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The European Chess Union is inviting federations to submit bids for the organization of the official European Chess Championships in 2018.

The bids must be submitted exclusively in the Bid form regulated by the ECU. For any additional documents delivered separately from the bid form, it must be stated in the bid form what they relate to.

The deadline for bids to reach the European Chess Union office is Monday 6th June 2016 by 4 PM CET. All the bids must reach the European Chess Union office until the deadline in one of the following ways:

a) By e-mail ecuoffice2014@gmail.com
b) Personally, in a sealed envelope, in the ECU office in Tbilisi.
c) By postal service or express postal service (DHL, Fedex, TNT…) to the address: European Chess Union, M.Kostava Str. 37a, Chess Palace, 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Bids for organizing ECU competitions have to be sent by the organizing chess federation. The bidding procedure is open for the following competitions in 2018:

1. European Senior Championship
2. European Rapid & Blitz Championship
3. European Amateur Championship

We would like to remind you that, according to the bid procedure, a bid will only be taken into account if the federation concerned has paid a bid fee according to ECU Tournament regulations (Annex 3: Bid Fees and Deposit Fees) to the account of the European Chess Union within one week after the deadline. The deadline for the payment of a bid fee is 13 June, 2016.

In addition, a part of the Bid procedure, which states, “until the decision on the award, the bids may not be changed” will be fully respected. Therefore, any document which reaches the ECU office after 6th June 2016 4 PM CET will not be taken into consideration. With that being said, we would like to remind all the bidders to deliver all the necessary documents which prove certain information in their Bid forms (for example, if a bidder claims that he can provide flight tickets at a very low level – less than 150 € per person for both ways, then he has to give evidence-document for such a claim).

Official ECU Bid Form

ECU Tournament Regulations – Bid Procedure



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