entitled to organise an ECU competition itself or attribute the organisation to another body, e.g. a club or a private organisation. In the following, however, reference will always be made to the organising ECU Chess Federation, hereafter abbreviated “organiser”.

B.8.2 The organisation of an ECU competition is granted by the ECU General Assembly or the ECU Board in accordance with the bid procedure.

B.8.3 Standards for ECU Tournaments.

B.8.3.1 The organisers for an ECU have to provide the Standards for ECU Tournaments as stated in annex 4 of these rules.

B.8.4 Duties of an organiser.

B.8.4.1 If an offer to organise an ECU competition has been granted by the General Assembly or by the Board the organiser concerned has to transfer the deposit fee according to annex 3 of ECU Financial Regulations within two months after receiving the information.

B.8.4.2  Within six month after the appointment the appointed organiser of a major ECU competition, namely the Individual European Chess Championship (Open and Women), the European Team Championship, the European Youth Chess Championship and the European Club Cup, has to sign a contract containing all relevant agreements concerning the event, such as dates of the competition, official hotel, accommodation, food and drinks for participants and officials, medical treatment, playing hall, chess material to be used, internet transmission, merchandising rights, and others. In any case that a contract is not signed, the official invitation of the competition and all the conditions referring there, approved and published by ECU, is considering as a contract between the ECU and the organiser.

B.8.4.3  In case of any violation of the signed contract or/and the official invitation the ECU Board has the right to keep a part of the deposit fee or the whole amount.

B.8.4.4 After a decision according to 8.4.3 the respective organiser has the right to forward a written protest to the next ECU General Assembly. Such a protest must be accompanied with a sum equal to 30 % of the amount the ECU Board has kept. If the protest is rejected this sum is forfeited to ECU; if the protest is accepted both amounts will be paid back.

B.8.4.5 The decision of ECU General Assembly is final.

B.8.5 At least five months before the beginning of an ECU competition the organising federation will send a draft of the letter of invitation to the ECU President, the ECU Secretary General and the ECU Tournament Director.

B.8.5.1 The letter of invitation shall be approved by the ECU President. European Chess Union Tournament Rules 2016 Page 6

B.8.5.2 The ECU President can authorise the ECU Tournament Director or the ECU Secretary General to approve the letter of invitation.

B.8.6 At least four months before the beginning of an ECU competition the organising federation will send the invitation to all ECU chess federations.

B.8.6.1 A copy of the invitation shall be sent to the ECU President and the ECU Secretary General.

B.8.7 At least two months before the beginning of an ECU competition each federation accepting the invitation will send its entry to the organising federation, giving the following details:

– the full name, birth date, FIDE ID number and the last-published FIDE rating
of each player
– the full name of the chief of delegation or accompanying person(s)
– for team championships: the full name of the captain(s)
– any information required in connection with visas.

B.8.7.1 A copy of the entry should be sent to the ECU Secretary General.