ECU Newsletter August 2018 is out!


In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of European Youth Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of European Youth Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships 2018
  • Final report of European Senior Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of European Union Youth Chess Championship 2018
  • Final brief report of the 4th leg of Grand Chess Tour 2018- Sinquefield Cup
  • Upcoming events in September
  • Fun zone 

The ECU Newsletter August 2018 can be downloaded below or here.



On behalf of the ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili we herewith invite all ECU members federations to attend the Annual ECU General Assembly 2018 to be held in Batumi, Georgia on 2nd and 3rd October 2018. The Assembly will start on 2nd of October 2018 at 09.30 am. The exact venue will be announced in Batumi or earlier.  According to the schedule the ECU elections including the elections for the FIDE Executive Board will take place one 3rd of October 2018 (estimating start at 5 p.m. according the FIDE Congress official program).


The Agenda of the ECU General Assembly and all the annexes  will be sent to the members National Chess Federations.

You can download the Agenda here:

Agenda of ECU General Assembly 2018


ECU Newsletter July 2018 is out!


In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of European School Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of European Youth Team Chess Championship 2018
  • ECU Board meeting in Bucharest 2018- main information and decisions
  • Final report of Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting
  • Final report of Biel Chess Festival 2018
  • Brief preview of European Youth Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2018
  • Upcoming events in August
  • Fun Zone 


ECU Newsletter July 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.




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ECU Press Release 31.07.2018

A Brief history of the case:  In May 2011 a group of individuals established an offshore shadow company in Delaware, U.S.A. named “European Chess Union LLC” Delaware and the same time, through this company, they opened a bank account in Slovenia. From 2011 to 2015, forging bank documents, invoices, letters and contracts they were abusing money from the Bulgarian state, Montenegro chess federation and possible other public or private entities or even executing money laundering services for clients ‘sponsors”.  It is officially confirmed that they have abused more than 1 million euros, however the information that is not yet official raises this amount to 3 million euros.

European Chess Union has the responsibility to inform its members as also the international media and public about the on-going investigations for the private shadow company “European Chess Union LLC”, a Limited-Liability Company (LLC) registered in Delaware, USA on May 4, 2011. The company’s File Number is listed as 4977764. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Harvard Business Services, Inc. and is located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958.   The ECU LLC Delaware after its registration opened a bank account on 11th of May 2011 in the ABANKA d.d. based in Slovenia with no. SI56 0510 0801 3271 144.

  1. As was stated several times by the European Chess Union and concluded by two CAS Awards, there is no legal or any financial relation between the ”European Chess Union”, an association established under Swiss law, with its seat in Hünenberg See, Switzerland, and the limited-liability company “European Chess Union LLC” registered in Delaware, USA.A. ECU vs Bulgarian federation – CAS award
    B. FIDE vs Valdimir Sakotic – CAS Award
  1. According to the official documents received from the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth & Sports, as also informed in a press conference in Sofia, by the Bulgarian Minister of Sports, Mr. Krasen Kralev, the Bulgarian Chess Federation under the leadership of Mr. Silvio Danailov and his associates transferred to the Slovenian Bank account belonging to the Delaware Company 1,070,140 euros (Annex_1) from 2011 till 2014, informing that these are payments/fees for the European Chess Union based in Switzerland. The amount of 1,070,140 euros represents only the state funds transferred to the offshore company while the Bulgarian Chess Federation refuses to provide any other information about the total transactions with this company.


  1. The reports of the Financial Investigation Agency of Bulgarian described in detail all these invoices /transactions in the total of the 1,070,140 euros. The reports are available in public and was an agenda item in the ECU General Assembly in Baku:

    ECU GA Agenda 2016 (annexes 6a, 6b, 6c).


  1. According to the Bulgarian Financial Investigation Agency reports, Mr. Silvio Danailov presented to the Bulgarian authorities an alleged Bank Certificate from the Slovenian Bank “ABANKA d.d”. (Annex_2). This document first appeared in the report of the Bulgarian Agency no. DI1SF-45, dated 03.08.2015 (pages 49,50 referring to Mr. Danailov claims). Later, this report was amended with the report-dated 16.02.2016   (reference of the certificate in pages 43, 44, 45). The document in the context of the inspections provided by Mr. Silvio Danailov (then President of the Chess Federation of Bulgaria and former President of ECU), and on this basis therefore the Chess Federation Bulgaria sought to prove that the funds, which were acquired by the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports, were used properly.  The same bank certificate sent to the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports from the Bulgarian Chess federation for the state auditing. The Bulgarian Ministry of Youth & Sports sent officially this document to ECU(Annex_2), after the FIDE and ECU meetings in Sofia in June 2017. The Bulgarian federation did not contact in 2015 the European Chess Union asking about the authenticity of such document.


  1. This alleged Bank certificate is also manifestly contrary to official data from the Slovenian register of transaction accounts (Annex_3), which gives exclusive the account holder the company “CHESS EUROPEAN UNION LLC”, with business address “161 COASTAL HIGHWAY Delaware, USA “.


  1. European Chess Union after contacted the A.A. Bank in Slovenia and the officer that allegedly signed this certificate (Annex_2) submitted a criminal complaint in Slovenia on 9th January 2018, including all the Bulgarian investigation reports, a number of forged invoices, the CAS awards as also the alleged bank certificate.


  1. The Slovenian Prosecutor informed ECU by a letter on 26.02.2018 that has accepted the case and asked Slovenia Police to start investigation. (Annex_4)


  1. The Slovenian Police, through Interpol, informed officially ECU on 3rd July 2018 that the bank certificate in annex_2 that submitted to the Bulgarian authorities and Bulgaria Ministry of Youth and Sports is a forged document (Annex_5).


“With regard to the document »CERTIFICATE«, which was supposedly issued by the ABANKA d.d. on 20.07.2015, an official explanation was obtained from the ABANKA d.d. that they did not issue this document and that the document is forged.”

While the Police investigation continues, European Chess Union additionally has already informed about the case:  a. the Slovenian Anti-laundering Authority b. the Slovenian Central Bank and preparing related information letters and to the EU institutions.

  1. Apart the investigation in Slovenia, another investigation takes place in Bulgaria after criminal complaints submitted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria as also Bulgarian citizens. From December 2016 the Bulgarian Prosecutor has concluded and informed that a heavy crime took place. (Annex_6).
  2. The known and confirmed transactions to the Slovenian Bank account are 1,070,140 euros sent from the Bulgarian Chess federation and 7,500 euros sent from the Montenegro Chess federation. However the ECU has the information, which is not yet official, that the total deposits in this account exceed the 3 million euros.
  3. European Chess Union asks any legal entity, “sponsor” or individual who was asked to transfer money to the account with no. SI56 0510 0801 3271 144 in the ABANKA d.d. Bank in Slovenia to report it, in ECU or/and the Police.
  4. European Chess Union will hold a Press conference in Batumi during the Chess Olympiad releasing more details and documents/invoices, about the case with the main purpose to inform the media as also the representatives of all National Chess federations.






By the decision of the FIDE Presidential Board, which took place in Bucharest Romania on 9th, and 10th of July 2018, 30,000 euros from the Batumi Chess Olympiad Travel subsidy will be transferred to the European Chess Union to assist federations, which were not included in the FIDE list of travel subsidies (excluding delegates for the FIDE Congress).

ECU invites those federations, which are not included in the FIDE list to express their interest to the European Chess Union by a letter till Monday 30th of July 2018, 16.00 CET. In the letter shall be explained the importance of the travel subsidy for the applicant federation in order to meet the minimum budget requirements for the Chess Olympiad teams.

The ECU travel subsidy will amount from 3000 to 3900 euros for each federation application approved by the ECU Board.

If the number of requests exceed the amount of 30,000 euros, ECU will select the applications from the federations with the lowest budget for the Batumi Chess Olympiad. For that purpose may be asked additional information from the federations’ applicants. In any case  applications from federations with a high budget for the Batumi Chess Olympiad may not be approved.


The 2nd European Chess Union Board meeting in 2018 took place on the 7th of July in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting was held under excellent conditions in the Marshal Garden Hotel. The President of the Romanian Chess federation Mr. Sorin-Αvram Iacoban and the ECU Deputy President Mr. Ion Dobronauteanu welcomed the ECU Board members to Bucharest for the second time during the last four years.


Main information and decisions:

  1. The accounting report for the year 2017 was presented to the ECU Board and will be included in the ECU GA agenda.
  2. The ECU Board decided to set as final deadline for the deposit fees for the 2019 events, the 31 st December 2018.
  3. ECU Board was informed that the criminal complaint submitted in Slovenia, concerning the shadow financial operations misusing the ECU identity, is in the phase of investigation and the Slovenian Police has already confirmed and informed officially ECU, that bank certificates were forged. ECU requests to the police authorities to complete the investigation the soonest and proceed with the necessary legal actions against the individuals involved.
  4. ECU Board was informed about the new opportunities after the meetings with the European Union officials and a number of actions are scheduled for the coming period.
  5. European Chess Union and European Chess Academy arranged a hearing in Brussels, European Parliament on 6th March 2019 about Seniors’ Chess and also the positive effect of chess in various diseases (Alzheimer, dementia..).
  6. ΕCU Board approved the candidacies for the ECU elections 2018 and discussed the details about the organisation of the ECU General Assembly scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.

ECU Board awarded the following championships:

  1. European Individual Chess Championship 2020 was awarded to the city of Maribor, Slovenia.
  2. European Team Chess Championship 2021 was awarded to the city of Bled, Slovenia.
  3. European Amateur Championship 2020 was awarded to the city of Durres, Albania.
  4. The option to organise European Rapid and Blitz Championships 2020 was given to the city of Katowice, Poland, until the 31 st December 2018.


ECU Newsletter June 2018 is out!



In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of European Amateur Chess Championship 2018
  • Brief preview of European School Chess Championship 2018
  • Report of a working visit of ECU President, Zurab Azmaiparashvili, to Skopje
  • Final report of Mitropa Cup 2018
  • Final report of “Your next move” and Paris Grand Chess Tour events
  • Upcoming events in July
  • Fun Zone


ECU NEWSLETTER June 2018 can be downloaded bellow or here.



To: All European Federations
Associated members, Board members,
Commission members,
FIDE and FIDE Zone Presidents

Dear Chess Friends,

The following nominations have been received within the deadline of the 2nd of July 2018, as defined by the ECU Statutes, for the ECU Board elections 2018, to be held in Batumi Georgia during the 43rd Chess Olympiad.

A) Ticket of Zurab Azmaiparashvili:

  1. President: Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili (GEO)
  2. Deputy President: Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson (ISL)
  3. Vice President: Mrs. Dana Reizniece-Ozola (LAT)
  4. Vice President: Mr. Johann Poecksteiner (AUT)
  5. Secretary General: Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (GRE)
  6. Treasurer: Mr. Ion-Serban Dobronauteanu (ROM)

B) Nominations for the 3 Vice Presidents to be elected individually besides the combined tickets:

  1. Mr. Finnbjorn Vang (FAI)
  2. Mr. Veselin Draskovic (MNE)
  3. Mr.   Ivan Sokolov (NED)
  4. Mr. Adrian Mikhalchishin (SLO)
  5. Ms.  Eva Repkova (SVK)

All the candidates were nominated by their National Chess Federation and are eligible to be elected for the European Chess Union Board.

The ECU General Assembly 2018 including the ECU Board Elections will be held in Batumi, Georgia on 2nd and 3rd of October 2018 according the published invitation.


With kind Regards,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

ECU Secretary General


The President of the European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, paid an official 2-days working visit to Skopje, where he met with the Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev, the President of the National Chess Federation Mr. Blagoja Bogoevski and the Director of Agency of Youth and Sports, Mr. Darko Kaevski.


Besides the very constructive discussion about the chess development in Europe as also future European competitions in the country, the President of ECU and the President of the National Chess Federation Mr. Blagoja Bogoevski signed the contract for organisation of the European Individual Chess Championship 2019, one of the most prestigious events in the ECU Calendar and qualification stage for the World Championship. The EICC 2019 will take place from 16th-29th March in Skopje.


Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili also used the opportunity to invite Mr. Zoran Zaev to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 43rd Chess Olympiad, which will take place from 23rd September-6th October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.



To: European National Chess Federations

Re: Invitation for the ECU General Assembly and the ECU Elections 2018


Dear Ladies and Sirs,

I have the pleasure to invite you to the ECU General Assembly and the ECU Elections to be held in Batumi, Georgia on 2nd and 3rd of October 2018.

According to the published schedule of the 89th FIDE Congress in Batumi, Georgia, the Continental meetings will take place on 2nd and 3rd of October 2018. The ECU General Assembly will start at 9 am on Tuesday 2nd of October 2018. In accordance with ECU Statutes, proposals from Members to be included in the agenda must reach the ECU Secretariat, by email, not later than Monday 2nd of July 2018.

The ECU General Assembly will be continued with the ECU Board elections, which will take place on Wednesday 3rd October 2018, after the conclusion of the FIDE Presidential ticket elections.

The President, the Deputy President, two (2) Vice President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer are elected on a combined ticket. Nominations for this ticket shall reach the ECU Secretariat scanned by email, not later than Monday 2nd of July 2018.

Nominations for the individual elections of the rest three (3) Vice Presidents shall reach the ECU Secretariat scanned by email, not later than Monday 2nd of July 2018.

The nominations for elections may be sent also by postal service or express postal service (DHL, Fedex, TNT) to the address: European Chess Union, M.Kostava Str. 37a, Chess Palace, 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia. The sender shall ensure that the nominatiion(s) will reach the ECU office not later than Monday 2nd of July 2018 in order to be valid.

Nomination papers are obtainable from the ECU Secretariat. You may find all details regarding electoral process and nominations in the ECU Statutes (attached).

All the information about your registration, travel and accommodation for the 89th FIDE Congress are included in the Chess Olympiad Invitation (attached).

I will be happy to welcome and meet you in Batumi,


Zurab Azmaiparashvili,

ECU President                                               Tbilisi 31.05.2018