Arbiters Council

Mr. Tomasz DELEGA Geert Bailleul Jirina Prokopova Marco Biagioli Burhan Misini
Mr. Tomasz DELEGA (POL)

On December 19th, 2018, ECU announced the new ECU Commissions 2019-2022, among which the composition of the Arbiters’ Council.

The working plan of the Arbiters’ Council contains 4 major goals:

1. Call of interest for arbiters

Because ECU needs several arbiters for ECU events, we will collect applications from arbiters who are interested to work on ECU tournaments. We will ask arbiters about their qualification, about their languages, about their preferences regarding position etc… Based on this ECU shall create an ECU arbiters’ database.

2. System of nominations

The ECU Tournament Rules precisely described the nomination system we should follow. Of course we should nominate only this arbiters who has sent their application
However we also need to build an evaluation system, how the arbiters fulfils their duties. For this matter we need a position of official observer who is able to judge the arbiters’ work.

3. Training

ECU Arbiters Council firmly believes that refreshing courses and workshop are very important for the quality of the arbiters. For that reason we would like to built a system of nominations for ECU events based on qualifications of arbiters, evaluations of their work and with some preferences for those who are attending courses.

4. Reporting

The ECU Arbiters’ Council will publish the Chief Arbiters reports directly after the tournament. Once a year an annual report will also be published.

Apart of this 4 goals, the ECU Arbiters Council will continue permanent work to have the ECU Tournament Rules updated and to have better pairing system for ECU team events.

Finally, taking care about fair play in chess will be one of ECU priorities. For that reason ECU Arbiters’ Council would like to spend some money to buy anti-cheating equipment. This equipment can be rent to the ECU tournament organisers.

We would like to remind all ECU arbiters, that starting from from 1 July 2019 we have new FIDE General Regulations for Competition (old name FIDE Tournament Rules).