ECU Tournament Regulations

ECU Tournament Rules

A. Preface

B. General Tournament Regulations

C. Bid Procedure

D. Individual European Chess Championship

E. European Team Championship

F. European Club Cup and European Club Cup for Women

G. European Youth Championship

H. European Youth Team Championship

I. European Rapid and Blitz Championship and

European Rapid and Blitz Championship for Women

J. European Amateur Chess Championship

K. European School Championship

L.European Internet Rules

M. Swiss Pairing Rules for European Team Competitions

N.  European Youth Rapid and Blitz

O. European School Internet Championship

P. European Corporate Championship

Q. European Anti-Cheating rules

R. European Fair-Play

    Annex 1: Catalogue of criteria for the bid procedure

    Annex 2: Entry Fees and their Distribution

    Annex 3: Bid Fees and Deposit Fees

    Annex 4: Standards for ECU Tournaments

    Annex 5: Guidelines concerning fees for the arbiters and members of the Appeals Committee in European Championships

    Annex 6: List of Arbiters to be appointed

    Annex 7: ECU Arbiters’ Report

PDF version of the ECU Tournament Rules from 1 January 2018 can be downloaded below

ECU TR_from 1 January 2018