The 33rd edition of GAMA Reykjavik Open will be dedicated to the chess legend and 11th World Chess Champion- Bobby Fischer and besides the main event, the Open Championship, several events will be organized in honor and importance of chess contribution of Bobby Fischer. The events will take place from 5th-14th March in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Along with special Bobby Fischer Memorial events, the Icelandic Chess Federation and European Chess Union will organize the 1st European Fischer Random Cup which will be played on 9th March.


The Reykjavik Open always had a strong field, and there will not be any difference for this year. 237 players coming from 35 federations from all over the world registered for the event. The battlefield is led by two 2700+ rated players: Richard Rapport (HUN, 2715) and Eljanov Pavel (UKR, 2713), who are followed by ten 2600+ players among whom are: Kamsky Gata (USA, 2677), Adhiban B. (IND, 2650), Adly Ahmed (EGY, 2643), L Ami Erwin (NED, 2634), Gledura Benjamin (HUN, 2632), Cornette Matthieu (FRA, 2620), Yilmaz Mustafa (TUR, 2619), Landa Konstantin (RUS, 2613), Can Emre (TUR, 2603), Lenderman Aleksandr (USA, 2600).

Starting rank list

The main tournament will be played in 9 rounds, Swiss system, with time control 90 min for 40 moves+ 30 minutes after move 40 with an increment of 30 seconds for every move starting from move one.

The total prize fund of the Reykjavik Open will be 15.000 EUR, including the special prizes dedicated to the best Junior players, best Women players and players with best performance according to own rating.

17632337_941993195904191_1378300318620018614_oAs this year the GAMA Reykjavik Open has a concept of a Bobby Fischer Memorial event, four special memorial events will be organized:

  • Simultaneous Fischer Random Exhibition by IM Nihal Sarin (IND, 2534)
  • European Fischer Random Cup 2018
  • Lunch Lectures
  • Fischer Memorial Tour

The President of European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, will be present during the Bobby Fisher Memorial events in period from 5th-10th March.

Simultaneous Fischer Random Exhibition will take place on 5th March, at the GAMMA headquarters. One of the chess prodigies, IM Nihal Sarin (IND, 2532), 14 years old boy and World number one in the under 14 category, will play a invitational Fischer Random simultaneous exhibition.


The European Fischer Random Cup 2018, organized and covered by Icelandic Chess Federation and European Chess Union, will take place on 9th March 2018, Bobby Fischer’s birthday, and the day when Bobby Fischer would have turned 75 years during the GAMMA Reykjavik Open. The event will take place in Harpa (the playing venue of the GAMMA Reykjavik Open)

The 9th March will be the rest day of the Reykjavik Open and all the players will have a chance to compete on the event. The highest ranked European chess player will receive the title of European Fischer Random Cup Champion. The tournament is open for everyone, regardless on their title or rating.

The event will be played in 9 rounds, Swiss system, with time control 10 minutes+3 seconds of increment per every move.

The total prize fund of the event will be around 7.500 EUR, with 2.000 EUR reserved for the first place and additional 1.000 EUR for the European Champion! The special prizes for the best women and junior player will be sponsored by GM Susan Polgar.

Official Website of the European Fischer Random Cup 2018


Lunch lectures will include two lectures with themes: Match of the Century and Bobby Fischer comes home. The lectures will be given by the President of the Icelandic Chess Federation during the Match of the Century, Mr. Mr. Guðmundur G. Þórarinsson and GM Helgi Olafsson who will cover the return of Fischer to Iceland.

The lectures will take place in Bryggjan Brugghus, a short walk from Harpa, on 11th and 13th March.


Fischer Memorial Tours will include two tours: trip to the Fischer Center in Selfoss and Fischer’s Grave nearby and the second tour- visit to Laugardalshöll, the playing venue of the March of the Century and a visit to the National Museum of Iceland to see the board used in the Match of the Century.

At Laugardalshöll, guests will have an opportunity to see the guest book from the Match of the Century, something that few people have seen, and then the Ping Pong room, where the 3rd game of the Match was played. Guests will be guided through the playing venue. At the National Museum of Iceland, guests will see the famous chess board Fischer and Spassky used during the Match.

The first tour will be organized on 12th March, while the second tour will take place on 13th March.


 The Reykjavik Open 2018 can be followed live, since top boards will be live transmitted, together with live commentary of the games. The broadcast can be followed through the official website of the event or here.

Official Website of the event

Monaco Chess Championships 2018

Monaco Chess Championship 2018 and 1st Monaco Blitz Chess Championship took place from 25th Februaty to 3rd March 2018, in Monaco.

After 7 played rounds, GM Igor Efimov became the Monaco Chess Champion with 6 points, while the second place went to IM Igor Berezovsky with 5.5 points. GM Igor Efimov, Monaco Champion 2018 is qualified to participate to the European Small Nations Championship  (13-23 april FAI).

In women’s section, the winner became WGM Tatiana Dornbush with 4.5 points out of seven games, while the silver medal went to WFM Noela- Joyce Lomandong with 4 points.

championnat de monaco 2018 GM Igor Efimov WGM Tatiana Dornbusch

For the first time, Monaco Chess Federation organized Monaco Blitz Championship. The winner and the 1st Monaco Blitz Champion became GM Igor Efimov who had a perfect score and 8 points out of 8 played games! The first runner-up was silver Karl Ribbegren with 5 points.

In women’s section, WGM Tatiana Kostiuk triumphed again, this time with score of 5.5 points/8 and the second place went again to WFM Noela-Joyce Lomandong with 4.5 points.

Monaco Chess Federation announced the players who will compete on the 43rd World Chess Olympiad which will be held in Batumi, Georgia. In Monaco Team for Open section will be playing: GM Igor Efimov, IM Igor Berezovsky, FM Pierre Villegas, Karl Ribbegren and Jean-François Nelis, while the participation in Monaco Women’s Team will take: WGM Tatiana Dornbusch, WFM Noela-Joyce Lomandong, WIM Julia Lebel-Arias, WCM Svetlana Berezovska and Fiorina Berezovska.

championnat blitz Monaco 2018


The 11th edition of traditional tournament Tal Memorial, organised in honour and admiration to former world Chess Champion Mikhail Tal, will take place from 2nd-5th March in Museum of Russian Impressionism, in Moscow, Russia.


The tournament consists of two events: Rapid and Blitz, with the participation of top world chess players. The rapid event will be played in 9 rounds, Robin round system, while the Blitz competition will be played in 13 rounds in the Central Chess Club in Moscow. Names of four players who will join the blitz tournament will be announced before the start of the event.

The participants of the 11th Tal Memorial are: Nakamura Hikaru (USA, 2820), Viswanathan Anand (IND. 2805), Nepomniachtchi Ian (RUS, 2803), Kramnik Vladimir (RUS, 2795), Grischuk Alexander (RUS, 2792), Svidler Peter (RUS, 2770), Mamedyarov Shakhriyar (AZE, 2755), Karjakin Sergey (RUS, 2724), Dubov Daniil (RUS, 2663) and Gelfand Boris (ISR, 2644).

Starting rank list 


Press conference before the start of the event took place yesterday, while the very first games of the event will start today at 3 pm when players will begin the fight for the total prize fund of 150.000$.

Besides the two main events, the part of the Tal Memorial will also be a traditional match Blondes vs. Brunnetes which will take place in the Central Chess Club in Moscow on 4th March. The teams will be led by Alexandra Kosteniuk and Valentina Gunina.

The event is organized with support of the Avtodor Group of Companies, the Charitable Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, JSC Russian Railways, PhosAgro, Art Russe, and Building and Construction Group of Companies «Don».

Official Website


ECU Newsletter February 2018 is out!

In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Brief introduction to upcoming European Individual Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of successful story for chess- CASTLE project
  • Brief preview of the Madrid Chess Conference which is adopted by ECU
  • Final report of the strongest tournament ever held in Portugal- Portugal Open 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Senior Chess Championship 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Amateur Chess Championship 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Club Cup 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Youth Team Chess Championship 2018
  • Upcoming events in March 2018
  • Interesting facts
  • Fun Zone


The ECU Newsletter February 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.

ECU NEWSLETTER February 2018


German Chess Federation, under the auspices of European Chess Union and Mr. Bodo Ramelow- Minister- President of the Free State of Thuringia, is organizing the European Youth Team Chess Championship 2018, which will take place from 11th-19th July in Bad Blankenburg, Germany.

UntitledThe European Youth Team Chess Championship will be played in two categories, U-12 and U-18, boys and girls separately. The playing members of the teams shall not have reached the age of 12 or 18, depending on the category, by January 1st 2018.

Each national federation listed as the member of the European Chess Union has the right to enter unlimited number of teams made of 4 players and 1 reserve for the Open competition and 2 female players and one reserve for the Girls section. Teams may represent the national federation, a region, a city, a chess club or a school.


All the teams shall be registered only by the national federations who are kindly requested to fill in and return to the organizer two application forms not later than the registration deadline- 10th May 2018. Fully filled registration forms shall be send to following e-mail address: .

Registration form- Accommodation

Registration form- Application

The official venue as the official hotel of the event will be Landessportschule, located in Wirbacher Str. 10, 07422 Bad Blankenburg.

94808454The event will be played in 7 rounds, Swiss system, according to ECU and FIDE Tournament rules, with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves+ 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 seconds increment for every played move starting from the move one. Draws before the 30th move made by black are strictly forbidden.

The first three teams of each competition will receive trophies and medals, while the organizer provided in-kind prizes for the best board results.

Besides the chess activities, players will have the opportunity to enjoy in various sports activities since the venue of the tournament is compatible for sports which be practiced, such as: free use of indoor pool, sports hall for soccer, badminton and table tennis, outdoor soccer, beach volleyball and tennis.


Contact Information: 

German Chess Federation
Tel: ++49 30 3000-780

Tournament Director
Bernd Vokler

The official tournament website:

Official Regulations of the event can be downloaded bellow or here.

Official Regulations- European Youth Team Chess Championship 2018

EUROPEAN CLUB CUP 2018- Regulations

34th European Club Cup and the 23rd European Women Club Cup will be simultaneously held from 11th-19th October 2018 in Porto Carras, famous Greek seaside resort in Halkidiki.


The playing venue of the Championships will be the Congress Center of the Porto Carras Grand Resort and the official hotel of the event will be 5 stars hotel Sithonia.

Participation in 34th European Club Cup is open to:

  • Globus, Russia, the current cup holder in the open competition.
  • Three (3) clubs per federation in which a national team championship is organized or two (2) Clubs per federation in which no national team championship is organized.
  • A fourth club is allowed to that federation(s) in which a national team championship is organized, provided that at least 10 teams, 20 grandmasters and/or players with a FIDE rating over 2600 have participated in the most recent national team championship.
  • One additional club (only in the open competition) for the European federations, which are ranked in the first five places of the Federation ranking list. These federations are: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel and Italy.
  • Any additional request for participation should be examined by the ECU Board.

Participation in 23rd European Club Cup for women is open to all Clubs whose federations are listed as ECU members.

Every federation that intends to participate, with one or more clubs, must inform the Organising Committee before 30th of June 2018 of its acceptance of the invitation, specifying also the exact number of the clubs participating. A copy should be sent to Tournament Director Mr. Petr Pisk, e-mail: Afterwards, the entry forms must be completed and returned to the Tournament office email: no later than Friday 10th August 2018- registration deadline.

The teams shall be composed of six (6) players and two (2) reserves in Men’s competition, while in the Women’s competition teams shall be composed of four (4) players and (1) reserve.

The Championships will be held in 7 rounds, played in the Swiss system in accordance with the ECU Tournament Rules with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. Draw offers before the 30th move made by black are strictly forbidden and violating the draw offering rule will be punished.

The total prize fund of the event will be 40.000 EUR with 22.000 EUR reserved for the Men’s competition and 13.000 EUR reserved for the Women’s competition. The rest of 5.000 EUR will be distributed to the best individual players with the best board results. The first three teams of each category will receive cups and medals.

Official regulations of European Club Cup 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.

European Club Cup 2018- Official Regulations

Registration forms for the European Club Cup 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.

Registration forms- European Club Cup 2018

Contact Information:

The official website of the European Club Cup 2018 is

Tournament Manager: IO Nikos Kalesis – Tel.: (+30) 6938326161



Madrid Chess Conference 2018, organized by Madrid Chess Academy under the auspices of European Chess Union, will take place from 23rd-25th March in  Madrid/Spain.

The Conference is conceptualized as the Educational Conference with main themes Scholastic chess and Educational chess, as well as resources how to improve Chess in Schools project. The Conference will comprise three days of interactive presentations and work groups.


Last year, the conference featured several tutors, highly educated professionals, who spoke about methodologies of educative and competitive chess, methodologies and importance of working together with chess teachers. The speakers also pointed on the significance of making the childrens’ competitions more friendly, how to construct valuable chess projects and how to fund them and how Scholastic chess in Spain is progressing.

Along the last years speakers of the Madrid Chess Conference were also the members of ECU Educational Commission: Mr. Luis Blasco de la Cruz, Mr. Alessandro Dominici, Mr. Kevin O’Connell, and the ECU Treasurer, Mr. Martin Huba.

The full program of the Madrid Chess Conference 2018 will be published on the Official Website of the event. The registrations for participands and applications for interested to be the potential speakers of the Conference can be send on the official e-mail.

Official Website of the Madrid Chess Conference

Official e-mail address


The CASTLE project – a “Chess curriculum to Advance Students’ Thinking and Learning skills in primary Education” (this acronym reminds of the casteling move) was born from the idea of creating a strong partnership in the field of chess in schools, under the initial thrust of three partners with considerable experience in teaching chess in schools: Alfiere Bianco (White Bishop) in Italy, Deutsche Schulschachstiftung (the German school chess foundation) in Germany, Club Ajedrez 64 Villalba in Spain. The project was funded by the ERASMUS + European Program, with 246.300 euros and it was realizing from 2014 to 2017 in Italy, Spain and Germany.Panoramica-TSS-Cuneo-2017-1024x411

The Erasmus + Agency has announced that the final evaluation of the project has been 100 points out of 100 possible, and also the project has been designated as an example of good practices on the EU Commission website.

It is the first time that a project based entirely on the pedagogical use of chess gets this recognition.

Finally, CASTLE wants to be a help in changing the education policies of the states, in full compliance with the European Parliament Declaration of 15/03/2012, which calls for the introduction of “Chess in Schools” in the education systems of the Member States, suggesting an easy-to-use template, specially created and tested with precision (over 8,000 measurement tools compiled and analyzed in three years) without any external experts and which can be disseminated independently by the schools, not only internally but also to other schools.

Interested can download free didactic materials or watch the WEB system by requesting free password through e-mail contact which is also available for those who are interested to develop the CASTLE system in other countries:

CASTLE Project- Official Website

A11_Trova la casa

The C.A.S.T.L.E. project: a Chess Curriculum to Advance Students’ Thinking and Learning Skills in Primary Education has started with the idea of using chess as a pedagogic tool in primary school. During the three years of the project, teachers have been dynamically addressed, under the thrust of three partners all with great chess and school experience: Alfiere Bianco in Italy, the Deutsche Schulschachstiftung in Germany and the Club Ajedrez 64 Villalba in Spain.

There were three partner schools: the I.C. “Muzzone” in Racconigi (CN), the CEIP San Miguel Arcangel of Villalba (Madrid) and the Grundschule Gartnerplatz in Munich. The shared starting point was the belief that school chess nourishes the growth of individuals by involving and improving some of the particular abilities of human nature: problem solving, metacognitive and psychomotor skills as well as social and relational skills.

The partners involved in evaluating the outcome of the chess activities on the aforementioned areas were the University of Turin (Prof. Trinchero) and two partners from Ministries of Education: the Regional School for Piedmont and the Dirección General de Innovación, Becas y Ayudas a la Educación of the Madrid region.

45 teachers and their respective classes were involved in the three countries, and together with chess experts they created a chess curriculum for the five grades of primary school: psychomotor activity on giant chessboard, use of chess in classrooms “on desk” and chess activity on the web (Victorís Chess House).

IMG_20160428_112308The results of the intervention were very positive: in the giant chessboard activity, the children of the experimental group improved their psychomotor skills more than the control group on all the items detected with an external observer, while in the logical-mathematical and metacognitive areas results have been undoubtedly positive, though with the gap between experimental and control classes not always so obvious. As regards the questionnaires submitted to the teachers relating to the project’s impact on their professionalization, they were fully satisfied with the activities of the CASTLE Project, and confirmed (in 88% of cases) the practicality of transferring the skills they had gained on to their colleagues and, above all, the perception of a “benefit” for students, in respect of the following dimensions: classroom climate; peer collaboration; participation and involvement of all students; cross-competency development.

To date, the main way of launching “Chess in Schools” projects in Europe has been by using chess instructors, external chess experts, with a significant cost to school administrations. With the CASTLE project it has been able to suggest a valid alternative to affirm the pedagogical use of chess in schools by having the schools’ own teachers carry out the various class activities, in their classes in a completely autonomous way, during school hours. The following idea is that those teachers may, in the future, become trainers of their colleagues in the school, realizing a great expansion of “Chess in Schools” in Europe.

CASTLE Conference in Turin/Italy


Montenegro Chess Federation in association with City of Niksic and under the auspices of the European Chess Union are organizing European Amateur Chess Championship 2018 which will be held from 14th-21st June in Niksic, Montenegro.

b0e9828fc0a2f110397cd9ec38f33d52_thumbThe tournament will be held in Onogost hotel which will be the official playing venue of the event, as well as the official hotel.

The event will be held in 3 categories: Under-1700, Under-2000 and under-2300.  In each rating section, a separate championship for women shall be organized only if there are at least 10 women entries, otherwise the women’s event will be merged with the men’s (open).


European Amateur Chess Championship is open to all players registered by their national federations, listed as members of European Chess Union. The registration deadline is 18 May 2018. Registration shall be done online through the mail:

All players must not hold any title above CM (or WCM for women) in the sections Under-1700 and Under-2000. All players must not hold any title above FM (or WFM for women) in the section Under-2300.”

ECU Tournament Regulations for European Amateur Chess Championship


The Championship will be played in 9 rounds, Swiss system, with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves+ 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from the move one.

The total prize fund of the event is 5.000 EUR. Top three players of the each category will be awarded with cups and medals, while the Winners of the event will receive the title of the European Amateur Chess Champion for 2018 for the category the player participated.

The official website of the Championship will be:

Official regulations of the European Amateur Chess Championship 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.

Official Regulations- European Amateur Chess Championship 2018

Contact information:

Contact person:
Boro Miljanic- General secretary MCF
Tel/viber: (+382) 69 541 137
Tel/fax: (+382) 20 662 164


The 18th European Senior Chess Championship will be held from 3rd-13th August 2018 in Drammen, Norway.


The event will take place in 4 stars hotel Scandic Ambassadeur, as the official venue and the official hotel of the Championship. This traditional hotel is located along the Drammen river, next to the Drammen Fjord, and within short distance and good connections to Oslo.


The European Senior Chess Championship is open to all players representing ECU Chess Federations which comprise European Chess Union (FIDE zones 1.1 to 1.10) who have been born in the year 1968 or earlier, regardless of their title or rating. There is also no limit in the number of participants per federation. However, applications have to be sent by the National federations or to be approved by the National federations. Registration is done online on the Official Website of the Championship.

European Senior Chess Championship will be played in two categories, men and women separately: 50+ (for players born in 1968 or earlier) and 65+ (for players born in 1953 and earlier). Players who have reached the age of 65 by the 31st December 2018 are allowed to participate in the category for Seniors 50+ if they request it. If there is less than 9 women players women category will be merged with Open competition.


The Championship will be played in 9 rounds, Swiss system, with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one.

Total prize fund of the event will be 10.000 EUR. Top three players of each category will be awarded with cups and medals.

According to FIDE Handbook D.03.7, the top 3 players from each category of the European Senior Championship 2018 are qualified with personal rights (free board and lodging) to the World Senior Championship 2019.

Official Website of the Championship

European Senior Chess Championship 2018- Official Regulations

Contact Information:

The Norwegian Chess Federation
tel: (+47) 22 15 12 41