Magnus Carlsen defended the FIDE World Chess Champion title after defeating the challenger Fabiano Caruana in the tiebreak match with 3 consecutive victories and result 3-0.


After all the twelve games of the regular part of the Championship ended in a draw, Carlsen and Caruana proceeded to a 4 rapid-games tiebreak  match. Magnus Carlsen had the white pieces in the first game of the tiebreak match and picked to play the English opening. Carslen gained the small advantage already in the opening, but after the middlegame, Caruana equalized the position and the players entered the rooks endgame with Carlsen having the pawn up. Although the position was drawish, Caruana missed right moves order for draw, and Carlsen used that opportunity to get the lead already in the first round.


Caruana started sharply in the game two, and players repeated the Sveshnikov variation, when Carlsen surprised with 11…Qb8 and took the advantage very shortly after. Fabiano tried to keep the position sharp, but eventually blundered in the move 26th, and already two moves after, resigned.


Magnus Carlsen needed a draw in the last game, to remain the World Chess Champion position. He picked to play 1. e4 and Caruana answered with Sicilian with trying to find any possibility to prolong the fight. After a lot of exchanges, the position was equal, but it wasn’t enough for Caruana to stay in the match, because he tried to find a way to break the position of whites. Magnus used a few suspicious moves made by Caruana to take the huge advantage, and eventually won the third game and became FIDE World Chess Champion 2018.

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Photographs by: Niki Riga


After twelve rounds fulfilled with fights and harsh struggles, the reigning World Chess Champion, world number one, Magnus Carlsen, and the challenger, world number two, Fabiano Caruana, are still in a tie with a result 6-6, after all the games of the regular part of the Championship ended in a draw.


Without a single decisive game, the defender of the title and the challenger will proceed to the tiebreak match of four games, which will determine the 2018 FIDE World Chess Champion. The tiebreak match will be played tomorrow, on 28th November, with time control 25 minutes for each player for the whole game, plus 10 seconds of an increment for each move, starting from move one.


Immediately after the last game of the regular match, the drawing of lots for the tiebreak match determined defender of the World Chess Champion title, Magnus Carlsen, to be white in the first game of tiebreaks.


By the regulations of the event, if the first tiebreak match of four games ends in a tie, the players will play a new match of 2 games with time control 5 minutes for the whole game, with 2 seconds of an increment for each move, starting from the move one. If event this match ends in a tie, the Champion will be determined in the Armageddon game.


The last four games of the FIDE World Chess Championship match ended in a draw even were moments of complications and high tension. The game nine started with English opening, with Magnus having the white pieces. Caruana equalized the position very early, and kept it around the draw until the dead draw in the endgame with opposite color bishops and two pawns on the both sides.


Caruana took the white pieces in the 10th game, and started with open Sicilian. Carlsen managed to create the attack on the White king, but without a realization, and the players proceeded to a drawish rooks endgame where Caruana had a useless pawn up and the game ended in a draw.


The penultimate 11th game of the match ended in a tie very fast, with exchange of the Queens in the 13th move. After exchange of the rooks, Carslen took the pawn, but couldn’t use the advantage in the endgame with opposite color bishops.


The last game of the match again started sharply, with Caruana entering the open Sicilian. Even though expectations were big, Magnus took the advantage in the very early part of the middlegame, but in the move 31 offered a draw in a slightly better position, which was accepted by Caruana.


The tiebreak match which will determine who will take the title of FIDE World Chess Championship 2018 will take place tomorrow and can be watched online through the official website of the Championship together with live commentary done by GM Judit Polgar and IM Anna Rudolf.

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Photographs by: Niki Riga


After eleven played rounds at the historical Tournament of Piece which took place from 12th-23rd November in Zagreb, Croatia, Indian Grandmaster, Adhiban B. became the Winner of the event which aims to show the chessboard as a symbol of piece all over the world.


The Tournament of Piece is renewed after 33 years and gathered well known chess names: Vassily Ivanchuk, former World Champion challenger and rapid chess World Champion of 2016; Bacrot Etienne- candidates tournaments competitor; Ivan Šarić, Croatian and current European Champion; Zdenko Kožul, former European Champion, Adhiban B., Cheparinov Ivan, Amin Bssem, Zelcic Robert, Stevic Hrvoje, Palac Mladen and Jovanovic Zoran.


After 11 rounds of great games, the winner of the event became Adhiban B. (IND, 2682) who reached 7.5 points to be alone on the top of the list. The second place went to Bacrot Etienne (FRA, 2677) who tied for silver medal with Ivanchuk Vassily (UKR, 2714), but according to tiebreaks, Bacrot was second, and Ivanchuk finished with bronze medal. The reigning European Chess Champion Saric Ivan (CRO, 2692) took the 4th place with the same score of 6.5 points as Cheparinov Ivan (GEO, 2711) who ended 5th.

Final rankings

The opening ceremony of “Tournament of Peace” was attended by ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, ECU Vice President Ivan Sokolov, President of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Zlatko Matesa. The event was sponsored by the city of Zagreb and its mayor Milan Bandić.

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History of the Tournament of Piece

The first “Tournament of Peace” took place in April 1965, organized by Zagreb city officials and Zagreb chess players. The first place was shared by Borislav Ivkov and Wolfgang Uhlmann with 13.5 points in 19 matches, while the World Champion Tigran Petrjosan held the third place with 12.5 points. The other contestants were Portisch, Parma, Bronstein, Larssen, and others. Amongst the other contestants were Zagreb players Marović, Minić, Damjanović, Udovčić and Bertok.

Vladimir Vuković, the late world-renowned chess theorist, said during the first “Tournament of Peace”: “Even though it is structurally an image of war, the game of chess is in fact more inclined to point its admirers towards the devotion of peace since the battles fought on chessboards are pole opposites of actual war. These battles have been taking place for centuries without thoughts of physical or moral degradation, or injury, to the opponent, with chess games at all levels ending in heartfelt handshakes. This opposition of chess to war is not only intrinsically true but also very old, which is best seen in the oldest written records on ancient chess, the Indian chatarunga. In his writings on the king Sri Harsha (613-650 BC), a nobleman praised the king’s peacefulness and claimed: ‘During his reign there were no disputes but those amongst honeybees, nothing was cut short but verses, and no armies were kept but those on chessboards.’”


The second “Tournament of Peace” was held in Rovinj and Zagreb in 1970 and is remembered by the performance of the legendary Robert James Fischer. Bobby easily secured the first place with a two point advantage over the chess elite of that time, thus announcing his rise to the world throne.
That tournament’s results were the following:
1) Fischer – 13 points (17)
2-5) Hort, Gligorić, Smislov and Korčnoj – 11 points (17)
6) Petrjosan – 10.5 points (17)
The following contestants were chess players from Zagreb: Minić, Bertok, Kovačević (the only one who beat Fischer), Marović and Udovčić.


The third “Tournament of Peace” was played in 1975 and the results were as follows:
1) Sax – 8.5 points (13)
2-4) Kovačević, Nikolac and Ceškovski – 8 points (13)
5-6) Tringov and Hulak (13)
7-8) Ljubojević and Andersson – 7 points (13)


The last “Tournament of Peace” took place in 1985 and was marked by the great success of the legendary Zagreb grandmaster Krunoslav Hulak who won the second place behind Jan Timman, one of the world’s best players of that time, with a score of 8.5/13.



Ju Wenjun defended the title of FIDE Women’s World Chess Champion after defeating Lagno Kateryna in the tiebreak match which ended with result 3-1 in favour of Chinese player.


The final 4 games match for the title started very sharply with the first game where both of the players had opportunities to win. Ju Wenjun had the white pieces and small positional advantage through the game, but Lagno had a good defense and the game ended in a draw.


After the first game, Lagno took the white pieces, and after fast exchange of Queens in the opening, got more pleasant position in the endgame. She pressured Ju Wenjun, who eventually blundered and Russian player got the leadership.


The third game went very intense, with Ju Wenjun reaching the great advantage with the white pieces in the middle game. Kateryna Lagno defended well and they ended in an endgame with opposite color bishops, where Ju Wenjun had two pawns up, but it wasn’t enough to tie the result in the match, and the game ended as draw.


It was clear that the Chinese needed a victory in the last round to proceed to the tiebreaks. She had black pieces and started aggressive attack on the white’s king. Although, the position was defensible, Kateryna Lagno missed the tactics, and resigned in the 32nd move.


After the regular match of four games ended in a tie with result 2-2, the finalists of FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship entered the tiebreaks. First two rapid games ended in a tie, with two draws after the great fights and intense games. In the third game, Lagno had the white pieces and the position was equal through the game. In an endgame, Ju Wenjun managed to win the pawn, and made the masterpiece of realization to take the leadership in the match, and to be the step away of defending the title.


Lagno needed a victory to prolong the fight, and sharped the things out with black pieces in the 4th game. After the rally, the finalists got in an endgame with two Knights and a Queen on the both sides, when Lagno blundered a Queen and immediately resigned.

With a final result of 5-3, Ju Wenjun became the only one who managed to defend her title winning the knockout FIDE Women’s World Championship.


The semifinalists of the Championship: Alexandra Kosteniuk, Mariya Muzychuk, Kateryna Lagno, qualified for the 2019 Women’s Candidates Tournament.

The tiebreak match was attended by Sergey Kosilov, Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation, Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, Andrey Filatov, RCF President, Sergey Artamonov, Director of Physical Culture and Sport Department of Ugra, and other officials.

FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship 2018 took place from 1st-23rd November in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, in the venue of Ugra Chess Academy.

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Photos: Official Website of the Championship


After eight played rounds at the FIDE World Chess Championship in London, the challenger and reigning World Chess Champion are still in a tie with all eight games finished in a draw.

shaking hands

Although the result seems very peaceful, all the games were fulfilled with great fights and chances for leadership in the match. The willing to sharp the things out in the match was already shown in the game five, where Caruana played with white pieces and surprised with 6th move b4, going into the sharp position with pawn down in the opening. The evaluation of position changed through the game, with small advantages on the both sides, but after exchange of Queens in the move 16, the position was drawish, and the game finished as a draw in the 34th move.


The 6th game opened with Petroff variation, with Carlsen having the white pieces. After the opening, Caruana took the initiative and the pressure was on Carlsen to defend an endgame with compensation of two pawns for the Knight. The fight lasted 80 moves in total, and players agreed to a draw.

Eurosport round 6 report


Defender of the World Chess Champion title, Magnus Carlsen, had white pieces also in the 7th game, and all spectators expected to see the pressure on Caruana. The game started with first move d4 and Caruana kept the equal position throughout the game, to shake the hands for a draw in the 40th move.

Eurosport round 7 report

r8 caruana

Caruana once again sharped the things entering the open Sicilian in the round 8 with whites. After the opening, Caruana found a motive to get the small advantage but missed the opportunity to upgrade it enough for a win, and the game, likewise the other ones, ended in a draw.

r8 start

The 9th round of the match will be played tomorrow at 15:00 (local time) with Caruana having the white pieces. The live transmission of the game can be followed through the Official Website of the Championship, together with live commentary done by GM Judit Polgar and IM Anna Rudolf.

Official Website of the Championship

Photographs by: Niki Riga


FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship 2018 which is currently ongoing in Khanty Mansiysk reached its semifinals. After four played rounds with 2 games, harsh struggles and great games, the semifinalists became: Ju Wenjun (CHN), Kateryna Lagno (RUS), Alexandra Kosteniuk (RUS) and Mariya Muzychuk (UKR).

ART_1453The fourth round of the Championship was very intense. The first one who reserved the seat for semifinals was Lagno Kateryna (RUS, 2556) who convincingly won both games of the match played against Lei Tingjie (CHN, 2457). Lagno reached the step before the finals after very hard matches. In the first round, Kateryna Lagno overplayed South African player February Jesse Niki, and then met Hungarian GM Hoang Thang Trang (HUN, 2448) in the 2nd round.


After two draws of the regular part of the match, Lagno won both games of the tiebreaks and proceeded forward on the path for the title. In the 3rd round of the Championship, Kateryna Lagno played against Natalia Pogonina (RUS, 2465), domestic Ugra’s player. Russian girls showed the fighting spirit and after 6 consecutive draws, and two victories for whites, entered the Armageddon game which determined Lagno as a participant of the 4th round. After such a match, Kateryna Lagno didn’t seemed tired, overwhelmed Lei Tingjie and waited to see who will be her pair in the semifinal match of the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship 2018.

ART_1617The other player who entered the 5th round of the Championship was the reigning World Champion Ju Wenjun (CHN, 2568) who won the second game of the match played against Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim (UZB, 2435) after the draw in the first game. Early in the second game of the match, Chinese reached almost winning position, but after a blunder, almost equalized. At the end, Tokhirjonova didn’t resist, and Ju Wenjun defending her title became the second semifinalist of the Championship

ART_1278Ju Wenjun came to the best four of the event after winning Hardegen Kathryn (AUT, 1832) in the first round with 2 victories. In the second round, Wenjun defeated Krush, Irina (USA, 2434) with score 1.5-0.5 and proceeded to the third round where she met Zhai Mo (CHN, 2352). Even though, Ju Wenjun was a favorite, Zhai Mo tried to make another upset after surprises she made in the first rounds, when she kicked out Girya Olga (RUS, 2481) and Batsiashvili Nino (GEO, 2465). Anyway, Ju Wenjun was convincing in the first game when she took the leadership and the second game ended in a peaceful manner, which was enough to get the 4th round where Ju Wenjun defeated Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim (UZB, 2435) to reserve the place in the 5th round of the Championship.

ART_1568Alexandra Kostenuik (RUS, 2543) was the next one to take a seat of the semifinals after making a victory in a tiebreaks against Muzychuk Anna (UKR, 2564). After first two games ended in a draw, Kosteniuk won the first game of the tiebreaks and resisted in the second game with black pieces.

ART_1246-1Kosteniuk passed through Vazquez Maccarini Danitza (PUR, 2065) with 2-0 victory in the 1st round, and then met in the second round with Ni, Shiqun (CHN, 2436). After two draws, they proceeded to a tiebreak match, where Kostenuik was more than satisfied with two victories.  In the third round, Russian played very intense match against Harika, Dronavalli (IND, 2498) which ended in favor of Kosteniuk after two tiebreaks matches and overall result 3.5-2.5. After two consecutive tiebreaks, Alexandra Kostenuik played them also in the 4th round, where she made a victory against Anna Muzychuk.

ART_1535-1The last match which determined the last semifinalist of FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship 2018 was more than intense and almost came to the Armageddon game. Marya Muzychuk (UKR, 2545) and 18 years old Abdumalik, Zhansaya (UZB, 2473) played 8 games with 7 decisive results! The match started with victory of Abdumalik Zhansaya, who defeated World Women’s Champion 2015 with black pieces. Muzychuk answered sharper, and managed to win the second game to enter the tiebreaks.

ART_1987In the first round of tiebreaks, Muzychuk Mariya started with victory with black pieces, but was very shortly after answered by very combative Abdumalik who won the second game. After the second round of the tiebreaks, Muzychuk managed to take the leadership again, but again couldn’t save the second game played with black pieces. In the last round before the Armageddon, Muzychuk won the first game, almost by the same pattern, but this time, she found pleasant position in the second round and the game ended with a perpetual check and draw.

ART_2090After two won games in the first round against Wafa, Shahenda (EGY, 2145), Mariya Muzychuk ended in a tiebreaks in the second round played against Atalik, Ekaterina (TUR, 2445). Atalik Ekaterina took the leadership in the first round of the match, but Muzychuk won the second game to proceed in tiebreaks and to win them with result 1.5-0.5. In the third round, she was convincing with one victory and one draw against Alinasab, Mobina (IRI, 2236) and entered the fourth round where she defeated Abdumalik Zhansaya to be the last one of the top four.


The semifinals of the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship 2018 will start today at 15:00 (local time). The live broadcast of matches: Kosteniuk Alexandra (RUS)– Ju Wenjun(CHN) and Muzychuk Mariya(UKR)– Lagno Kateryna(RUS) can be followed through the official website of the Championship.

The event takes place from 1st-25th November in Ugra Chess Academy, in Khanty Mansiysk.

Official Website of the Championship

Photographs: Official Website of the Championship


Four games have been already played at the FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2018, in London. After four played games, reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Fabiano Caruana are in a tie with result 2-2 with all games finished in a peaceful manner.


The event has been declared opened at the Gala Opening Ceremony, where European Chess Union was represented by its President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and Vice President Mr. Johann Poecksteiner. After the Opening Ceremony, the players participated in drawing of lots, where Magnus Carlsen picked black pieces for the first round of the Championship.


The long anticipated match for the World Chess Champion has started sharper than spectators expected, with 1. e4 played by Fabiano Caruana. Carlsen answered with Sicilian, and the game proceeded to Rossolimo variation. Carlsen chose combative g5 in the 14th move and continued to enlarge the advantage. By the move 32, Carlsen’s advantage became significant and the evaluation of position was almost winning for the World Chess Champion. Although, the match almost received the leader in the first round of the event, Caruana resisted the pressure and managed to shake hands for draw after 115 moves of fight!

Eurosport report of R1


After the great fight of the round 1, the second game started with Magnus’s 1. d4 and Caruana answered with flexible d5. It seemed that Fabiano was better prepared for the opening and surprised the reigning World Chess Champion with 10…Rd8. From that moment, Caruana kept the equality and event reached slightly better position, but it wasn’t enough to win the game.

Eurosport report of R2


After two played games, the players had a resting day and then were ready to fight for the 3rd game. Caruana players with white colours, the opening was repeated, and on the board was Sicilian Rossolimo again, with small adjustments and changes by both of players. Already by the 24th move, players exchanged the pieces and left the table with knights and bishops. Without any upsets and mistakes in an endgame, players agreed to a draw in 49th move.

Eurosport report R3


In the fourth game of the match, Carlsen has changed the previous choice to open the game, and played 1. c4. Caruana got the equal position in very early stage of the game and kept it through. After the exchange of a few pieces, it was clear that it will be hard to break the position from any side and soon, Magnus and Caruana signed for the fourth draw.


The 5th round of the match will be played tomorrow at 15:00 (local time) with Caruana having the white pieces. The live transmission of the game can be followed through the Official Website of the Championship, together with live commentary done by GM Judit Polgar and IM Anna Rudolf.

Official Website of the Championship

Photographs by: Niki Riga


FIDE World Chess Championship Match opening press conference took place today and was attended by participants of the match, reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Fabiano Caruana, FIDE President, Mr. Arakdy Dvorkovich, CEO of Phosagro, one of main sponsors of the event, Mr. Guryev Andrey, and CEO of World Chess, Mr. Ilya Merezon.


The opening press conference was live transmitted on the official facebook page of the event and can be watched here. During the conference, the opening speech was taken by FIDE President, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, who accentuated that he is happy to be the part of the event, and the importance of good media coverage of the World Chess Championship match in order to promote chess. Dvorkovich also wished fair play and all the best to players. Mr. Guryev Andrey and Mr. Ilya Merezon thanked and welcomed all the guests and participants, and appointed that they are looking forward to the start of the match.

After the introducing speeches, the players were answering on the questions of medias and confirmed that they will give the best of themselves to be the ones crowned as the new World Chess Champion after 20 days of fights.

The match will officially start tomorrow, with start of the first round at 15:00 (local time), and will take place from 9th-28th November in spectacular The College venue which will host 400 people each day, who will be able to follow the match for the World Chess Champion live.


The match can be followed live through the Official website of the Championship, together with the live commentary which will be done by Judit Polgar, the strongest female player of all time and the only woman to have won a game against a reigning world number one player, and has defeated eleven current or former world champions in either rapid or classical chess: Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Boris Spassky, Vasily Smyslov, Veselin Topalov, Viswanathan Anand, Ruslan Ponomariov, Alexander Khalifman, Rustam Kasimdzhanov and Magnus Carlsen!

The long anticipated match will be played according to the regulations which can be find here.

Official Website of the Championship


European players conquered the top  of the World Youth U18,U16 and U14 Chess Championship 2018, which took place from 19th-31st October in Porto Carras, Greece.

The young talented chess players from Europe took 5 out of 6 gold medals, 5 out of 6 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, which makes in total 13 out of 18 medals.

The Closing ceremony of the event took place on 30th of October, where FIDE represented by the Vice President Ms. Anastasia Sorokina and the European Chess Union was represented by the President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili and ECU Secretary General, Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou.


After 11 played rounds, the winners of section Open U18 became:

  1. IM Gazik Viktor (SVK, 2486), 8.5 points
  2. IM Janik Igor (POL, 2453), 8 points
  3. IM Gumularz Szymon (POL, 2441), 8 points


The Winners of section Open U16 are:

  1. IM Sargsyan Shant (ARM, 2463), 9 points
  2. IM Matviishen Viktor (UKR, 2476), 8.5 points
  3. FM Petriashvili Nikoloz (GEO, 2343), 8 points


Top trio of section Open U14 is:

  1. FM Gines Esteo Pedro Antonio (ESP, 2288), 9 points
  2. FM Kacharava Nikolozi (GEO, 2373), 9 points
  3. FM Nogerbek Kazybek (KAZ, 2316), 8 points


The Champions of Girls U18 section are:

  1. WIM Shuvalova Polina (RUS, 2421), 10 points
  2. WGM Obolentseva Alexandra (RUS, 2298), 8 points
  3. WIM Injac Teodora (SRB, 2258), 8 points


Winners of Girls U16 section became:

  1. Muetsch Annmarie (GER, 2206), 8.5 points
  2. Kucharska Honorata (POL, 2073), 8.5 points
  3. Sanskriti Goyal (IND, 1971), 8 points


The only category without medalist from Europe was Girls U14 section, where the winners were.

  1. Ning Kaiyu (CHN, 2217), 9 points
  2. Song Yuxin (CHN, 2178), 8.5 points
  3. Divya Deshmukh (IND, 2180), 8.5 points



Official Website of the Championship

Photographs by: Niki Riga


The GAMMA Reykjavik Open 2019 will be held for the 34th time from April 8th until April 16th, 2019 in Harpa, the 28.000 sq. m. concert- and conference centre in downtown Reykjavik.

unnamed (1)

Many world class players have taken part in the GAMMA Reykjavik Open in recent years, including Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Anish Giri, Baadur Jobava, Richard Rapport, Pavel Eljanov, Alexei Shirov, the Indian prodigies Nihal Sarin and Praggananandhaa and their fellow countryman Baskaran Adihiban, who was the winner of the 2018 event.

unnamed (2)

In the 2018 tournament, which was also The Bobby Fischer Memorial Tournament, 248 players from 34 countries participated, including 27 grandmasters, 12 of which had an ELO-rating of 2600 or higher.

unnamed (2)

The total prize-fund in the 2019 edition will be €15.000, including many special prizes for various age- and rating categories, in addition to the traditional top women’s prize.

The Reykjavik Open has in recent years always been voted one of the best open tournaments in the world by ACP.

The new April schedule is aimed at giving the players an even better chance of enjoying Iceland, with warmer temperatures when the island bursts into spring colour, allowing our guests to soak up the bright spring light and hopefully having that bit of extra energy to spend on the 64 squares.

unnamed (6)

As in earlier years, several chess-themed events will take place at the same time as the tournament, including the now famous Reykjavík Open Chess Pub Quiz and the Golden Circle sightseeing tour that includes stops at Geysir and Bobby Fischer’s final resting place in the southern part of Iceland. Iceland is one of the most attractive places in the world to visit and play in chess tournaments. The full 2019 side-event calendar will also include a Fischer random tournament (Chess960), the Harpa Blitz Tournament, Iceland vs. Rest-of-the-World Football Match, a backgammon tournament, the popular opening party and more.

Throughout its history the Reykjavik Open has featured many of the strongest chess players in the world at the time. These include the current world champion, Magnus Carlsen as well as his current challenger for the title Fabiano Caruana, the 8th world champion Mikhail Tal, who won the first tournament in 1964 with a record 12½ points out of 13, as well as the 7th world champion Vasili Smyslov. It has also featured the strongest women in the world, including, Judit Polgar and world champions Hou Yifan and Nona Gaprindashvili, as well as challengers for the world title like Victor Korchnoi, David Bronstein Nigel Short  and Jan Timman.


In recent years, the tournament has featured world class players – in addition to those mentioned earlier – like Alexander Grischuk, Alexei Shirov, Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Wesley So, while earlier editions featured legends like Friðrik Ólafsson, Anthony Miles, Bent Larsen, Lev Polugaevsky, Mark Taimanov and Samuel Reshevsky.

As in previous years, the goal of organizers to is invite many of the youngest and most promising chess players in the world, as well as the strong women players. 2019 promises to be as big and diverse as previous editions.

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