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The ΕCU Board welcomed the expressions of interest by a large number of applicants and appointed the members for the ECU Commissions and the European representatives for the FIDE Commissions.

The criteria that were used for the selections were: (a) The applications received through the open call of interest and the qualifications of the applicants (b) The proposals by the ECU Commissions’ Chairmen (c) The wide representation (d) The implementation of the ECU Board policies in key areas.

ECU notes that a number of remarkable applicants had already applied and to FIDE and have been selected by FIDE for certain tasks, so they couldn’t be selected and by ECU as the rule agreed with FIDE is that each individual could participate only to one FIDE Commission.

The commissions’ compositions are as follows:

ECU Educational Commission  
Jesper Hall SWE Chairman
John Foley ENG Secretary
Phillippe Vukojevic BEL Member
Maria Tamkovic BLR Member
Johanna Basti FRA Member
Walter Radler GER Member
Christos Pilalis GRE Member
Ferenc Mauer HUN Member
Alessandro Domicini ITA Member
Vibele Ekeland Gronn NOR Member
Alexander Kostyev RUS Member
Christine Zoppas SUI Member
Veli Ozan Cekir TUR Member
ECU Arbiters Council
Tomasz Delega POL Chairman
Geert Bailleul BEL Secretary
Prokopova Irina CZE Member
Marco Biagoli ITA Member
Burhan Misini KOS Member
ECU Events Commission
Blagoja Bogoevski MKD Chairman
Paris Klerides CYP Secretary
Gunter Delhaes BEL Member
John Higgs ENG Member
Vladimir Danilov ROU Member
Georg Mohr SLO Member
ECU Women’s Commission
Jean Michel Rapaire MNC Chairman
Almira Scripchenko FRA Secretary
Malinda Pilinci ALB Member
Angeliki Kontini GRE Member
Alice O’Gorman IRL Member
Nilufer Cinar TUR Member
Nominations to FIDE Commissions* Commissions confirmed open for nominations by FIDE
George Mastrokoukos GRE FIDE EVENTS
Jouni Lehtivaara FIN FIDE RULES
Dominique Dervieux FRA FIDE FOR DISABLED (DIS)
Arthur Schuering NED FIDE MEDICAL
Alexios Sorras LUX FIDE SOCIAL
Kristjan Orn Eliasson ISL FIDE FAIR PLAY
Grivas Efstratios GRE FIDE TRAINERS
Christelle Jager-Hafstad ENG FIDE WOMEN’S
Ion Dobronauteanu ROU FIDE EDUCATION
Korab Krasniqi KOS FIDE ONLINE
Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou GRE FIDE DEVELOPMENT & PLAN

*ECU notes that the nominations to FIDE Commissions, as every term, are nominations for the FIDE Commissions operations and the nominees are not necessarily expressing the ECU policies and decisions, except if this is confirmed and discussed by the ECU in advance.

We wish a good luck to all members and hoping on the best achievements.



Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General


Circular Letter No. 4/12.12.2018
Communique of the ECU Board

The European Chess Union Board meeting took place on 7th of December in Skopje, FYR of Macedonia. The meeting was held under excellent conditions in the hotel Aleksandar Palace during the European Individual Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2018. The President of the National Chess Federation, Mr. Blagoja Bogoevski, opened the meeting and welcomed the ECU Board in Skopje.


The main areas under discussion and decisions made were the following:


  • Arkadij Naiditsch (AZE) is appointed as the ECU Commercial Director
  • Erald Dervishi (ALB) appointed as ECU CEO and Ms. Tea Kipshidze (GEO) as ECU Marketing Director at the Board meeting in Batumi on 4th of October 2018.
  • The Chairmen of ECU Commissions appointed by the ECU President at the Board meeting in Batumi
  • Educational Commission: Mr. Jesper Hall (SWE)
    Arbiters Council: Mr. Tomek Delega (POL)
    Events Commission: Mr. Blagoja Bogoevski (MKD)
    Women’s Commission: Mr. Jean Michel Rapaire (MNC)
  • The ΕCU Board welcomed the expressions of interest by a large number of applicants and appointed the members for the ECU Commissions and the European representatives for the FIDE Commissions. The commissions’’ compositions will be announced in a separate press release.


Program of Support in National and European Level

It was agreed that ECU in co-operation with the National federations-members will launch a program of communication in the ministerial level with the scope to boost the National chess programs supporting where is possible the members’ budgets through the National structures. Main point is to activate all members in chess projects assisting to financially strong, independent and transparent chess institutions.

A working group was created under the supervision of the ECU Vice President Mrs. Dana Reizniece – Ozola to establish contacts with the European Union institutions and submit proposals to the EU annual funding programs. ECU Board noted that EU is already one the biggest supporters of “Chess in Schools” projects approving a number of proposals as the “Castle project” and the “Chess & Mathematics” which results already have been adopted by the ECU Educational Commission. The preliminary work and the key actions for the main project to be submitted has already completed by the ECU Educational Committee.


Standardization & Information Technology

 The ECU Board emphasized the significance of standardization in various areas. Proposals discussed, planned and approved on the following directions:

  • The dress code for the ECU Arbiters. Scheduled to be implemented by the European Teams Chess Championships 2019 in Batumi, Georgia.


  • The development of special software for the selection and evaluation of the Chess Arbiters for the European Championships.
  • The development of special statistical database for the broadcasting of the European Championships.
  • The standardization of the TV and online productions for the ECU major Competitions. For that purpose, ECU Board decided to make an open non-binding tender to receive proposals and offers.
  • Innovative IT projects approved and will be announced on due time.


European Championships

  • The European Senior Team Chess Championship 2020 is awarded as a sole bid to Wroclaw, Poland.
  • The European Youth Team Chess Championship 2020 is awarded as a sole bid to Halkidiki, Greece.
  • The option of the 2nd European Corporate Chess Championship is awarded to Minsk, Belarus to be organized from 1st to 4th March 2019. The winner of the event may qualify (with free entry) for the European Business Gala a new event under consideration.
  • The European Small Nation Teams Championship 2019 will be organized in San Marino from 23rd to 31st March 2019.
  • Due to many requests from players the European Club Cup 2019 scheduled to start in Montenegro on 6th November 2019, was moved for few days, in order to be enough time for convenient travel from the European Team Championship 2019 scheduled n Batumi, Georgia from 23 October to 3 November 2019. New dates for ECCC2019 are 09-17 November 2019 (Saturday to Sunday).
  • ECU Board decided to qualify for the World Chess Cup 2019 both players, who tied, with all tiebreak criteria the same, on the 23rd position of European Individual Chess Championship 2018, GM Anton Guijarro David (ESP) and GM Mircea Emilian Paligras (ROU).


ECU extraordinary General Assembly

With reference to the decision of the ECU General Assembly 2018 in Batumi, Georgia and the postponement of bids decisions the ECU Board confirmed the ECU extraordinary General Assembly to be held in Skopje, FYR of Macedonia, during the European Individual Championship 2019, on Saturday 23rd of March with the following three (3) items:

  • Decisions on the bids for the 2020-2021 events which already have been submitted in April 2018
  • Reallocation of the ECU budget 2019
  • Amendments on the ECU Tournament rules

The detailed invitation and the agenda of the meeting will be sent on due time.



Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
ECU Secretary General


ECU Newsletter November 2018 is out!


In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of FIDE World Chess Championship match 2018
  • Final report of FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship 2018
  • Final report of 2nd ECU School Team Internet Chess Championship 2018
  • Report of Opening Ceremony of World Youth Chess Olympiad 2018 attended by ECU President
  • Review of FIDE World Youth U14, U16 and U18 with 13 European medalists
  • Final report of Grand Prix de Monaco AEPA chess tournament
  • Final report of historical Tournament of Piece held in Zagreb
  • European School Chess Championship 2019- Official regulations
  • European Amateur Chess Championship 2019- Official regulations
  • European Senior Chess Championship 2019- Official regulations
  • London Chess Conference 2018
  • Upcoming events
  • FUN Zone


The November 2018 edition of the ECU Newsletter can be downloaded below or here.

ECU NEWSLETTER November 2018


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To:  National Chess Federations ECU members

According the latest FIDE Presidential Board decisions, 21 FIDE Commissions have been announced (instead of 25, due to merges), including the 3 elected Commissions (Constitutional, Ethics and Verification). The 18 non-elected FIDE Commissions will have a maximum of 10 members as FIDE announced including one representative from each Continent as per regulations.

 The 18 ECU representatives in the FIDE Commissions will be informed on the ECU directory and they will have the special duty to communicate and interact the ECU positions to the FIDE structures.

 European Chess Union opens a call of interest for the 18 FIDE Commissions’ members who will be nominated by the ECU. The same procedure applies for the permanent 4 ECU Commissions, however there are limited open positions, due to the fact that the majority of the current members will remain.

 National Federations members or interested applicants may fill the attached form (annex_1) and return it by email to the ECU Secretariat ( till the Friday 30th of November 2018.

The selection will be made by the ECU Board which holds a scheduled meeting on 7 and 8 December 2018 in Skopia, FYR of Macedonia.

The main criteria, but not restricted, for the selection are the following:

  • The qualifications related with the position.
  • The adequate ECU representation in key areas.
  • The ability of communication in an international environment.
  • The wide representation of the Federation members.
  • The dedication to the mission, providing that the applicant is not nominated for another FIDE Commission.


With kind regards,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

ECU Secretary General


Annex1_Application Form




ECU NEWSLETTER October 2018 is out!


In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of European Chess Club Cup 2018
  • Final report of 1st European School Individual Chess Cup
  • Brief preview of 2nd European School Team Chess Open Internet Championship
  • Final report of Arbiters’ refreshing course held in Porto Carras
  • Final report of Global Chess Festival 2018
  • Brief preview of London Chess Conference 2018
  • Preview and regulations of GAMMA Reykjavik Open 2019
  • Upcoming events in November

The October 2018 edition of the ECU Newsletter can be downloaded below or here.



ECU Newsletter September 2018 is out!



In this edition of the ECU Newsletter you may read about:

  • Final report of the 43rd Chess Olympiad
  • Results of European Chess Union elections
  • Results of FIDE elections
  • Brief preview and Official regulations of European Internet School Team Chess Championship 2018
  • Brief preview and Official regulations of European Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2018
  • Upcoming events
  • Fun Zone

The newest edition of the ECU Newsletter can be downloaded below or here.

ECU NEWSLETTER September 2018


European Chess Union elections took place during the 89th FIDE Congress, on 3rd October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.


Out of 50 delegates who had voted, the ticket of Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili was elected with 44 votes in favour, with 4 blanked ballots and 2 invalid ballots:

  • President- Zurab Azmaiparashvili (GEO)
  • Deputy President- Gunnar Bjornsson (ISL)
  • Vice President- Dana Reizniece-Ozola (LAT)
  • Vice President- Johann Poecksteiner (AUT)
  • Secretary General- Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (GRE)
  • Treasurer- Ion Dobronauteanu (ROU)


There were four candidates for the Individual elections of the ECU Board:

  • Adrian Mikhalchishin (SLO)
  • Eva Repkova (SVK)
  • Ivan Sokolov (NED)
  • Finnbjorn Vang (FAI)

Adrian Mikhalchishin, Eva Repkova and Ivan Sokolov are elected as ECU Vice Presidents with 37, 37 and 28 votes, respectively, while Finnbjorn Vang had 25 votes in favour.

Peter Wyss (SUI) is elected as ECU Auditor and Guenter Delhaes (BEL) is elected as ECU Deputy Auditor with 33 and 14 votes in favour, respectively.


 There were 7 candidates for representing ECU in FIDE Executive Board:

  • Anastasia Sorokina (BLR)
  • Petr Pisk (CZE)
  • Ozgur Solakoglu (TUR)
  • Alojzije Jankovic (CRO)
  • Erald Dervishi (ALB)
  • Radoslaw Jedynak (POL)
  • Blagoja Bogoevski (MKD)

Ms. Anastasia Sorokina had 38 votes in favour, but was elected as FIDE Vice President and automatically is a member of the FIDE EB so she resigned from her election through Europe.

Mr. Alojzije Jankovic had  21 votes in favour, but was elected as FIDE Zone 1.2. and automatically became a member of the FIDE EB.

Petr Pisk, Ozgur Solakoglu, Erald Dervish and Radoslaw Jedunak are elected to represent ECU at the FIDE Executive Board with respective number of votes in favour: 29, 22, 20 and 20.


Today Zurab Azmaiparishvili was chosen for ECU President for the second time.

Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Photo by: Seyran Baroyan

Elections were held in Batumi, Hilton Hotel. Out of 50 delegates Zurab was supported by 44.

Azmaiparishvili, who holds this position since 2014, was the only candidate in this election.

He will lead the ECU with his new team until 2022.

In Zurab Azmaiparishvili’s team the General Secretay will be Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, the first Deputy President will be Gunnar Bjornsson, Vice-Presidents will be Dana Reizniece-Ozola and Johann Poecksteiner.


“I want to thank all of you for your support. After analyzing the previous four years’ work, I decided to run for president of the European Chess Union once again. I want to gain your trust again. I can do a lot more with my team and this is where my slogan comes from: “There’s more to be done.” You are familiar with my program and projects. During the period of being ECU President me and my team finished many important projects successfully. I believe my main achievement is the unity of the organization. I’m sure next four years will be better. Challenges are big, but people on my side are the ones, with whom it’s impossible not to succeed. We’ll take ECU on the higher level in next four years!” – said Zurab Azmaiparishvili.

The source: The Organizing Committee of the 43rd Chess Olympiad


By the deadline set for the candidacies for the 4 European seats for the FIDE Executive Board and the ECU Auditors, ECU received the following nominations:


Candidates for the FIDE Executive Board


Erald, Dervishi                (ALB)


Anastasia, Sorokina       (BLR)


Alojzije Jankovic            (CRO)


Petr, Pisk                         (CZE)


Blagoja, Bogoevski        (MKD)


Radosław, Jedynak        (POL)


Ozgur, Solakoglu            (TUR)


Candidates for ECU Auditors


Guenter, Delhaes             (BEL)


Peter, Wyss                       (SUI)




ECU is publishing the final list of the delegates and proxies for the ECU General Assembly on 2nd and 3rd October 2018 as is required by the ECU Statutes.

1. ALBANIA Erald, Dervishi
2. ANDORRA Obregon, Gutierrez, Joan Antoni
3. ARMENIA Lputian, Smbat
4. AUSTRIA Hursky, Christian
5. AZERBAIJAN Mahir, Mammadov
6. BELARUS Anastasia, Sorokina
7. BELGIUM Gunter, Delhaes
8. BOSNIA Zeljko, Bogut
9. CROATIA Roland, Tomasic
10. CYPRUS Paris, Klerides
11. CZECH REPUBL Petr, Pisk
12. DENMARK Poul, Jacobsen
13. ENGLAND Malcom, Pein
14. ESTONIA Olde, Henrik
15. FAROES ISLAND Finnbjron, Vang
16. FINLAND Juni, Lehtivaara
17 FRANCE Bachar, Kouatly
18. FYROM Blagodja, Bogoevski
19 GEORGIA Zurab, Azmaiparashvili
20. GERMANY Krause, Ullrich
21. GREECE Theodoros, Tsorbatzoglou
22. GUERSENEY Proxy to Malcom Pein (ENG)
23. HUNGARY Font, Gusztav
24. ICELAND Gunnar, Bronjsson
25. IRELAND Kevin, O Connel
26. ISRAEL Moshe, Slav
27. ITALY Roberto, Rivello
28. JERSEY Graham, Boxall
29. KOSOVO* Naim, Avdiu
30. LATVIA Aris, Ozolnis
31. LICHNESTEIN Renato, Frick
32. LITHUANIA Cernov, Aleksandr
33 LUXEMBURG Oliver, Jetiz
34. MALTA Proxy to Zurab, Azmaiparashvili (GEO)
35. MOLDOVA Viktor, Bologan
36. MONACO Jean Michel, Repaire
37. MONTENEGRO Jovan, Milovic
38. NETHERLANDS Herman, Hamers
39. NORWAY Morten, Madsen
40. POLAND Tomasz, Delega
41. PORTUGAL Dominic, Cross
42. ROMANIA Ion, Dobronateanu
43. RUSSIA Andrey, Fliatov
44. SAN MARINO Ivan, Tabarini
45. SCOTLAND Andy, Howei
46. SERBIA* Dusan, Cogoljevic*
47. SLOVAKIA Eva, Repkova
48. SLOVENIA Boris, Kutin
49. SPAIN Javier, Ochoa
50. SWEDEN Hakan, Jalling
51. SWITZERLAND Peter, Wyss
52. TURKEY Gulkiz, Tulay
53. UKRAINE Adrian, Mikhalchishin
54. WALES Bill, Harle

*According the FIDE Ethics decision (Ethics case no. 5/2018) and clarifications sent to ECU the Delegate of the Serbian Chess Federation Mr. Dusan, Cogoljevic is excluded from the FIDE meetings and particulary the meetings held from 3 to 5 of October 2018 and at least from the election of the Continental President, the Continental Deputy President, the Zonal Presidents and the four elected representatives from the Continent are concerned.