ECU Newsletter May 2018 is out!

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It this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Report of working visit by President of ECU, Zurab Azmaiparashvili, to UAE
  • Final report of European Youth Grand Prix Series 2017/2018
  • Brief final report of FIDE World Women’s Chess Championship 2018
  • Preview of Altibox Norway Chess 2018
  • Report of Polish-Hungarian chess tournament in Katowice
  • Brief preview of chess project “Million Moves”
  • Report of simultaneous exhibition by Minister of Finance of Latvia, Mrs. Dana Reizniece-Ozola, and the 12th World Chess Champion, Anatoly Karpov
  • Preview of Czech Tour 2018/2019 and Czech Open 2018
  • Upcoming events in June
  • Fun Zone


ECU NEWSLETTER May 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.


BIDS 2020-2021

By the deadline of the 30th April 2018 European Chess Union received bids for the following European Chess Championships in 2020/2021.

  • European Individual Women’s Chess Championship 2020
  • European Youth Chess Championship 2021
  • European Club Cup and European Club Cup for Women 2020
  • European School Chess Championship 2020
  • European Youth Team Chess Championship 2020
  • European Individual Chess Championship 2020
  • European Team Chess Championship 2021
  • European Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2020
  • European Senior Chess Championship 2020
  • European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2020
  • European Amateur Chess Championship 2020

All the bids can be found here.

Since no bids were received for the European Senior Team Chess Championship 2020 and the European Women Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2020, the deadline for sending the bids for these two events is extended till 11th of June 2018.


ECU Newsletter April 2018 is out!

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In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of European Women Individual Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of European Senior Team Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of Vugar Gashimov Memorial 2018
  • Brief review of business meetings in EU headquarters
  • Invitation for the 43rd Chess Olympiad and 89th FIDE Congress
  • Brief review of Batumi Chess Days at Tbilisi mall
  • Official regulations of European Union Youth Chess Championship 2018
  • Upcoming events in May 
  • FUN Zone

Together with the April 2018 ECU Newsletter you can find attached the prospect and description of ECU School Chess Teacher Training Certificate, which was developed to provide teachers with a certificate recognising that they have met the required level of chess knowledge and understanding of didactical methods for teaching chess in schools. The course deploys chess as avehicle to teach thinking.

Prospect- ECU School Chess Teacher Training Certificate

ECU NEWSLETTER April 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.



ECU has established a constant communication with the European Union Authorities and annual regular meetings taking place in order to extend the co-operation and to search for new areas of common actions. On the 25th of April ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili together with the ECU Deputy President Ion-Serban Dobronauteanu and the President of the Romanian Chess Federation Mr. Sorin-Avram Iacoban paid a visit to the EU headquarters in Brussels.


First scheduled meeting  was with the  Romanian EU Commissioner Corina Cretu , there were discussed the social values of chess, in particular in education and job market. Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili proposed for the next year, during Romania’s presidency of the EU, to include chess in the agenda related to youth and education.


Next meeting was with the Polish MEP Bogdan Wenta, a former top professional sportsman and member of the European Parliament Cultural Commission, focusing in the EU politics and mechanisms in sports field. It is agreed ECU and Mr. Wenta to  further exchange information and identify certain directions giving chess higher values as sport, education tool and also to define the relevance of chess in the sports business frame.


The third meeting was with Mr. Szabolcs Horvath, member of the Tibor Navracsics’ cabinet, the EU commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. The main topic of the meeting was to identify the most suitable directions for the European Chess Union to put in practice its potential and to fructify its capacity by creating projects in education, sports, social domains. Having regard to the continental scale of ECU activity, Mr. Horvath mentioned the next calls for big sport events and respectively partnerships directions that the Commission will open this September, comprising up to 500,000 euros financial support. Mr. Horvath also to be supported additional Erasmus + programs related with chess for the year 2020.


All three meetings were very constructive and the EU officials acknowledged chess’ wide expand and significant contribution in sports field and the potential in social directions.



Dear Chess Friends,

This is the latest information from the European Chess Union including ECU innovative actions and new projects.


The invitation for bids for the 2020 & 2021 European Championships is published. Deadline for bids is the Monday 30th of April 2018.

All the details here.


ECU opens a call of interest for the arbiters who will be proposed to FIDE by the ECU President for the World Chess Olympiad 2018 in Batumi, Georgia. Proposals can reach the ECU Secretariat till Monday 30th of April 2018. Proposals can be sent through National Chess Federations, ECU Board members and ECU Arbiters Council.


Chess4Europe is an NGO that was established as the main partner of the European Chess Union in the area of development projects. In 2017 it was running the Erasmus Plus project Let us find the way to each other for Albanian and Slovak chess kids. In 2018 it starts the ECU initiative Smart Kids that has the ambition to become the biggest global chess event.

Chess4Europe is looking for reliable and flexible partners for submitting Erasmus Plus projects proposals also this year. In order to produce a project ideas pipeline please send your project idea, Participant Identification Code, a short description of your organization. More details in Annex_1. 


The ECU Educational commission has introduced The ECU School Chess Teacher Certificate. The certificate is received through participating in training courses. The courses are shaped by the best school chess instructors in Europe, and are in line with the latest research and are validated by scientists. The ECU Teacher Certificate courses are monitored and evaluated by the Academics in the ECU Advisory Board. Already a number of seminars have been organized in London (ENG), Budapest (HUN) and Hamburg (GER) as also been a part of the Russian Chess Teachers training system.

More information here.


European Chess Academy under the support of the European Chess Union and the co-operation of the Kasparov Chess Foundation organize a Summer Chess Camp in Maribor, Slovenia, from 23rd-28th July 2018. The Summer Chess Camp comprises of 5 days full-filled with individual and practical chess work and chess lectures given by famous chess trainers, Grandmasters and FIDE Senior Trainers.

The Summer Chess Camp will have more groups formed by the players of the same level. The Camp is open for everybody, and the groups will be created after the registration deadline 30th of June.

European Youth Chess Champions 2017 and runner-ups of the groups U10 to U14 open and girls, are invited for the camp with all the camp expenses covered (accommodation board and fee).  The invitation for the camp is in Annex_2.


The Summer School “Chess in Primary Education” will be held on 2-6 July 2018 at the University Girona in Spain.  The first ever-international post-graduate course on scholastic chess is part of the CHAMPS Erasmus Plus project, which was launched during the London Chess Conference in December 2017.

Applicants should have experience of teaching chess in schools and be qualified school teachers or have a relevant degree. Applications are also welcome from those who train teachers, develop school chess materials, evaluate school chess projects or plan to do research in the field. More details in Annex_3.


The 2nd European Corporate Championship will be organized on 9th and 10th of November 2018 in Paris, France in co-operation with the French Chess Federation.


With kind Regards,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

ECU Secretary General


ECU Newsletter March 2018 is out!


In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of European Individual Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of European ACP Women’s Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2018
  • Main decisions and information of ECU Board meeting hold in Batumi, Georgia
  • Final report of FIDE Candidates Tournament
  • Final report of GAMMA Reykjavik Open 2018 and 1st European Fischer Random Cup
  • Preview and regulations of Summer Chess Camp in Maribor, Slovenia
  • Preview and regulations of European Youth Chess Championship 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European School Individual Chess Cup 2018
  • Upcoming events in April
  • Interesting facts about chess
  • Fun Zone


The ECU Newsletter March 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.



The 1st European Chess Union Board meeting in 2018 took place on the 26th and the 27th of March in Batumi, Georgia, after the kind invitation of the Georgian Chess Federation. The meeting was held under excellent conditions in the hotel Sheraton during the European Individual Chess Championship 2018.  The President of the Georgian Chess Federation, Mr. Giorgi Giorgadze, opened the meeting and welcomed the ECU Board in Batumi.


Main information and decisions:

  1. ECU Board approved the financial results and the closing of the year 2017. The income for 2017 was the highest ever for the European Chess Union while the organization’s reserves funds increasing annually.
  2. ECU signed a contract with the UK based company “ChessPlus,” concerning training services for chess teachers and related Educational chess material.
  3. The deadline of the bidding procedure for the ECU official championships is the 30th of April 2018.
  4. A budget of 30.000 € was approved for the ECU Educational Commission and its actions.
  5. ECU Board and the Faroese Chess Federation will organise the European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship 2018 from 13rd to 23rd of April.
  6. ECU Board have been informed and approved the ECU Smart Kids projects.
  7. An invitation will be sent to the National Federations for partnership in the upcoming Erasmus applications.

The ECU Board invites the European National federations:

  1. To send their proposals for arbiters for the 43rd Chess Olympiad till the 30th of April 2018.  The European Chess Union had the right to propose to FIDE up to 15 arbiters for the 2016 Chess Olympiad in Baku and similar number is expected and for this year, thus  the proposals coming to the European Chess Union should be for no more than one arbiter per federation.
  2. To submit proposals for the organisation of the European Fischer Random Championship in a classical time control.

The ECU Board and European National Federations representatives visited the Olympic venue and were informed about the constructions and preparations for the upcoming World Chess Olympiad in Batumi.


 On 28th of March, the Turkish Chess Federation invited Georgian Officials and representatives of the ECU Board for a business lunch with the Turkish General Consul in Batumi, Ms. Makbule Koçak.


European Chess Union congratulates its President Zurab Azmaiparashvili on his 58th birthday anniversary.


 Chess is his life passion! We wish all his dreams come true! 

Azmaiparashvili birthday

The O.C. of the 43rd Chess Olympiad (one of his dreams) congratulates also Azmai! 



GAMMA Reykjavik Open 2018 has officially started on 6th March. The tournament has been officially opened when the president of the Icelandic Chess Federation, Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson, and Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, the president of ECU, addressed the players and made a short speech before the start of the first round. The 1st ceremonial move has been made by Mrs Líf Magneudóttir of the Reykjavik City Council.


On the 7th of March, the Minister of Education, Science and Culture of Iceland- Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, the President of European Chess Union, Zurab Azmaiparashvili, and the President of the Icelandic Chess Federation, Gunnar Bjornsson had a meeting where they discussed about chess in primary schools and featuring ECU educational conference in Reykjavik.

The Minister was highly motivated with the idea of teaching chess in schools. Lilja Alfreðsdóttir stated that chess could be a milestone in raising children, among many other benefits, this sport can help develop concentration skills, which young children lack these days. The subject of the future ECU educational conference was discussed as well and the decision was made to hold the conference in Iceland, Reykjavik, the conference would be organized by the Icelandic Chess Federation with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Iceland.


More information about the Reykjavik Open 2018, which is this year dedicated to chess legend and 11th World Champion- Bobby Fischer, can be found on the official website. Top boards are live transmitted and the live coverage, together with live commentary, can be followed through the official website of the event.

Along the several memorial events which will be held during the event in honor to Bobby Fischer and his contribution to chess history, the 1st European Random Cup will be organized and will take place on 9th March, the day when Bobby Fischer would have turn 75 years, during the GAMMA Reykjavik Open.

Official Website of the event

Photographs by: Lennart Ootes


ECU Newsletter February 2018 is out!

In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Brief introduction to upcoming European Individual Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of successful story for chess- CASTLE project
  • Brief preview of the Madrid Chess Conference which is adopted by ECU
  • Final report of the strongest tournament ever held in Portugal- Portugal Open 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Senior Chess Championship 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Amateur Chess Championship 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Club Cup 2018
  • Preview and regulations of European Youth Team Chess Championship 2018
  • Upcoming events in March 2018
  • Interesting facts
  • Fun Zone


The ECU Newsletter February 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.

ECU NEWSLETTER February 2018